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Awesome casting news

30 Jan

So Glee is continuing its crusade to get me to keep watching. In addition to Brian Stokes Mitchell guesting as one of Rachel’s dads, now Matt Bomer is apparently going to appear as Blaine’s brother! And he’s going to sing! For all those who don’t know who Matt Bomer is, he was Bryce Larkin on Chuck and now he’s on White Collar. If you still don’t know who he is, this is him:

Oh hey

Sigh. Yeah. I encourage you to do an image search for more pictures, because it was very hard to pick one. If he and Darren sing together I may have a bit of a swooning problem. Although really, who am I kidding, there will be swooning no matter what he does.

In other awesome casting news, Shirley MacLaine is going to be on Downton Abbey next season as Cora’s mom! A Shirley/Maggie showdown? Yes please! PS, did you know that she’s Warren Beatty’s older sister? Cause I sure didn’t. The more you know!


Chuck Series Finale: Chuck vs. Sarah / Chuck vs. the Goodbye

28 Jan

Well, that’s it. All the way back when I was just a 17 year old high school senior, I decided to check out a show called Chuck because I read that Rachel Bilson was going to be in it at some point (I was kind of obsessed with The OC back then), and a love was born. Now, five years and 91 episodes later, it’s all over. And I’m not gonna lie, I definitely cried.

This wasn’t a perfect season by any means. For example, Chuck and Sarah’s apparent inability to be consistent from one week to the next as to whether they wanted to be super spies or normal people (a problem that really plagued the whole series) was getting old fast. And this wasn’t a perfect series finale either. I could sit here and nitpick about different plot holes (for example, couldn’t Chuck have used the intersect that’s now in his brain again, plus his sister’s knowledge, plus whoever else in the CIA’s knowledge, to build another pair of glasses to help Sarah?), but I’m not going to – this wasn’t a Lost or Battlestar Galactica finale situation where things were so overpoweringly angering that I am still forced to rant about them to this day. Emotionally, as a series finale, it worked. I loved all the little nostalgic call backs: the Mexican restaurant, the Weinerlicious, Sarah at the Nerd Herd desk, the beach, etc. And everyone got their happy endings. Casey’s gone off to find Gertrude; Morgan and Alex are moving in together, Ellie, Awesome, and baby Clara are moving on to Chicago; Jeff and Lester are on their way to fame in Germany; and Big Mike no longer has to leave the Buy More to get his Subway sandwiches (I laughed out loud when they said Subway bought the Buy More and put that huge sign up). The Sarah and Chuck ending is obviously more complicated because of the whole memory loss thing, and I know some people didn’t like the ambiguity of it, but I think it worked. Sarah was already remembering the Weinerlicious, Irene Demova, and the beach, so the memories were obviously all still there, and, whether or not the “magical kiss” really was magical, she’ll get them back. During the whole scene on the beach, she was clearly already moving away from old Sarah and back to normal Sarah, what with the crying and the laughing and the asking Chuck to kiss her. Sarah isn’t gone, she’ll remember everything, and they’ll stay together. So, much more sweet than bitter to that bittersweet ending, in my opinion.

Now for just some of my favorite moments from the episodes, other than those already mentioned:

  • Casey in his World’s Greatest Dad apron, asking Morgan if he really thinks he’s changed.
  • Morgan and the invisibility cloak and the “You’re a wizard, Harry!”
  • Sarah basically recreating the Bryce fight scene from the pilot
  • The Nerd Herder getting one last hurrah
  • The Buy More extras getting dialogue as they helped Jeff and Lester track down Sarah
  • Morgan and Sarah getting a little scene together. Especially the exchange after Morgan surprises Sarah and she attacks him: “Morgan, hi, I’m sorry about that.” “No, no it’s actually my fault, we’ve actually danced that dance before and I should know, I should know better than to sneak up on you.”
  • Awesome shielding Clara’s eyes from the sight of Mama Bartowski with a gun. “Grandma what did we say about Baby Clara seeing firearms?” “It’s a no-no. I’m sorry.”
  • Casey actually hugging Chuck goodbye

So I guess that’s about it. It’s been a good five years. And now, in honor of the end, let’s look back at the beginning:


Goodbye, Chuck!

Chuck is ending so soon :(

25 Jan

So, Chuck is ending forever in two days. And I am very, very sad. And I just saw this video, which did not help in that department. So I thought I’d share my pain and post the link:

Now excuse me while I go cry in the corner.


Once Upon A Time: 7:15 A.M.

