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The Greatest News Ever

22 Jan

So, apparently the CW has ordered a musical chairs reality show called Oh Sit! I repeat: a MUSICAL CHAIRS reality show. Called Oh sit! (The exclamation is theirs, possibly because they want to make everyone writing about it look like they’re super excited.) It’s basically going to be musical chairs with an obstacle course, plus a live band. It used to be called Extreme Musical Chairs, but I think we can all agree Oh Sit! gives it that little something extra that the previous title never could. I will of course be watching it the moment it airs.

Also, something I’ve been meaning to post about, which now qualifies as the second-greatest news ever, for very different reasons: Brian Stokes Mitchell is going to be one of Rachel’s dads on Glee!  And he’s going to sing! And my life will be complete! The episode airs February 14. Guess I’ll have to actually catch up now…