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Paleyfest 2013 Report #2: Parenthood

12 Mar

On Thursday, I headed back to the Saban Theater for the Parenthood paleyfest panel. I managed to avoid the tall people this time, but I was still thwarted in my unobstructed photo attempts by a stupid water bottle on the stupid ledge of the stupid balcony. Seriously people, if you have a ledge in front of you, do not use said ledge for your tall items. They will get in people’s photos. And those people will not be happy about it. Sigh. ANYWAY.

Hilariously, the ushers handed out tissue packs along with the programs. “No really, they said this would be a tearjerker tonight. You’ll need them,” the usher said solemnly after we laughed when he offered them to us. And so, tissues in hand, we went in and found seats. The clip from the archives was from the original movie Parenthood and featured an adorable tiny Leonardo Di Caprio. Then they showed the episode “There’s Something I Need to Tell You,” the one where Kristina tells everyone about her breast cancer. I did not use my tissues, but there were a lot of people around me who did. Respect, people who let themselves cry in public.

After the screening, the cast came out to start the panel. The only season 5 related thing they mentioned was that there would most likely be a season 5, so no spoilers here.


What a blurry and attentive cast

Tidbits from the panel:

  • Jason Ritter is going to be on a new show. His love interest on this new show will be played by Alexis Bledel. Lauren Graham compared the situation of having her former TV daughter be the love interest of her former (/future I HOPE) TV love interest to a crossover episode between Happy Days and ER, which I think is a good way to sum up how incredibly weird this is. Lauren also said that she thinks it’s only fair that Rory’s old love interests come on Parenthood. Sarah/Dean 5eva!
  • Dax Shephard wins the class clown award. He was just jokejokejoke all night long. Also, he is really not interested in the new Jasmine/Crosby baby. At all.


    Look at those mischievous smiles

  • Jason Katims was asked if more Friday Night Lights alums would appear on the show, and Mae Whitman coughed, “Tim Riggins!” And with that, Mae Whitman became my new favorite person.
  • Speaking of FNL alums, Matt Lauria wasn’t originally intended to be on the show for so long. Jason said that if he’s on next season depends on his availability, but Mae assured us all that he would be available.
  • The cast members all have matching necklaces, including Jason Ritter. So basically this means Mark can’t be gone for good, right? Right?!
  • There is a Parenthood drinking game, and Monica Potter plays it.
  • If you stand up during the audience Q&A to give Lauren Graham flowers, she will hug you.


    It’s not blurry; it’s an action shot!

  • Image

    I like this picture because out of context it makes it look like everyone is really upset that they did not also get flowers

  • The audience Q&A was seriously like a group therapy session. It got real deep, real quick. There was not only a breast cancer survivor who also has an autistic child, but also a gay man who talked about how hard it was coming out to his parents and asked if there will be a gay character on Parenthood (answer: maybe possibly one day, but not one of the existing characters).

After the slightly intense Q&A, the mad rush for autographs began again. This time I stayed out of it, and instead went around back to wait for everyone to come out. It was me and my friend, a handful of other fans, and some paparazzi/scalper type people, which made for some interesting conversations to overhear. Alas, I was once again thwarted in my autograph attempts – first Lauren Graham came out and was rushed right into her waiting car, and then another group of the cast came out and followed suit. One day, Lauren Graham. One day!


Bonus picture of Joel because his absence from this post would be a tragedy and a travesty


Once Upon A Time: Captain Hook, Mulan, and Prince Phillip

4 Aug

Just a quick note to say that this is the man, Colin O’Donoghue, who will be playing Captain Hook on the next season of Once Upon A Time:

AND he’s Irish. I approve. Wholeheartedly.

And while I’m on the subject, though it’s old news, here’s the girl playing Mulan:


And the guy playing Prince Phillip:

And, of course, Sarah Bolger, who will be playing Aurora (Sleeping Beauty):

Yay! (From tvline.com)

I am particularly excited about Sarah because I’ve loved her since I saw her in In America ten years ago. If I remember a performance that I saw once when I was 12 you know it’s good! So I’m glad she’s getting work after The Tudors. But I’m super excited for all of these new characters…now if we can just bring in my personal favorite Disney movie, Hercules, it would be wonderful. Meg could totally be awesome along with all the other fairy tale ladies! In fact, she’d be more awesome than most of them. Make it happen, people!
Also, sidenote, when I was looking for pictures I saw a photo for an article about new cast members on Glee and thought that one of the girls was Aimee Teegarden. Sadly, a longer glance made it clear that it was, in fact, not her. BUT I guess I was being a little psychic because right next to that link was one about Matt Lauria joining Parenthood! The FNL alums keep on coming!  (He was Luke Kafferty, in case your memory is acting up). Apparently he is going to have a “major recurring role.” I know that has nothing to do with the point of this post, but whatever, exciting!

