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PaleyFest Livestream: Parks and Recreation

7 Mar

I took a break from my midterm study hibernation to watch the Parks and Recreation PaleyFest livestream yesterday, and now I am taking another one to show you the best moment from that panel. I present to you, the Greatest Couple Ever:

I love everything about this.

Yes, that is a woman and her husband dressed up as a Pawnee Goddess and a Pawnee Ranger. Here is the husband in all his glory:

The epicness continues.

That. Is. Amazing. I love them. This has also reinforced my idea that I had after the episode aired to be a Pawnee Goddess for Halloween. And reminded me to check the NBC store for the Pawnee Goddesses: We’re Freaking Awesome t-shirt, which they are selling now, so thanks people!

PS that livestream is the only television related thing I have watched in almost a week. My DVR is almost at capacity. THIS IS NOT OK. Go away, midterms.


More good PaleyFest news!

25 Feb

Guess what! Now not only is Hulu going to air nine of the PaleyFest panels after the fact, but ALL of them are going to stream here! Oh, technology. I love you so.

PaleyFest + Hulu = Yay!

23 Feb

Big news: Hulu is streaming some of the panels from PaleyFest this year! Happy day! I have been dreaming of being able to go to PaleyFest for many, many years, but sadly, the organizers don’t take my school schedule into account when they pick the dates, so I’ve never been able to go. So you can imagine my happiness at this development. The nine panels they’ll be streaming are Bones, Castle, Community, Modern Family, New Girl, The Office, Once Upon A Time, Revenge, and The Vampire Dairies. PaleyFest is March 2-14 and the streaming starts on the 15th.