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1 Apr





Paleyfest 2013 Report #4: New Girl

28 Mar

Here it is folks, the fourth and final of my Paleyfest reports. My very last panel was New Girl, and oh, what an awkward panel it was.

I was hoping that because the show is 30 minutes, and they’ve been showing hour long episodes, we’d get to see two episodes, but alas, that did not happen. But they did show an episode that hadn’t aired yet (the one featuring the second Jess/Nick kiss), so that was fun! Except for how it pulverized my poor Schmidt/Cece loving heart. I seem to be doomed to like the lesser, neglected ships in shows (hellooo, Sybil and Branson). My life is hard, you guys.

The panel was made up of Elizabeth Meriwether (creator), Brett Baer (exec producer), Dave Finkel (exec producer), Jake Kasdan (exec propducer), Zooey Deschanel (Jess) , Max Greenfield (Schmidt), Jake Johnson (Nick), Lamorne Morris (Winston), Hannah Simone (Cece), and Katherine Pope, an executive producer who spoke not one word during the panel. So, you know, fun night for her.

I got to use flash again!

I got to use flash again!

I don’t know what it was, you guys, but the whole vibe of the night was just strange. I mean I still enjoyed the panel and everything, but, as I said…awkward. Liz Meriweather, for instance, seems like a cool lady who’d be fun to hang out with, but also the kind of person who is not at all at ease in front of crowds (that’s not a criticism  I hate crowds too). And even the actors’ interactions with each other and the rest of the panel and the moderator were just odd. Everyone kept laughing at Max Greenfield’s very thoughtful answers, which was funny and all, but the way it was done was just strange. And Hannah berated the moderator and oh just awkward awkward awkward. And then the audience questions were also awkward and my secondhand embarrassment was going crazy. So basically it was awkward, in case you didn’t get what I’m saying.

This photo sums up the evening nicely.

This photo sums up the evening nicely.

Anyway, it was still a fun time, and I still learned fun things. For instance!

  • The Jess/Nick kiss almost didn’t happen, and nothing is set in stone for their long term relationship trajectory. Both actors think their characters need to grow up a bit before they can be together.
  • At some point, possibly next season, Schmidt’s first name will be revealed. I realized as they were discussing it that it’s probably strange that I didn’t ever think it was strange that we don’t know it.
  • Apparently Zooey Deschanel’s real sister, Emily Deschanel, almost appeared as Katie, the girl that Sam was actually supposed to meet on the blind date, but there were scheduling conflicts.
  • Jake Johnson really makes the duck face in real life.

The best shot I could get of the duck face

  • Hannah Simone is NOT a fan of Schmidt and Cece. Like at all. Like not even a little bit. This makes me sad.
Hannah's face expresses her Schmidt/Cece feelings. Max's face expresses my feelings at her feelings.

Hannah’s face expresses her Schmidt/Cece feelings. Max’s face expresses my feelings at her feelings.

  • There’s going to be a flashback episode that shows how everyone lost their virginity. Fat Schmidt will return!
  • Zooey Deschanel does not sing on demand. A fan during the Q&A asked her to sing the theme song, and she refused. Jake Johnson did it instead, with some interesting lyric changes (“Hey girl, who ya doin”). Spoiler alert: Jake Johnson will not be leaving acting for a singing career any time soon. But it was still super cute and funny.
  • Jake Johnson also moonwalked away for us. But my stupid camera decided it wanted to take an incredibly blurry shot where it is totally unclear what is happening. Thanks, camera.
  • The water massage story was based on an actual event in the life of one of the exec producers. I definitely didn’t realize that was a real thing. Remind me never to do it.

After the panel, we headed out – I didn’t even try for autographs. So I ended my Paley experience 0/4. Oh well. I guess there’s always next year!



Paleyfest 2013 Report #3: Nashville

22 Mar

First things first, guys. There was no singing at the Nashville panel. It was pretty upsetting. But there were surprise accents, so at least that’s something.