22 Jan

Ok, so here’s the deal. I love Once Upon A Time. I love Snow White and Prince Charming, and am sad when episodes aren’t about them. But this episode, which did center on them, was disappointing, because as it turns out, I really don’t like Prince Charming’s Storybrooke counterpart very much. David is actually kind of a jerk. So, he tells Mary Margaret he has these feelings for her and wants to leave his wife and please meet him at this bridge so he knows she wants to be with him too and they can be happy forever. Then she shows up, but he’s remembered his fake Katherine memories and says he has to give the marriage a try. Understandable, if depressing. But now, in this episode, he keeps making puppy dog eyes at Mary Margaret, tells her he still has feelings for her, tries to kiss her, and then, when she tells him Katherine might be pregnant, freaks out. He goes to talk to Katherine, who says she’s not pregnant and relieved she’s not because things aren’t right between them and will he go to marriage counseling, and instead of manning up and saying you know what Katherine, you’re right, things aren’t good between us and I’m in love with someone else, he agrees to go to marriage counseling. Still somewhat understandable, if unfair to her: he’s trying to do what he thinks is right. Plus he decides to stop staging accidental run-ins with Mary Margaret. But THEN he runs into Mary Margaret actually accidentally, and when he tells her that Katherine isn’t pregnant, they decide it’s a good time to make out? Even though he JUST told his wife he would go to marriage counseling with her? NOT ACCEPTABLE. And it’s not like Mary Margaret comes off great in this either – this guy basically dumped her then wouldn’t leave her alone, and now, because his wife isn’t pregnant, she decides she won’t fight her feelings anymore? When he still has, you know, a WIFE? Who he has not said he is leaving? Ugh. I know absent the curse they’re the ones who are married and all, but still. Also, way to make out in broad daylight in the middle of town, you guys. Real sneaky. The fact that Mary Margaret used both “morning” and “a.m.” to describe a time (“He comes here every morning at 7:15 a.m.”) also did not help her win any points with me in this episode. That is one of my biggest, most soul-hurting pet peeves. Blurgh.

As for Prince Charming and Snow White, their whole story was really sad, but ultimately kind of doesn’t matter. So Prince Charming’s fake dad tells Snow she has to make Charming believe she doesn’t love him or the king will have him killed. Now, I always have issues with plot points like this because I feel like it would make more sense for the person being forced to say something or else to just tell the truth – like, “Hey, I can’t be with you/see you ever again/whatever because your fake dad/a scary person/whatever told me they’d kill you/me/whatever otherwise.” That way at least everyone’s sad for the right reasons, I guess. But whatever, I’ll go with it – Snow has to make Charming believe she is not in love with him. So she does, and it’s all very sad, but he either doesn’t believe her or has determined he’s going to force her into falling in love with him (very charming) and goes after her. Now it would appear this is leading to the scene where he finds her post apple curse, and I still think that’s the next time he’s going to see her, based on how that scene went. So the fact that it turns out that Snow’s drunk Rumple’s forgetting potion and has no idea who Charming is anymore doesn’t really matter, because she clearly remembers him once he kisses her and wakes her up. So yes it was surprising that she drank the stuff, but the fact that we’ve already seen that they get married and so on makes it, for me at least, pretty devoid of any emotional impact. Also, speaking of that kiss, why didn’t Mary Margaret’s and David’s kiss make them remember who they are? I know we’re a little early in the game for that, but it really doesn’t make sense. I would say that the Queen was so annoyed that the apple curse had been broken by a kiss that she made sure this curse didn’t have that loophole, but Graham got his memories back when he kissed Emma. Maybe the whole town just has to kiss Emma specifically? That would make for some awkward moments.

Other random notes:

  • I like how in this fairy tale world, Red Riding Hood’s name is actually just Red. Are her middle and last names actually Riding and Hood? Cruel parents! Fingers crossed it’s really a nickname.
  • Poor Stealthy. The unheralded eighth dwarf! Sidenote, whenever the dwarves have come up on this show, and especially in this episode, all I’ve been able to think about is the Snow White edition of the “Advice for young girls” series on youtube from Second City. “It’s really fun to give your friends nicknames based on their most obvious features, much like a frat house would. Sneezy actually has a very severe medical problem. Dopey is a pothead. And a big dumbass.” (Watch the whole thing; you won’t be sorry:
  • I’m glad we found out what’s in the new guy’s box already, and I’m wondering who he’s supposed to be, but I think it’s a little strange Emma was so concerned about the box but didn’t bother to even ask him his name. Priorities, Emma!
  • It amuses me to no end when Emma and Mary Margaret have scenes together where they talk about David. The fact that those are her parents just adds a funny factor for me that will never go away.
  • Rumple REALLY needs to stop with the creepy laugh every five seconds. You aren’t saying anything funny! You are just freaking me out/annoying me! Stop it!

