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You guys, I fixed Downton Abbey

15 Oct

I will have more thoughts on last night’s episode of Downton Abbey later, when I can be more coherent. However, in the meantime, look! I fixed it! It’s all ok!

Putting under a read more because spoilers:

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Official Downton Abbey series 3 trailer

5 Sep

Well, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and I really don’t have an excuse other than that it’s summer so not much is on and also, I am currently enjoying a very brief summer break which, unless I get over my fears of public speaking and become a teacher, and/or never find a job, will be my last ever one, so I’ve been pretty busy with my schedule of sleeping, eating, reading, and watching movies. But now of course Downton is bringing me back. Because ITV just put out the official series (season) 3 trailer, and it is wonderful. Behold:

The Bransons you guys, the Bransons! I was giddy-hyper (…gyper? hiddy?) after I saw that. This is actually what I sent to my friend along with the video: “I WISH YOU WERE HERE SO I COULD SQUEAL AT YOU IN PERSON INSTEAD OF OVER THE COMPUTER I CANNOT CONTAIN MY FEELINGS.” Luckily I’m calmer now, but still excited! And also concerned as to why Branson would be crying as they do their little run and kiss thing. But they’re clearly happy! And getting real screen time! Which equals happy Stacey. And at the end Matthew is totally repeating the words of wisdom Branson gave him in a clip from another promo, so yay him for apparently repairing the relationship between the show’s main couple! I feel vindicated for always loving him and him and Sybil. Also, I am excited for this Edith and Strallan business, I still don’t care about Ethel or Bates, and I am, as always, pleased to see Robert upset.

My expectations for the next season are pretty much sky high at the moment, so I am really hoping that the show actually comes through and is more season 1 than season 2. But I think we all know that I will be an explosion of fangirlyness over it no matter what happens. Especially since I am reduced to a hyper 12 year old whenever Sybil and Branson (who I guess I should start calling Tom now) show up. Get ready.

Yet another Downton trailer!

13 Aug

There’s ANOTHER Downton trailer out, you guys. And this one is 100% Downton Abbey, no other shows involved! Yay!

Please hurry up September! (Um, PS, I just felt the need to write that I meant September the month, not September the Observer. As if that was confusing. You know you’re a Fringe addict when…)

Downton Season 3 Poster!

24 Jul

There’s a new poster out for the next season of Downton! And Branson finally made it on! I’m so proud. Take a look at it in all its (very obviously photoshopped) glory:

It appears that everyone is firmly in the 20s with their fashion choices. And do I see Anna in a lady’s maid outfit? Gasp!

Also, seeing photos with the castle in it makes me even happier now that I’ve actually been there. When I got back from my trip I watched a couple episodes and kept being like “I walked down that hall!” “I was in that room!” “I stood in that spot!” It was very exciting. But ANYWAY. Back to my original reasons for posting this: new season three material! And yay Branson! Now don’t mess with him, Fellowes (or with Sybil, or with him and Sybil), or I will have to hunt you down.

Downton Abbey Trading Cards

17 Feb

These are the greatest. That is all.


A Downton Abbey Post? Quelle Suprise!

8 Jan

Downton Abbey starts tonight! Yay! (Even though I’ve already seen it all!) (Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m definitely watching it again.) In celebration, enjoy this completely wonderful and perfect tumblr, which is my new favorite thing:


Downton and Parks and Rec, two great tastes that taste great together! Who would’ve thought.


(PS, in other, unrelated, news, Once Upon A Time comes back tonight also. You should watch it!)

Downton Abbey: An Observation

20 Dec

So, I watched season one of Downton Abbey with a friend today (bringing my grand total of people I’ve gotten obsessed with Downton up to six, yay!). When we were on episode two, at the scene where Carson’s vaudeville past is revealed, I suddenly noticed this in the background:

Sybil Crawley: Paper-Eater

Yes, that is Sybil, apparently eating some paper.

Anyway. That’s all. Just wanted to point that out.