I am also sad to report that the clip shown before the panel was not from Friday Night Lights. It was an old clip of Connie Britton from Spin City, but come one, you know everyone in there would have preferred seeing Tami Taylor again. Then the episode that they showed was the one that just aired. One disappointment after another! They did show some scenes from the next episode in a sort of strangely disjointed format (I feel like they maybe just picked some random scenes and showed them one after another?) at least. Luckily, it went uphill from there (side not: why is going downhill bad and uphill good? I would much prefer to go downhill. Unless I’ve been using this wrong my whole life? It’s possible I’m overthinking this.).

Keep in mind that this panel happened on the 9th and it is now the 21st so my memory of it is not super awesome anymore (blame my obsession with the song of ice and fire books for the delay!) but I will do my best to get down the highlights. The first, and best highlight: I was finally able to use flash! Either the security people were told not to bother trying to stop the riff raff in the mezzanine/balcony or they all just gave up on their jobs, but either way, it was flashtastic.

Flash flash flash flashflash

Flash flash flash flashflash

Other info of note:

  • Callie Khouri, the creator of Nashville, is actually married to T-Bone Burnett. Who knew? Also, she calls him T-Bone.
  • No one mentioned Charles Esten (Deacon)’s Whose Line is it Anyway past, much to my dismay.
  • There maybe might possibly someday be a Nashville concert tour.
  • There will not be any flashbacks to Deacon and Rayna’s earlier days, but Connie joked that it would be them holding hands and running through fields. And now I really want to see that, of course.
  • Speaking of Connie, she, and her hair, were glorious, as ever.
The radiance of Connie is too much for Hayden

The radiance of Connie is too much for Hayden

  • Clare Bowen (Scarlett) modeled her Southern accent after the accents in Steel Magnolia. Because, oh yeah, SHE’S AUSTRALIAN. I can’t get over this.
Clare Bowen: Secret Australian

Clare Bowen: Secret Australian

  • Also with a different real-life accent? Sam Palladio, aka Gunnar. He’s English!
Whaaa? I'm from Cornwall?

Whaaa? I’m from Cornwall?

  • Hayden is actually really funny. I really had no impression of her since I’ve never really seen her be her but, yeah, funny! Also at one point Sam said “take the mickey” and she leaned over to Connie and imitated it, and as a veteran accent imitator, I could appreciate that.
Laughs and jokes, jokes and laughs

Laughs and jokes, jokes and laughs


So after the panel, I once again headed around back t0 attempt to finally get some autographs. Earlier, when my roommate dropped me off, I actually saw that there were a few cast members back there already signing, but I realized I didn’t have anything for them to sign. I booked it to the ticket window but by the time I got back they were all gone. And then none of them came up to sign after. Double denied! Connie came out but she just waved to us all and then got in her car (ONE DAY CONNIE. ONE DAY.). Hayden didn’t even make it over to her car – she either saw the crowd and decided to go out another way, or forgot something inside, because almost as soon as she came outside she turned around. So, 0/3 in the autograph department. SIGH.

At least I can pretend Connie is giving me a thumbs up. In what is of course one of my only blurry photos. WILL NOTHING GO MY WAY?

At least I can pretend Connie is giving me a thumbs up. In what is of course one of my only blurry photos. WILL NOTHING GO MY WAY?

Paleyfest 2013 Report #2: Parenthood

12 Mar

On Thursday, I headed back to the Saban Theater for the Parenthood paleyfest panel. I managed to avoid the tall people this time, but I was still thwarted in my unobstructed photo attempts by a stupid water bottle on the stupid ledge of the stupid balcony. Seriously people, if you have a ledge in front of you, do not use said ledge for your tall items. They will get in people’s photos. And those people will not be happy about it. Sigh. ANYWAY.