I guess that’s about it. Here’s hoping David and Mary Margaret redeem themselves soon!

The Greatest News Ever

22 Jan

So, apparently the CW has ordered a musical chairs reality show called Oh Sit! I repeat: a MUSICAL CHAIRS reality show. Called Oh sit! (The exclamation is theirs, possibly because they want to make everyone writing about it look like they’re super excited.) It’s basically going to be musical chairs with an obstacle course, plus a live band. It used to be called Extreme Musical Chairs, but I think we can all agree Oh Sit! gives it that little something extra that the previous title never could. I will of course be watching it the moment it airs.

Also, something I’ve been meaning to post about, which now qualifies as the second-greatest news ever, for very different reasons: Brian Stokes Mitchell is going to be one of Rachel’s dads on Glee!  And he’s going to sing! And my life will be complete! The episode airs February 14. Guess I’ll have to actually catch up now…

Fringe: Enemy of My Enemy

20 Jan

So I just watched tonight’s Fringe. And I have SO MUCH TENSION and SO MANY FEELINGS. I just need every day to be Fringe day so I can find out what the heck is going on. As it is, it’s like starting an amazing book but only being allowed to read one chapter a week. AKA, sanity-threatening. So before I discuss this specific episode, here is a list of things I need to know immediately:

  • What is David Robert Jones’ plan? Did we ever even find out his plan before, other than just being really creepy and activating Olivia’s cortexiphan powers?
  • Are Nina and Alt-Broyles shapeshifters or just inexplicably evil?
  • What are they doing to Olivia??
  • Are we really in a new timeline with the original one floating around somewhere or are all of our original characters gone for good? Dooming both Peter and me to a sad, sad life?
  • When the Observer said that Olivia is fated to die in every permutation of the future, does he mean imminently or of old age or something? In other words, is this actually something to be concerned about?
  • Is the Observer (September) actually dead?
  • Will this lead the mysterious Mr. X, who, as Olivia casually informed Peter, is the man who’s going to kill her, to be brought up again?
  • Seriously, WHAT are they doing to Olivia??!?

And now random thoughts about this episode specifically:

  • Lincoln: “I lost a partner!” Peter: “I lost a universe!” Yeah, Peter won that round. Poor darling.
  • The hand on the window moment during the whole ER mass murder has jumped to the top of the “most disgusting things seen on Fringe” list. That was seriously traumatizing. My hands hurt just thinking about it.
  • Jared Harris is so much creepier as David Robert Jones than as his Mad Men character. Good job on the acting, Jared Harris.
  • I loved that Alt-Lincoln called Altlivia “Red.” Oh, Lincoln Lee. Adorable in any universe.
  • Elizabeth Bishop: awesomely awesome in any universe. And the scene with her and Walter got me all teary. Sigh.
  • Alt-Broyles and Nina suck. Until and unless it’s revealed that one or both are actually somehow saving Olivia/the universe(s).
  • Walter and Peter’s scene at the end was the sweetest. Oh, you boys! Back to melting my heart! Peter’s smile just about killed me. Just let him be happy, writers!

So yeah, I guess that’s it. Quality episode! I can’t believe Fox is thinking about canceling this show. Don’t do it! It’s so cramazing! I wish I could just hop in a time machine and go to May so I could watch all the episodes at once and find out what the heck is going to happen. But alas, tis not to be. I guess I’ll just have to attempt to become a patient person…can’t see that going well! (You Drive Me Crazy just came on in my shuffle. I think it’s a sign.)


19 Jan

So after much urging, I finally started watching Castle. And it’s so good you guys! I don’t know why I haven’t been watching it since the beginning. You’d think I would have, what with Nathan being in it, but alas, I’m four years late to the party. I broke my rules about watching all shows in order and just watched some random episodes from season 3, and now I’m about to start season 4 so I’ll hopefully get caught up in time to watch at least some of the season as it airs (even if it means neglecting some of my other shows even more than I already have been…oops)! I love many things about it, but one of the best parts is all the randomly amazing guest stars. Just in the episodes I’ve watched, there’s been David from Judging Amy (/Nathan from Heroes); Beth from American Dreams; Henry from American Dreams (as a very un-Henry character; it was strange); Billy Riggins from Friday Night Lights; and Jodie Sawyer from Center Stage, aka the greatest movie ever made. And that’s just from the six or so episodes I watched, so who knows who I’ve missed! Now if we could just get a Firefly reunion going everything would be perfect…

Anyway, I guess the point of this post is: watch Castle. You won’t regret it!