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Fringe: The Boy Must Live

12 Jan

Oh hey, I’ve been away so long that WordPress updated itself. Cool. Anyhoo, finally following through on my promise to post with my immediate reaction to tonight’s episode of Fringe. (SPOILERS if you haven’t seen it, of course)

I just…I don’t see how this is going to work out, you guys. Let me break this down:

The plan to save the world is to stop the Observers from ever being created.

For this plan to work, Walter has to sacrifice himself.

But if it works, and it’s bye bye Observers, then the timeline resets. The Observers never came. This plan never existed. Walter never sacrificed himself. Walter is alive.

If Walter is alive, Peter still exists, and Walter (I assume) still crossed universes to save Peter. But since there are no more Observers, there is no September to save Peter from drowning. Peter is dead. (If Walter didn’t cross universes, original Peter is still dead with no replacement).

If Peter is dead, he and Olivia obviously never had Etta.

Or, if Walter somehow is just blinked out of existence, Peter still doesn’t exist, so neither does Etta.

I don’t see how this can end well. Either things will make sense (as much as Fringe can make any sense) and Peter will be dead (AGAIN), or things will make absolutely no sense and Walter will be dead. Or the plan will fail and they will all be in oppressive Observer land. Really, the only solution I can see here that gets them all out alive is for them all to go back to the alternate universe for good.

Speaking of which, ALTLIVIA AND LICOLN ARE COMING BACK! If you had told me when she was first introduced that I would EVER be happy to see Altlivia, I would have told you you were crazy. But I’m SO happy! One step closer to my delusional dream of the show ending with Walter, Peter, Olivia, and Astrid still alive, and Charlie, Lincoln, Etta, and the alt Fringe team miraculously back, and everyone happy.

I already am having a hard enough time letting go of my issues with the whole new timeline storyline, show. Don’t give me a bad ending on top of it.


Fringe Live Chat

2 Nov

Hellooo! I am back on my poor neglected blog. But for now it’s just for a quick message: I am live chatting Fringe tonight for work! 9pm Pacific time! And you should come talk to me! All you have to do is download the app here: connectv.com, set your zip code to something in PT (such as 90024) so you can still tune to the show if you aren’t watching live on your TV, and then chat away with me in the show tab! It’ll be SO MUCH FUN you guys. Do it.

And one more thing about those Emmy nominations!

20 Jul

I didn’t think of it in my exhaustion haze last night, but I have a comment on one more Emmy snub: Fringe!! Come on people! Get it together! At the VERY LEAST, John Noble needed to be nominated. Look at this performance and tell me it doesn’t deserve every award:

That is the SAME PERSON you guys. (Speaking of, what about an award for the effects team? Seriously.) And he is BRILLIANT. And the rest of the cast is also wonderful and amazing and award worthy. If there are no nominations for the show after next season either (its last one…sob!) it will really be proof that there is no justice in this world.

Fringe is coming back! Fringe is coming back!

26 Apr

I knew my faith was justified! Fringe is indeed returning for a 13 episode season! True,  it’ll be the last one, but at least I’ll have a lot of time to prepare myself for the end. And honestly I didn’t expect to get more than a fifth season. Plus five seasons is impressive, especially for a show with Fringe’s ratings…I have so many shows that didn’t even get one full season (I miss you, Wonderfalls, Freaks and Geeks, and Firefly). But anyway let’s not dwell on that part of the news and instead focus on the fact that it’s not ending in three episodes!

Now let’s watch this wonderful season five promotional video (yes, already!) and weep with joy that this beautiful, beautiful show isn’t leaving us just yet (and also wonder what in the world is going on, as usual):

