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How I Met Your Mother/Glee

28 Sep

So, after a cable kerfluffle (my third in less than two months! Not cool Mediacom. Not cool at all) and a very busy few days I finally had time to do some TV binging. I watched Doctor Who and New Girl and the Daily Show (I’m still about two weeks behind though…) and Parenthood and Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl, and I still have tons more to watch (it’s probably not a good sign that I’m so behind when most shows have only been back for two weeks, but oh well), but what I want to talk about now are How I Met Your Mother and Glee. Mostly HIMYM. Because really show, what has happened to you? I know it’s been on a downward spiral for quite awhile, but this episode was just everything that annoys me about what it’s become. Everyone’s reactions to Ted’s story were stupid with the “bang bang bangity bang thing” (stop trying to make it happen HIMYM. It’s not going to happen.) and the B plot with Lily and Barney was just ridiculous. Barney is always skeezy but making a bet in which if he wins he gets to touch his married, pregnant friend’s chest? Um, ok. And why is Robin so awkward? With her interaction with Victoria and Ted and all? She’s been like that for awhile, but go back and watch the early seasons and she is much, much different. Also, does she even have a job anymore? I assume she must but for the life of me I can’t think what it is. The Victoria stuff also made me a little sad–I like her, and if we’re clearly just treading water until Ted meets the mother, I’d rather Ted date her than another random character like Zoe. But were they hinting that Ted is going to have feelings for Robin again? That would be…interesting. As long as Robin isn’t the one marrying Barney in the flashforward, whatever. I know a lot of people like them together, but I am not a fan. As I said before, he is a skeeze. Pretty much every girl ever deserves better. I’m not going to stop watching or anything, but I may need to stay away from the first couple seasons for awhile, the difference in quality is too sad.

But enough about the depressing state of HIMYM. Let’s talk Glee. I have just a few observations:

  • Rachel needed to be in that dance camp like woah. And speaking of the dance camp, thanks for the Mike Chang slow-mo dancing, show. I appreciate it, truly.
  • I love Idina Menzel, but she needs to practice her lip synching skills. Also, her character needs to just go away and stop torturing Rachel. And Rachel, you “almost” had to go to therapy? Wasn’t there a line last season about her dads moving her therapist into their spare room after Shelby came back?
  • Also speaking of Idina’s storyline, Quinn, you can’t just take the baby back. That’s not how these things work. Sigh. Plus, though I am pleasantly surprised that she’s finally remembered that she actually had a kid, this whole thing seems kind of emotionally cheap when she hasn’t mentioned the baby since she gave her up. Also, she is seriously freaky now with her fake back-to-normal-ness. Someone’s getting ready for a psychotic break!
  • Kurt’s mini sword twirling thing was awesome. I want to be able to do that. Though I would think that the process of actually learning how would be super dangerous…
  • Darren Criss still owns my heart.

In other news, I just found out that the first episode of the new season of Being Erica is up. Now, do I watch or do I write a paper? Decisions, decisions…


Glee premiere: The Purple Piano Project

21 Sep

So, I made time last night to watch Glee. I almost prioritized catching up on other shows instead because I wasn’t in the mood to get all righteously angry at my TV, but I didn’t, and guess what…it actually didn’t make me mad! In fact, it was a rather pleasant viewing experience! Oh Glee. Are you finally going to come back to me? Maybe?

I did, of course, have complaints: for example, IN WHAT UNIVERSE would Rachel Berry not know that Julliard is not the school to go to for musical theater (and Kurt should have known that too, for that matter)?? I guess in the same universe as the one where Rachel Berry didn’t know that Cats is no longer on Broadway. Sigh. Stupid. Also annoying: Rachel being all “Oh Quinn we used to be friends!” Uh, no you weren’t. You were never friends. You hated each other. There was violence involved. Stop having friendship amnesia. My other main complaint isn’t a complaint exactly, it’s more of an…amused puzzlement. And it is, what is with the band? Why do they always magically appear whenever the Glee kids need to sing? Why are they not friends with any of the Glee kids even though they always perform together? Why don’t they just join Glee since Glee always needs people and they are clearly musical? What is their social status at school? I apparently want an episode devoted to the back story of the band.

Anyway, other comments:

  • Darren Criss is uber adorable. Seriously, I was in the middle of considering how Blaine is kind of a dull character and then It’s Not Unusual started and the only thought in my head was “I HEART DARREN.” So, I’m cool with Blaine. I still wouldn’t mind if he left to make A Very Potter Threequel though…
  • There were so many exciting guest stars in this episode! Like Tinker, from Friday Night Lights! I’m glad he’s found a new home, even if it’s vastly inferior to his old one. Vanessa Lengies (Roxanne from American Dreams) was also in this episode, as Sugar. I think I read awhile ago that she was going to be on but I totally forgot so seeing her name in the opening credits was a very exciting moment. I’m so glad she’s on a big show! Kind of funny/sad though that six years after the end of American Dreams she’s still playing a high schooler.  Oh, and Courtney from So You Think You Can Dance popped up as one of Quinn’s new friends! (She was also one of the pregnant backup dancers/singers when Quinn sang It’s A Man’s World, and she was on the tour, so I guess they like her!)
  • Kurt and Rachel were actually being nice to and supportive of each other! Excuse me while I faint.
  • I actually kind of like Quinn’s new pink hair…
  • Tina actually got to sing lead for a second at the end! And she had multiple lines in this episode! I just fainted again.
  • Next week, Quinn is going to remember she had a baby! Third and biggest faint of the night.

