Life Update

12 Jan

Soon I will be updating you on my Downton Abbey feelings, because I realized I never posted anything after my post fixing the show. Which is still quite excellent, if I do say so myself. Here’s a preview for you of what those feelings are: My fingers no longer automatically type Downton. I just typed Downtown up there and had to fix it.

Anyway, before that happens, I want to give a life update, because exciting things have been happening!

Exciting thing #1: I have a job! This is old news, but I am still happy about it.

Exciting thing #2: I got to go to the People’s Choice Awards! Look, here I am!


Isn’t my friend pretty?

So that was pretty fun. Though we felt very psychic because we knew who was there so we knew who won every.single.category. But still, always nice to have an excuse to get fancy!

Exciting thing #3: I FINALLY GET TO GO TO PALEYFEST. As I have discovered recently, many people do not seem to know what PaleyFest is, so perhaps I am a weirdo for pining after it since I was 14. But if I am, so be it! I’m going to four panels, and it is going to be amazing.

Fingers crossed for more exciting things to come! Such as finally having my first real celebrity sighting, perhaps?? (And no, events where they are scheduled to be there do not count) (And mistaking Matthew Weiner for my dentist as I drove out of a grocery store parking lot and only belatedly realizing that he was, in fact, Matthew Weiner only semi-counts) (I at least want a picture with someone, ok?)



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