Paleyfest 2013 Report #3: Nashville

22 Mar

First things first, guys. There was no singing at the Nashville panel. It was pretty upsetting. But there were surprise accents, so at least that’s something.

I am also sad to report that the clip shown before the panel was not from Friday Night Lights. It was an old clip of Connie Britton from Spin City, but come one, you know everyone in there would have preferred seeing Tami Taylor again. Then the episode that they showed was the one that just aired. One disappointment after another! They did show some scenes from the next episode in a sort of strangely disjointed format (I feel like they maybe just picked some random scenes and showed them one after another?) at least. Luckily, it went uphill from there (side not: why is going downhill bad and uphill good? I would much prefer to go downhill. Unless I’ve been using this wrong my whole life? It’s possible I’m overthinking this.).

Keep in mind that this panel happened on the 9th and it is now the 21st so my memory of it is not super awesome anymore (blame my obsession with the song of ice and fire books for the delay!) but I will do my best to get down the highlights. The first, and best highlight: I was finally able to use flash! Either the security people were told not to bother trying to stop the riff raff in the mezzanine/balcony or they all just gave up on their jobs, but either way, it was flashtastic.

Flash flash flash flashflash

Flash flash flash flashflash

Other info of note:

  • Callie Khouri, the creator of Nashville, is actually married to T-Bone Burnett. Who knew? Also, she calls him T-Bone.
  • No one mentioned Charles Esten (Deacon)’s Whose Line is it Anyway past, much to my dismay.
  • There maybe might possibly someday be a Nashville concert tour.
  • There will not be any flashbacks to Deacon and Rayna’s earlier days, but Connie joked that it would be them holding hands and running through fields. And now I really want to see that, of course.
  • Speaking of Connie, she, and her hair, were glorious, as ever.
The radiance of Connie is too much for Hayden

The radiance of Connie is too much for Hayden

  • Clare Bowen (Scarlett) modeled her Southern accent after the accents in Steel Magnolia. Because, oh yeah, SHE’S AUSTRALIAN. I can’t get over this.
Clare Bowen: Secret Australian

Clare Bowen: Secret Australian

  • Also with a different real-life accent? Sam Palladio, aka Gunnar. He’s English!
Whaaa? I'm from Cornwall?

Whaaa? I’m from Cornwall?

  • Hayden is actually really funny. I really had no impression of her since I’ve never really seen her be her but, yeah, funny! Also at one point Sam said “take the mickey” and she leaned over to Connie and imitated it, and as a veteran accent imitator, I could appreciate that.
Laughs and jokes, jokes and laughs

Laughs and jokes, jokes and laughs


So after the panel, I once again headed around back t0 attempt to finally get some autographs. Earlier, when my roommate dropped me off, I actually saw that there were a few cast members back there already signing, but I realized I didn’t have anything for them to sign. I booked it to the ticket window but by the time I got back they were all gone. And then none of them came up to sign after. Double denied! Connie came out but she just waved to us all and then got in her car (ONE DAY CONNIE. ONE DAY.). Hayden didn’t even make it over to her car – she either saw the crowd and decided to go out another way, or forgot something inside, because almost as soon as she came outside she turned around. So, 0/3 in the autograph department. SIGH.

At least I can pretend Connie is giving me a thumbs up. In what is of course one of my only blurry photos. WILL NOTHING GO MY WAY?

At least I can pretend Connie is giving me a thumbs up. In what is of course one of my only blurry photos. WILL NOTHING GO MY WAY?


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