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Review Roundup: Fringe, Once Upon A Time, Mad Men

28 Mar

Before I was distracted and not posting because of midterms, and now I have been distracted and not posting because of spring break and family togetherness and all that. Forgive me. Also, I have to work on my 25 page thesis paper during break so I can start on my two other papers I have to write. Second semester senior year: not as easy as advertised. Ah, well.

Anyway, since I am crunched for time and have other shows to catch up on, I am just going to post some mini reviews for each of the shows I have managed to watch. Excited? Me too! Let’s do it!

Fringe, A Short Story About Love:
I’m glad Peter and Olivia are back together, but I have serious reservations about this. I’ve said all along that I’d feel really weird about this Olivia getting turned into our original Olivia, and now that’s apparently what’s happening. Even if amber Olivia is “our” Olivia, just without Peter, she’s still a different Olivia with different life experiences and memories living in a different world—but now she just decided to overwrite all of those experiences and memories to have what are basically false memories and be with a guy. That just doesn’t strike me as particularly romantic. It’s just sad. And is anyone else going to remember? Walter seems to be changing in terms of his personality, but he still isn’t getting memories. Astrid is still a different Astrid. Lincoln is still a different Lincoln. Amber Olivia still has no memory of ever having an affair with Peter and having a baby. Etc. etc. So now, Olivia and Peter have memories of events that actually never happened for anyone else. And along those same lines, if Olivia is forgetting her relationship with Nina, is she going to forget her relationships with everyone else? For example, she and Astrid seem closer in this timeline; is that going to go away? I don’t know, I just feel weird about this solution.

Once Upon A Time, Hat Trick:
I loved this episode. It was a good/depressing take on the Mad Hatter story. It was also interesting to see the Queen actually looking upset about something morally unsavory that she was doing. So maybe this was fairly early in her career of evil? Especially since it didn’t seem like that Regina would have killed her father for a curse. Poor Daddy Henry. Also, I really, really hope that Emma is actually starting to believe and then that can be the catalyst for Mary Margaret and David to turn back into Snow and Charming and then I won’t care what happens because I’ll be so happy I won’t have to deal with Mary Margaret and David anymore. Especially David. Ugh, David. You annoying, annoying man. Also: I have very high expectations for the next episode. I hope it does not let me down.

Mad Men, A Little Kiss:
Watching this, I was honestly just so happy that it was back that it made everything seem wonderful when it may or may not have been. But let’s just say it was. I do have some comments though, of course. For example, apparently all men in the 1960s were awful. Geez. And speaking of awful men, when did Harry become such a creeper? Has it been so long since the show was on that I forgot that that happened or was that as random as it seemed? Also a creeper now: Lane. Keeping the picture? Not ok. But I did enjoy his scene with Joan. Who, by the way, needs to run everything immediately. She’s the greatest. I just wish she’d leave her stupid awful husband. As for Megan and Don, that was just strange. They have an…interesting relationship. Her uncomfortable singing scene did give me the chance to find out that I can still understand random words of French though, so, thanks Megan! Also, I have a feeling pretty soon their large age gap is going to come back to bite them. Finally, I hope Betty comes back soon. She is awful, I know, but I missed her.

And that’s about it for my super in depth analysis of the last five days in my television life!

PS this is unrelated but I just wanted to mention, my mom sent me an email that said “Downtown films at the Peace Center” and I originally thought it said “Downton films” and thought they were going to be showing movies thematically related to Downton Abbey or something. You know an obsession has gone too far when you can no longer read words properly because of it. I wish that it had really said that though, cause that sounds awesome.




Once Upon A Time: Heart of Darkness

19 Mar

Last night’s episode of Once Upon A Time, while very enjoyable, continued a kind of troubling trend for me–I’m generally way more entertained by and interested in the stories from the fairytale world than the ones from our world. Most of the time I’m just sitting there like, come on people, just remember and be awesome again and start this battle for real already. Especially because I am getting more and more annoyed by their real life counter parts. For example, David. Oh, David. You stupid, irritating man. I’m very glad that the curse is going all wonky with him, but with his apparent deductive skills, it’s going to be quite awhile before he actually realizes what’s happening. I mean, with that memory he had under hypnosis of Snow that he thought was of Mary Margaret, even if I understand why he wouldn’t immediately jump to “Ah! This life is fake!” you’d think he’d at least wonder at the fact that her hair was so much longer than Mary Margaret’s. And the fact that she was wearing such strange clothing. Stupid. And speaking of stupidity, that shot of Mary Margaret bound and gagged in the preview for the next episode had better mean that she was kidnapped from her cell and did not use the key to get out, because if she did, she wins the award for stupidest person to ever stupid. And that’s an accomplishment, considering her competition. You do not break out of a jail cell when you are under investigation for murder, Mary Margaret. Geez.