The Emmys

20 Sep

So, confession: I’ve only watched about half of the Emmy’s. And I’m probably not going to be able to watch the rest until the weekend (I also haven’t had time to watch last night’s How I Met Your Mother and probably will not have time to watch Parenthood, Glee, and New Girl all tonight. Ah, college). But since I don’t want to have my Emmy’s reaction posted a week after the Emmy’s, I am doing it now. Yay! So here are, in no particular order, my top ten takeaways from the hour or so that I watched:

1) WHAT was that Emmy Tones business. I am always happy to see Zachary Levi of course, but seriously Fox, just because you have Glee on your network doesn’t mean you need to add a musical component to everything. And that’s coming from someone who likes musicals. And most of the people in the Emmy Tones (I was incredibly confused to see Wilmer Valderamma in it though…).

2) Wow, Julie Bowen is really skinny. She could use about ten burgers for real. But I’m pleased for her that she won.

3) I’m glad for Melissa McCarthy that she won an award, because I loved her as Sookie and she was great in Bridesmaids, but Gilmore Girls is over and Bridesmaids is not a TV show. I think Amy Poehler should have gotten it.

4) That Lonely Island medley was just weird. Also, Ed Helms does not equal Justin Timberlake. Sorry, Ed. Also, Akon needs to stick to auto tune. I was actually surprised Fox allowed them to sing his part and the three way song. I’m sure parents got some fun questions that night!

5) KYLE CHANDLER WON OMG AAAHHHHH!!!! Ahem. Sorry. If only Connie Britton could have won too, this would automatically have been the greatest Emmy’s ever. Also, when he walked back to the microphone after realizing he forgot people, the stupid producers should have let him talk–he clearly was going to thank Connie and his real wife. At least he got to backstage but still. Oh, and Lyla bowing down to hand Coach an award? Awesome.

5A) Jason Katims won too! I’m so glad Friday Night Lights finally got Emmy love. Since it’ll never be nominated again. Since it’s over. Sniffle. And he said clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose! Excuse me while I go have some emotions.

6) I’m so glad Downton Abbey and Maggie Smith both won awards! Very well deserved. And a nice vindication of my efforts to get everyone I know (and don’t know, I suppose) to watch the show. It was kind of strange seeing the actresses that were there in normal clothing, but luckily in my Downton-deprived state (which has now ended! huzzah!) I read and watched a ton of interviews with the whole cast where they were dressed normally so it wasn’t quite as much of a shock. But still, weird.

7) The scripts for presenters still suck. The audience seemed to agree.

8 ) Go away, Charlie Sheen.

9) A million thank-you’s to the producers for not making Jane Lynch be Sue Sylvester all night. That would have been horrific, to say the least.

10) Well, that’s it actually. I guess I don’t have ten. But I have 9 plus a 5A so I’m going to say that counts. Now the question is if it’s worth trying to find time to watch the rest when I have so many other things to watch…

Maggie Smith = Awesome

17 Sep

So, I’ve been rewatching Downton Abbey in preparation for it coming back tomorrow (joy!) and I’ve been reminded all over again that the best part of the show is Maggie Smith’s character, Lady Grantham, Dowager Countess (Violet). Oh, how I love her. I mean, just look at this exchange between her and Matthew:

Violet: [nearly falls out of chair] Good heavens! What am I sitting on?
Matthew: A swivel chair.
Violet: Oh, another modern brainwave?
Matthew: Not very modern, they were invented by Thomas Jefferson.
Violet: Why does every day involve a fight with an American?
Matthew: I’ll fetch a different one.
Violet: No, no, no, no, I’m a good sailor.

Here it is in all it’s glory (you should really watch it, the delivery is half the greatness of it–Maggie Smith is a funny lady, you guys):

Also, some more line samples:

  • Mrs. Crawley- “I take that as a compliment.” Violet- “I must have said it wrong.”
  • “What is a weekend?”
  • “So what? I have plenty of friends I don’t like.”
  • “No Englishman would dream of dying in someone else’s house, especially someone they didn’t even know.”
  • “One can’t go to pieces at the death of every foreigner. We’d all be in a constant state of collapse whenever we opened a newspaper.”
  • “We can’t have him assassinated…I suppose.”
  • “So put that in your pipe and smoke it!”