Hilariously, the ushers handed out tissue packs along with the programs. “No really, they said this would be a tearjerker tonight. You’ll need them,” the usher said solemnly after we laughed when he offered them to us. And so, tissues in hand, we went in and found seats. The clip from the archives was from the original movie Parenthood and featured an adorable tiny Leonardo Di Caprio. Then they showed the episode “There’s Something I Need to Tell You,” the one where Kristina tells everyone about her breast cancer. I did not use my tissues, but there were a lot of people around me who did. Respect, people who let themselves cry in public.

After the screening, the cast came out to start the panel. The only season 5 related thing they mentioned was that there would most likely be a season 5, so no spoilers here.


What a blurry and attentive cast

Tidbits from the panel:

  • Jason Ritter is going to be on a new show. His love interest on this new show will be played by Alexis Bledel. Lauren Graham compared the situation of having her former TV daughter be the love interest of her former (/future I HOPE) TV love interest to a crossover episode between Happy Days and ER, which I think is a good way to sum up how incredibly weird this is. Lauren also said that she thinks it’s only fair that Rory’s old love interests come on Parenthood. Sarah/Dean 5eva!
  • Dax Shephard wins the class clown award. He was just jokejokejoke all night long. Also, he is really not interested in the new Jasmine/Crosby baby. At all.


    Look at those mischievous smiles

  • Jason Katims was asked if more Friday Night Lights alums would appear on the show, and Mae Whitman coughed, “Tim Riggins!” And with that, Mae Whitman became my new favorite person.
  • Speaking of FNL alums, Matt Lauria wasn’t originally intended to be on the show for so long. Jason said that if he’s on next season depends on his availability, but Mae assured us all that he would be available.
  • The cast members all have matching necklaces, including Jason Ritter. So basically this means Mark can’t be gone for good, right? Right?!
  • There is a Parenthood drinking game, and Monica Potter plays it.
  • If you stand up during the audience Q&A to give Lauren Graham flowers, she will hug you.


    It’s not blurry; it’s an action shot!

  • Image

    I like this picture because out of context it makes it look like everyone is really upset that they did not also get flowers

  • The audience Q&A was seriously like a group therapy session. It got real deep, real quick. There was not only a breast cancer survivor who also has an autistic child, but also a gay man who talked about how hard it was coming out to his parents and asked if there will be a gay character on Parenthood (answer: maybe possibly one day, but not one of the existing characters).

After the slightly intense Q&A, the mad rush for autographs began again. This time I stayed out of it, and instead went around back to wait for everyone to come out. It was me and my friend, a handful of other fans, and some paparazzi/scalper type people, which made for some interesting conversations to overhear. Alas, I was once again thwarted in my autograph attempts – first Lauren Graham came out and was rushed right into her waiting car, and then another group of the cast came out and followed suit. One day, Lauren Graham. One day!


Bonus picture of Joel because his absence from this post would be a tragedy and a travesty

Paleyfest 2013 Report #1: Once Upon A Time

6 Mar

On Sunday I finally, finally, finally went to my first Paleyfest panel. Only took about seven years, no big deal. And I have three more to go! And I am going to tell you about all of them! So here goes, the story of the Once Upon A Time Paleyfest panel:

I’ll skip all the boring waiting in line parts and get right to the main event. For Paleyfest, you buy tickets for a section and then have general admission within that section, so the beginning was just sort of a mad rush of everyone finding seats. I got in the eighth row of the orchestra, but then I was surrounded by very tall people, so, you win some, you lose some.

The first in my new series, entitled: Perfectly Good Pictures Ruined By Tall People

The first in my new series, entitled: Perfectly Good Pictures Ruined By Tall People

Anyhoo, the panel kicked off with a cartoon from the 1960s which involved an off-magic Evil Queen and a con-artist Prince Charming and Snow White. It was silly but cute. Then, they screened that night’s episode, plus the first act of the next episode (this week’s). (A description of that, plus all the hints they gave out, at the bottom under “continue reading”). Then the cast and creators were brought out, everyone got settled in, and the evening really began.

