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So I just caught up on the whole first season of Smash…

2 Feb

…because I stopped at around episode 7 when it was actually on. Now, I did just watch the entire second half of the season in one day, so I clearly enjoyed it, but at the same time, I hate it. I hate it so much. BUT I CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT. It’s a problem.

My issues with it are many. It’s pretty clear the writers don’t even watch their own show. Derek had a line about the shadow Marilyns not singing THE EPISODE AFTER Ivy had her big solo with second hand baby grand. Even within scenes things make no sense – Rebecca was on the phone when Karen walked in, yet when she started dying of peanut exposure, Karen yelled out for someone to call “somebody” instead of, you know, grabbing the phone that was right next to her. The characterization also leaves a lot to be desired. In particular, I can’t figure out Derek at all. One minute he’s telling Ivy he loves her and the next he’s randomly sleeping with Rebecca, who he hates. Even with his crap justification for it, it still makes no sense with how he had been developed – it’s like he’s got multiple personalities or something. And speaking of badly written characters, can Leo PLEASE go away? He doesn’t even have the benefit of being well acted like Derek is. He just sucks. And yet he is not in the group written off the show. Sigh.

However, my biggest issue with the show is still Katherine McPhee. Now don’t get me wrong, the girl has a good voice, but Megan Hilty’s is so much better that it’s completely insane that anyone would ever cast Karen over Ivy. The show keeps trying to convince me that she’s AMAAAAAZING by putting her in front of audiences and having them swoon over her singing, but it’s not working, because I still have ears. And, all bias aside over the fact that Megan Hilty was my Glinda when I saw Wicked and I love her, Katherine just does not have a Broadway voice. Megan is just a better actress, a better singer, and better suited for Broadway. If they really wanted this to be believable, they should have gone with someone like Sierra Boggess or Laura Osnes (who was actually up for the part) or, getting more obscure, Natalie Weiss (seriously, I am obsessed with her version of Empty Chairs and Empty Tables in this – starts at 4:05: Just someone with a Broadway voice who I could actually believe would be competition for someone played by Megan Hilty. As it is the situation is just infuriating and I cannot let it go (in case you couldn’t tell).

Anyway. I will obviously keep watching it because it’s like a car crash I just can’t look away from. But you’d better fix it, Josh Safran. And fast. And avoid anything that even remotely resembles what Gossip Girl devolved into. 


PS if Bombshell came to Broadway I would totally want to go see it so, good job with that at least!