Seriously. The Dowager Countess is awesome. Love her! Love Maggie Smith! Love the show! Now go watch it.

New Fringe promo

16 Sep

Finally, there is a fantastic new Fringe promo with ALL NEW FOOTAGE. Oh, it looks epic. I cannot wait for Friday. One more week!!! Fingers crossed I haven’t gotten unrealistically high expectations.

There’s also this general Fox promo with a little Fringe in it (I’ve started it at the point when Fringe pops up):

Did you catch that little bit of Peter? I’m (ashamedly) not sure if that’s an old clip or a new one, but if it’s new I am very interested to see the context. Either way, that clip of the two blonde Olivias is definitely new, and makes me slightly worried. I really really hope both of them having blonde hair is a one time thing, because while I can tell them apart just fine in the promo, a whole season of them both looking the same would probably be really confusing. Or maybe another reason to be impressed with Anna Torv’s acting for allowing me to keep them straight when they are both dressed and hairstyled the same. I am amused though that Olivia’s hair is stick straight and flat while Fauxlivia’s hair is a little wavy and full. Poor Olivia. Even in this third (?) universe, she still doesn’t get to be the fun one.

And there goes my heart

12 Sep

OMG I HAVE TO TALK IN CAPITALS I AM SO EXCITED. JUST WATCH THIS (AFTER PAUSING IT FOR A FEW MINUTES TO LET IT LOAD) (or don’t if you don’t want to be spoiled for season 2 of Downton Abbey, it’s all new scenes):

Sybil and Branson! New scene! Emotions! I just want to see how that scene ends. That’s all I want. My heart is going to be exploding on Sunday, I know already. SIX DAYS.

Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited

11 Sep

So, last night’s episode of Doctor Who was so depressing. I actually cried. I think the last time I cried at a Doctor Who episode was Doomsday, which was what, five years ago? Or maybe it was when Donna got her memory erased in Journey’s End. Either way, this episode broke a three-five year streak of not crying at Doctor Who.

So, here’s what went down, cliff’s notes version: Amy, Rory, and the Doctor go to visit a planet and it goes horribly wrong as usual, in this case because the planet was under quarantine as a result of a 24 hour plague. The powers that be on the planet have set up a facility where the infected people can live out their full lives through a sped-up time line while the non infected people can come watch them live out their lives in 24 hours (it’s a little confusing, but let’s accept it and move on). So through some “let’s make the characters dumb in service of the plot”, Rory and the Doctor end up in the non-infected area and Amy ends up in the infected area; Amy has to wait for them to come get her while avoiding being done a “kindness” by the facility robots who want to get rid of her unidentified bacteria and don’t realize that she’s an alien; the Doctor screws up and arrives 36 years into Amy’s waiting, by which time she’s become old and bitter and also a kind of awesome warrior lady who’s built a sonic “probe” and spends her days killing robots and hates the Doctor; the Doctor has a way to get young Amy back but it means old Amy will cease to exist, but then he magically finds a way that they can both exist so old Amy will agree to help them get young Amy back; Rory gets young Amy on the Tardis and the Doctor literally slams the door in old Amy’s face because he was lying and they can’t both be on the Tardis, and then forces Rory to choose which Amy to save, then old Amy tells him not to let her in and to choose young Amy; the Tardis leaves and old Amy dies/ceases to exist. Whew.

I managed to hold out until old Amy talked to Rory through the Tardis door, telling him to leave her behind, and then I was a mess. Poor old, bitter Amy! And poor Rory! You know who I don’t feel bad for? The Doctor. He kind of sucked as a person this week. And I assume next week everything will be all hunky dory between the trio, but if I were Rory and Amy, I would have left. First they lose their daughter, now Rory has to basically allow a version of his wife to die after the Doctor just out and out lied about what would happen…I mean, I figured she’d die or something because we couldn’t have two Amys running around, but I didn’t think it would end with the Doctor being how he was. I know he’s all about the hard decisions and whatever, and he has certainly done morally questionable things before, but this was just harsh. I still liked the episode though, except for one huge thing: they didn’t mention Melody at all. I don’t understand why they had this whole episode where it turns out their daughter got raised to be a psychotic, Doctor-killing machine, not to mention the fact that she actually grew up along side her parents rather than be raised by them, and then because at the end she’s on her way to being River Song as they know her, they’re like, eh, whatevs, got to let it go! Wouldn’t any normal parent be upset about that? And if they had the ability to travel through time, wouldn’t they still want to rescue the baby version of their daughter from that life? And wouldn’t they, I don’t know, at least mention her from time to time? Good lord. I was giving it a few episodes to see if it would be brought up, but no. It just doesn’t make any sense to me, and it feels like a jarring ending to the storyline. I really, really hope they bring it back up soon, with a good explanation for why no one seems to care anymore.