What a nice looking cast. Even though Colin got blocked by a tall person. Sorry, Colin.

What a nice looking cast. Even though Colin got blocked by a tall person. Sorry, Colin.


There he is!

The panel started off with the moderator asking questions. The one that I found the most interesting, and challenging to the creators, was one about the complaint that the show does not have a very good view of adoptive parents. I’ve heard that complaint quite a bit, so I was glad it was brought up. Their answer – basically that they think very highly of adoptive parents and the characters don’t hate Regina because they think she’s a bad mom, they hate her because she keeps trying to kill them – didn’t really hold up with me. That all may be true, but at the same time, there have been several occasions when the characters have implied or said that Regina isn’t really Henry’s mom, and that Emma somehow has a better claim to him. But I suppose that’s an issue for another day. As for the other questions, they mostly touched on future episodes and so, like the summary of the first act of this week’s episode, they’ll be under the cut.

The Charmings!

The Charmings!

After the moderator Q&A, the floor was opened to the audience for questions. Toward the very end, two Evil Regals, after a very sweet message to the cast & crew, asked about the one thing that has always bugged me about this show to no end: what in the world Snow thought she did when she told Charming that she did, in fact, ruin the Queen’s life, even though according the show’s chronology, she didn’t know about Daniel dying at that point. The creators’ answer was basically “maybe it’s something you haven’t seen yet,” but Ginny’s follow up to that made me think that really, it was just a mistake. But maybe now that they’ve had their attention called to it they’ll make something up to fix it. I hope.

Lana is not pleased with how blurry the lack of flash is making her.

Lana is not pleased with how blurry the lack of flash is making her.

After the audience Q&A came the craziest part of the evening: the mad rush for autographs. The way they do autographs is that the fans rush the stage while the cast stands at the edge, signing the items that are thrust up at them. I kid you not, the SPLIT SECOND the final question was done, a large amount of people shot out of their seats and ran to the stage. At first I was like, wow, people sure are in a rush to get out of here, what if it isn’t really over? Once I realized what was happening, I sat in my chair for a minute or two, undecided about if I really wanted to join the mass trying to get to the stage. Finally I decided to go for it – all I wanted was for Lana or Ginny to sign my ticket and I’d leave happy. But getting up to the stage was no easy task. Once I was in the main throng, it was basically like being in a mosh pit – I was pressed in on all sides, being shoved into chairs and other people. I very quickly wanted to get out of there, but at a certain point I literally was no longer in control of my movements – I was being pushed forward by the momentum of the people behind me. I was pretty sure I was going to die, and I wasn’t even going to get an autograph. I got SO CLOSE, and Lana was RIGHT THERE, but it wasn’t quite close enough, and she moved on to another section before I could get any further in. Ginny was gone, and I was despairing of getting any autographs, so when I saw a sliver of an opening to the side, I shoved through it and got out. I stood and took pictures of the autograph signing for awhile, and then I booked it out of there. Remind me to never be in a crowded place when there’s a fire or something. If only people would realize that things would go much quicker and smoother if we all just stood in nice single file lines instead of shoving people around. Oh well.

What I was attempting to get through/got caught in

What I was attempting to get through/got caught in. I don’t know if a picture can fully capture how insane it was.

I would have been crying at how overwhelming this was. Luckily, Ginny was not.

I would have been crying at how overwhelming this was. Luckily, Ginny was not.

So close, and yet, so far

So close, and yet, so far

Fun facts: Lana and Robert were out there the longest, and Lana was definitely in highest demand. At one point, after I had gotten out, she moved to one part of the stage, and the people she had just left started screaming, “Lana! LANAAAAAA!!!!1!111!1” I heard after that some people had some success going to the back of the theater and waiting for people to come out, so that’s what I’ll try for Parenthood. I’m sitting in the mezzanine for that one, so there is absolutely no way I could shove into the autograph crowd even if I wanted to go through that again. And for now, I’ll just carry around my ticket until I inevitably run into one of the cast members and can get them to sign it. It’ll happen, right? Right?