In other news, I was happy to see Red out there being awesome (PS, is her name really just “Red”? I hope that’s just a nickname from her cloak. Though Snow’s name is actually Snow, so maybe the parents of fairytale land just suck). Even though her story in the episode before this one was basically the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen (she ATE her BOYFRIEND), and also included a prime example of another character with a raging case of stupid: why wouldn’t Granny just be like, “Listen, you need to wear this cloak or else you will start killing people”? Wouldn’t that be better than just telling her that red repels wolves and trusting her to wear it even though she clearly tends to not do that??? GAH. PEOPLE. GET IT TOGETHER.

But anyway, back to the things I enjoyed about this episode. Snarky Snow was basically the best ever. The opening bit where she was all decked out in her Disney Snow White gear and singing with the bird and then suddenly she goes after it with the broom? Amazing. And the intervention was even more amazing. “You’re allergic to EVERYTHING.” “You’re lucky it wasn’t that mug you call a face!” Oh Snow. I’m glad she’s back to normal but that was fun.

Other thoughts:

  • I knew that Rumple wanted Charming’s cloak so he could get one of his hairs, but now I want to know what he’s planning on doing with the bottled love
  • I want to know who August is immediately. You’d think Henry would have pressed a little more about who he is. But nooo, he has to suddenly get not at all curious.
  • I can’t help kind of loving Regina a little bit. Even though I know she’s totally awful and evil. But when she’s standing there telling David that sometimes evil can be looking you right in the face and you don’t know it? Come on. That was some nice irony she was employing there.
  • Of course the very last key that Henry tried, after being told that after that they were giving up, was the right key. Of course.
  • You don’t know where the vent is in your room, Mary Margaret? Really? What did you think that completely visible black grate in the middle of your floor was? Clearly one of the things she lost when the curse changed her from Snow White was her basic observational ability.
  • Speaking of basic observational abilities: why didn’t King George’s men arrest Snow when they took David? Her wanted poster looks exactly like her; you’d think they’d recognize her.
  • Seriously, please turn David back into Charming. Please. I can’t take David for much longer.
  • Next week looks really good. I hope it lives up to its preview.

Also, just a random stray thought that is not really related to this episode: I’m kind of getting the impression that fairytale land wasn’t actually such a great place. It seems for many people the curse wasn’t so much a case of getting happy endings taken away so much as just being transported to a new place and being just as unhappy. I mean, Hansel and Gretel were separated from their father, Rumple lost his son and his true love, Grumpy became Grumpy because he couldn’t run away with his true love because apparently the fairytale world contains a rigid caste system of sorts, Red ate her boyfriend by accident (seriously, this needs to be dealt with more. The poor girl probably needed some intensive therapy after that), etc. etc. If I were one of the non-royal residents of fairytale land, I’m not sure I’d want to go back even after I remembered who I was.

Get ready, I’m about to talk about basketball

16 Mar

So, Duke just lost to Lehigh. And why is this relevant to this blog, other than the fact that it aired on a television? Well, the reason this made me so happy, other than the fact that I love it when Duke loses because it’s Duke, is because that’s where JJ went to college on American Dreams! Before he had to drop out because of his ankle injury that was bad enough to destroy his college football career but not so bad that it kept him out of the Marines or from playing football in the Marines, of course. Anyway, that’s literally the only reason I’d ever heard of Lehigh. Is that sad? I don’t know. But anyway, yay!

I am also glad Duke lost because it means that Mizzou was not the only 2 seed that lost today. Though my happiness at that loss can never, ever match the despair I feel over ours. Maybe if Kansas loses also the combined joy will make it better. But I doubt it. It was heartbreaking. And terrible. And should not have happened. And my newsfeed was full of all sorts of despair and anguish afterwards, so I got even more depressed. Oh, Mizzou. Why must you hurt me so. Guess I’ll just have to root for UNC to win it all now. Sigh.

So, uh, yeah. That’s probably the last time I will ever post about basketball on this blog. So I hope you savor it.

PS, with us and Duke and Michigan all losing, I assume that your bracket, if you made a bracket, was probably completely screwed. So…sorry about that.


I’m freeeeeee! And casting news!