Parenthood: My Brother’s Wedding

1 Mar

I loved this episode of Parenthood not because of anything that happened with the plot but because Billy Riggins was on playing a character named Billy. That was amazing. The only thing that would have made it better is if Michael B. Jordan’s character was still on the show and they could have interacted. Oh Jason Katims. Your Friday Night Lights loyalty makes me so happy.

Anyhoo, on to the episode itself. It was a solid season finale that could serve as a series finale on the off chance that it doesn’t get brought back, but I still had some issues. Mainly the fact that Crosby and Jasmine got back together and got married in the same week–that’s a pretty big leap when they were both dating other people when they got back together. It’s an especially big change for Jasmine, who ended up marrying Crosby a week or less after having been planning to move in with another man. Also I really liked Crosby’s now ex-girlfriend, so that was sad. Another issue: Drew’s whole plot line felt kind of like the writers thought, “hmm, we have some space to fill…let’s just let Drew lose his virginity.” Just kind of pointless. And the last issue: Even though I didn’t like the whole baby plotline with Sarah and Mark in the first place, Sarah’s turnaround seemed to happen really fast. We did not really see her thought process at all in her journey from being totally sure that she wanted to have another baby to not wanting another baby. But, I’m really happy they’re maybe engaged now! Especially since one of my main problems was that they were talking about having a baby as the next logical step in their relationship when they don’t even live in the same house. And also because I love Jason Ritter and I want him to stay forever. I also am happy that Joel and Julia are, I assume, going to keep being in the spot light next season, given their new child. I love Joel and Julia. It was definitely obvious that Zoe was going to end up keeping the baby, but I didn’t expect that twist to the story. I have a feeling that’s going to be a tough situation though–first of all, the kid is old enough that there is going to need to be some serious adjusting on both of their parts, and it means Sydney now has an older brother, which will probably be weird for her. But I’m looking forward to seeing it play out! What I am not looking forward to is more Bob Little next season. I know Amber is 19 but their whole relationship is skeeving me out. I also wish they’d had him run for the state senate or something rather than City Council, because the scope of his campaign feels very unrealistic. But oh well!

In other news, I am annoyed at the state of my television right now, what with this very early season finale plus all my shows going on hiatus (well ok, like three of them, but still). Sigh. I guess it’s for the best, considering I’m going into midterm hell time for the next couple of weeks, but I am not ok with this. Although, maybe I can now use my nonexistent free time to rewatch the last season of Mad Men before it comes back on the 25th since it’s been more than a year since it’s been on and all I remember is that Don is randomly marrying his secretary…silver lining!

Promos! Promos! Get your promos here!

1 Sep

So there have been a flurry of promos and featurettes and so on and so forth in the last week. Here are a few, for Fringe, Parenthood, Parks & Recreation, and Glee all in one convenient location!


I am not sure what I am more mystified by, the fact that Mary Murphy introduced it or the weird leather knight’s-chest-plate looking thing she is wearing as a jumper (?). Oh, Mary. But at least the show looks good! And here’s a bonus one, short, sweet, and creepy (make sure you turn the sound up on this one):

I’m really interested/excited/nervous to see how Peter’s disappearance is going to play out. We’ll clearly be seeing different versions of everyone yet again since now Peter never existed (or died when he was a kid?). But does that mean that our original characters are gone forever? Or once Peter comes back and they remember him (as they inevitably will), will everyone go back to normal? Because one of my problems with the whole Fauxlivia arc was that I missed normal Olivia and normal Walter and didn’t like only seeing them every other week. So if they’re gone forever…I don’t know how I feel about that. But I trust the writers, so we’ll see what happens!

Anyway, here’s a nice Parks & Rec featurette, with a first look at Patricia Clarkson as Tammy 1 and Paula Pell as Tammy 0! This is going to be so awesome.


I don’t have much of an opinion based on that except: Jason Ritter!!!! So glad he’s back!

And finally, Glee:

First, check out Blaine at the two second mark. I guess he’s joining New Directions? The promo looks good, but I refuse to get too excited. I still have serious reservations about this show. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong and get back to early season one levels of greatness (I’d really just take acceptable at this point, actually), but I’m not holding my breath.