If you want to read about the future tidbits and the next episode, check under the cut here. Otherwise, until the Parenthood report!

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So I just caught up on the whole first season of Smash…

2 Feb

…because I stopped at around episode 7 when it was actually on. Now, I did just watch the entire second half of the season in one day, so I clearly enjoyed it, but at the same time, I hate it. I hate it so much. BUT I CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT. It’s a problem.

My issues with it are many. It’s pretty clear the writers don’t even watch their own show. Derek had a line about the shadow Marilyns not singing THE EPISODE AFTER Ivy had her big solo with second hand baby grand. Even within scenes things make no sense – Rebecca was on the phone when Karen walked in, yet when she started dying of peanut exposure, Karen yelled out for someone to call “somebody” instead of, you know, grabbing the phone that was right next to her. The characterization also leaves a lot to be desired. In particular, I can’t figure out Derek at all. One minute he’s telling Ivy he loves her and the next he’s randomly sleeping with Rebecca, who he hates. Even with his crap justification for it, it still makes no sense with how he had been developed – it’s like he’s got multiple personalities or something. And speaking of badly written characters, can Leo PLEASE go away? He doesn’t even have the benefit of being well acted like Derek is. He just sucks. And yet he is not in the group written off the show. Sigh.

However, my biggest issue with the show is still Katherine McPhee. Now don’t get me wrong, the girl has a good voice, but Megan Hilty’s is so much better that it’s completely insane that anyone would ever cast Karen over Ivy. The show keeps trying to convince me that she’s AMAAAAAZING by putting her in front of audiences and having them swoon over her singing, but it’s not working, because I still have ears. And, all bias aside over the fact that Megan Hilty was my Glinda when I saw Wicked and I love her, Katherine just does not have a Broadway voice. Megan is just a better actress, a better singer, and better suited for Broadway. If they really wanted this to be believable, they should have gone with someone like Sierra Boggess or Laura Osnes (who was actually up for the part) or, getting more obscure, Natalie Weiss (seriously, I am obsessed with her version of Empty Chairs and Empty Tables in this – starts at 4:05: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYzjoDb9onQ). Just someone with a Broadway voice who I could actually believe would be competition for someone played by Megan Hilty. As it is the situation is just infuriating and I cannot let it go (in case you couldn’t tell).

Anyway. I will obviously keep watching it because it’s like a car crash I just can’t look away from. But you’d better fix it, Josh Safran. And fast. And avoid anything that even remotely resembles what Gossip Girl devolved into. 


PS if Bombshell came to Broadway I would totally want to go see it so, good job with that at least!

I MADE A GIF! (Now watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries)

12 Jan

Look! It’s (the fifth variation of) my first gif!


Yaaaaay! I still have no idea how people make super intense fancy gifs, but hey, gotta start somewhere.

In case you are wondering, this gif is from a wonderful web series called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which, if you are not watching already, you need to go watch IMMEDIATELY. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book, but when something can induce this much fangirling over a 200 year old novel, you know it’s good. And it’s SO GOOD. Basically in this version Lizzie is a grad student, Jane (in the gif pretending to be Darcy..there’s lots of roleplaying in this) is in fashion, Lydia is in college and is a party girl, Mary is their cousin, and Kitty is a cat (sorry Kitty). Charlotte Lucas is Charlotte Lu, Charles and Caroline Bingley are Bing and Caroline Lee, etc. etc. etc. Lizzie is filming the videos for a grad school project, and there are lots of other fun modern updates of the storyline. There have been almost 80 episodes (plus Lydia’s spinoff videos), but they’re only 3-6ish minutes long each, so not that hard to get through! Unless you are my sister, in which case you will act like it is an impossible feat. BUT ANYWAY. Watch them! You won’t regret it! And if you do, well, I’m not sure we can be friends.