16 Mar

My midterms are over! Finally! Now I can start catching up on my incredible backlog of television. I already watched the two episodes of New Girl and Parks and Recreation  I missed, so now I’ve just got two episodes of Smash, one of Once Upon A Time, 15 Daily Shows, and basically the whole season of Modern Family. And all the Paley panels on Hulu. I’m actually kind of relieved Fringe and Gossip Girl have been on hiatus and Parenthood is done for the season. Even I can only fit in so much!

In other news, the Felicity alums are doing quite well for themselves all of the sudden! The two Scotts, Greg Grunberg, and Keri Russell have all been cast in pilots. Scott Speedman’s in ABC’s Last Resort, Scott Foley is going to be in Fox’s The Goodwin Games, Greg is going to be in an untitled CBS comedy, and now Keri is going to be in FX’s The Americans. And she’s going to be a KGB spy! Finally, JJ Abram’s dream for Felicity has come true (well, the spy part anyway).  Now all these pilots just have to work out and then they can guest star en masse on each other’s shows, and bring Amanda Foreman and Tangi Miller and Ian Gomez, and it’ll be like Felicity has come back to me.

PaleyFest Livestream: Parks and Recreation

7 Mar

I took a break from my midterm study hibernation to watch the Parks and Recreation PaleyFest livestream yesterday, and now I am taking another one to show you the best moment from that panel. I present to you, the Greatest Couple Ever:

I love everything about this.

Yes, that is a woman and her husband dressed up as a Pawnee Goddess and a Pawnee Ranger. Here is the husband in all his glory:

The epicness continues.

That. Is. Amazing. I love them. This has also reinforced my idea that I had after the episode aired to be a Pawnee Goddess for Halloween. And reminded me to check the NBC store for the Pawnee Goddesses: We’re Freaking Awesome t-shirt, which they are selling now, so thanks people!

PS that livestream is the only television related thing I have watched in almost a week. My DVR is almost at capacity. THIS IS NOT OK. Go away, midterms.

Parenthood: My Brother’s Wedding

1 Mar

I loved this episode of Parenthood not because of anything that happened with the plot but because Billy Riggins was on playing a character named Billy. That was amazing. The only thing that would have made it better is if Michael B. Jordan’s character was still on the show and they could have interacted. Oh Jason Katims. Your Friday Night Lights loyalty makes me so happy.

Anyhoo, on to the episode itself. It was a solid season finale that could serve as a series finale on the off chance that it doesn’t get brought back, but I still had some issues. Mainly the fact that Crosby and Jasmine got back together and got married in the same week–that’s a pretty big leap when they were both dating other people when they got back together. It’s an especially big change for Jasmine, who ended up marrying Crosby a week or less after having been planning to move in with another man. Also I really liked Crosby’s now ex-girlfriend, so that was sad. Another issue: Drew’s whole plot line felt kind of like the writers thought, “hmm, we have some space to fill…let’s just let Drew lose his virginity.” Just kind of pointless. And the last issue: Even though I didn’t like the whole baby plotline with Sarah and Mark in the first place, Sarah’s turnaround seemed to happen really fast. We did not really see her thought process at all in her journey from being totally sure that she wanted to have another baby to not wanting another baby. But, I’m really happy they’re maybe engaged now! Especially since one of my main problems was that they were talking about having a baby as the next logical step in their relationship when they don’t even live in the same house. And also because I love Jason Ritter and I want him to stay forever. I also am happy that Joel and Julia are, I assume, going to keep being in the spot light next season, given their new child. I love Joel and Julia. It was definitely obvious that Zoe was going to end up keeping the baby, but I didn’t expect that twist to the story. I have a feeling that’s going to be a tough situation though–first of all, the kid is old enough that there is going to need to be some serious adjusting on both of their parts, and it means Sydney now has an older brother, which will probably be weird for her. But I’m looking forward to seeing it play out! What I am not looking forward to is more Bob Little next season. I know Amber is 19 but their whole relationship is skeeving me out. I also wish they’d had him run for the state senate or something rather than City Council, because the scope of his campaign feels very unrealistic. But oh well!

In other news, I am annoyed at the state of my television right now, what with this very early season finale plus all my shows going on hiatus (well ok, like three of them, but still). Sigh. I guess it’s for the best, considering I’m going into midterm hell time for the next couple of weeks, but I am not ok with this. Although, maybe I can now use my nonexistent free time to rewatch the last season of Mad Men before it comes back on the 25th since it’s been more than a year since it’s been on and all I remember is that Don is randomly marrying his secretary…silver lining!