Fringe 4×19: Letters of Transit

21 Apr

I actually did not enjoy this episode as much as I thought I would. In fact, I found it kind of disappointing. I don’t know if this was supposed to be just some sort of ‘what if’ story fragment that we’ll never revisit, or an actual glimpse into where the show is headed (because there WILL be a season five, there WILL), or something else, but it just didn’t really work for me. By the time they finally went to get Peter and Astrid out of the amber, I was looking at the time thinking, really? There are only five minutes left? Is this an extended episode? It wasn’t, of course (like Fringe would ever get an extended episode), so now I don’t know what to think. Am I supposed to be wondering what happened to Olivia? Or why William Bell is still alive (just another change from the no-Peter timeline or something else?)? Or waiting to see what happens next generally? Or am I supposed to think, oh, hope that future doesn’t happen, guess I’ll never think about it again? I think the episode would have been really good as the start of an arc, but as a fragment of maybe-future-maybe-not it just didn’t do it for me. Also, as much as I love a good dystopian future story, I couldn’t really buy into this one. I needed a little more convincing as to why the observers would suddenly, in not very much time, go from a strict no interference policy to a taking over the whole world policy. Especially since they’ve never seemed to have totalitarian ruler ambitions or tendencies. I also thought it wasn’t very believable that none of the observers would know what Walter looked like. Or, even if none of them were alive 20 years earlier and none of them had ever seen a picture of him or anything, wouldn’t they have been able to read his thoughts or something to tell who he was? I don’t know, it just didn’t add up for me. I know I should have suspension of disbelief and all, but it took me out of it a bit.

I will say, though, that once again this show has done a very good job at making me care about brand new characters immediately. Maybe it’s just residual Desmond love, but when Simon went into the amber I actually didn’t want him to go in.  I was invested in Etta too (I also knew basically immediately that she was Peter and Olivia’s daughter though). And when she and Peter were reunited I did have some feelings. I just wish the story itself had been more satisfying. Or at least more clear as to its intent.

Also, if this was the real future, and Henrietta was four when Peter and Olivia were ambered/died/vanished/whatever happened to Olivia, and that was in 2016, and right now it’s 2012…Olivia’s probably pregnant right at this very moment. So I guess if she doesn’t end the season with a big announcement I’ll have my answer about if this is all what we’re heading toward or not.

Last thought: If in season five (stay optimistic!) everything from this is explored more and all the loose ends get tied up, I reserve the right to completely change my mind about how I feel about this episode.

Fringe 4×19 title sequence

18 Apr

Fox put out the title sequence for Friday’s episode already. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

This episode is going to be cramazing. I can tell.

Fringe: The Consultant

13 Apr

So, tonight’s episode of Fringe. I’m glad it revealed that AltBroyles is not actually a shapeshifter, because I totally thought he was. The thing is though, I know he was trying to save his son and all, and I get it, but couldn’t he have just had his crack science team, or just our Walter, for that matter, analyze the stuff Jones was giving him and figure out how to make it, saving his son and getting him out from under Jones’ thumb? Easy solutions, people. I guess I will just have to say that he did that and it was some sort of magical potion that could not be figured out or recreated.

Also, this episode confirmed for me that I actually fully like alt Olivia now. Gasp! And she and Walter were super adorable. I was sad we saw so little of our Olivia though, and Peter. Even though I still have SERIOUS issues with this whole blue Olivia overwriting amber Olivia thing–getting rid of your entire self to become someone else for love isn’t romantic. It’s sad. I know I have said this many times, but as glad as I am that our Olivia is back, this just doesn’t sit right with me. And this didn’t happen in this episode, but in the last couple with the scenes of Olivia not remembering conversations with Lincoln, I was hoping it was setting up some sort of plotline that would deal with the issue, but now I’m pretty sure it was just setting up Lincoln’s relocation to the other side. Sigh. Fingers crossed the writers prove me wrong, because I’m sorry, I don’t care how much you gloss over it, living in a place with memories of a totally different timeline that only one other person also remembers is not going to be a cakewalk.

Final thought: David Robert Jones is a creepy, creepy man. I want to know his plan. Won’t collapsing the universes kill him too? Is he just incredibly suicidal but doesn’t feel the world should go on after his death and so is ensuring that it will not? Most likely not, but that’s all I’ve got at the moment, because I don’t understand him at all. Hopefully by the end of the season all will become clear though! And then we’ll get all next season to do new things. Because we will get a new season. WE WILL.

In other news, next week’s episode looks completely cramazing. I am very excited that my darling Desmond will be back on my TV screen, and I am also quite excited about this whole Observers ruling the world premise. And I am, of course, confused about how everyone but Walter and Peter look older, and who Desmond is, and who the blonde chick is (Peter and Olivia’s daughter perhaps??) and why it is 2036 and what is happening and is it real and aaahhh. Anyway, here are all three teasers that have been put up on youtube so far. They are pretty awesome. Enjoy.

Teaser 1:


Teaser 2:


Teaser 3 (the trippiest of them all):