Life Update

12 Jan

Soon I will be updating you on my Downton Abbey feelings, because I realized I never posted anything after my post fixing the show. Which is still quite excellent, if I do say so myself. Here’s a preview for you of what those feelings are: My fingers no longer automatically type Downton. I just typed Downtown up there and had to fix it.

Anyway, before that happens, I want to give a life update, because exciting things have been happening!

Exciting thing #1: I have a job! This is old news, but I am still happy about it.

Exciting thing #2: I got to go to the People’s Choice Awards! Look, here I am!


Isn’t my friend pretty?

So that was pretty fun. Though we felt very psychic because we knew who was there so we knew who won every.single.category. But still, always nice to have an excuse to get fancy!

Exciting thing #3: I FINALLY GET TO GO TO PALEYFEST. As I have discovered recently, many people do not seem to know what PaleyFest is, so perhaps I am a weirdo for pining after it since I was 14. But if I am, so be it! I’m going to four panels, and it is going to be amazing.

Fingers crossed for more exciting things to come! Such as finally having my first real celebrity sighting, perhaps?? (And no, events where they are scheduled to be there do not count) (And mistaking Matthew Weiner for my dentist as I drove out of a grocery store parking lot and only belatedly realizing that he was, in fact, Matthew Weiner only semi-counts) (I at least want a picture with someone, ok?)



Fringe: The Boy Must Live

12 Jan

Oh hey, I’ve been away so long that WordPress updated itself. Cool. Anyhoo, finally following through on my promise to post with my immediate reaction to tonight’s episode of Fringe. (SPOILERS if you haven’t seen it, of course)

I just…I don’t see how this is going to work out, you guys. Let me break this down:

The plan to save the world is to stop the Observers from ever being created.

For this plan to work, Walter has to sacrifice himself.

But if it works, and it’s bye bye Observers, then the timeline resets. The Observers never came. This plan never existed. Walter never sacrificed himself. Walter is alive.

If Walter is alive, Peter still exists, and Walter (I assume) still crossed universes to save Peter. But since there are no more Observers, there is no September to save Peter from drowning. Peter is dead. (If Walter didn’t cross universes, original Peter is still dead with no replacement).

If Peter is dead, he and Olivia obviously never had Etta.

Or, if Walter somehow is just blinked out of existence, Peter still doesn’t exist, so neither does Etta.

I don’t see how this can end well. Either things will make sense (as much as Fringe can make any sense) and Peter will be dead (AGAIN), or things will make absolutely no sense and Walter will be dead. Or the plan will fail and they will all be in oppressive Observer land. Really, the only solution I can see here that gets them all out alive is for them all to go back to the alternate universe for good.

Speaking of which, ALTLIVIA AND LICOLN ARE COMING BACK! If you had told me when she was first introduced that I would EVER be happy to see Altlivia, I would have told you you were crazy. But I’m SO happy! One step closer to my delusional dream of the show ending with Walter, Peter, Olivia, and Astrid still alive, and Charlie, Lincoln, Etta, and the alt Fringe team miraculously back, and everyone happy.

I already am having a hard enough time letting go of my issues with the whole new timeline storyline, show. Don’t give me a bad ending on top of it.


18 Dec

Well hello there! Perhaps you remember me? I used to actually fairly consistently update this blog?

I know I’ve been awful about posting lately. I have gotten distracted by life and work and, let’s be honest, tumblr (it’s SERIOUSLY addicting, you guys). BUT! I am determined that that all will change! At some point over the next couple of weeks, i WILL be posting new things. There will be feelings about Downton Abbey! There will be feelings about Homeland! There will be feelings about The Hour! There will be feelings about Gossip Girl (spoiler alert: they involve hysterical, disbelieving laughter)! I hope you guys are as excited about this imminent feelings fest as I am.

So anyhoodle, just wanted to announce that this blog will become a blog again very soon. YAY!!!

And just to make this post pretty, I will show you a couple of things that I made in a recent “I WILL MASTER PHOTOSHOP” craze. Which basically translates to practicing cutting things out in photoshop, but hey, same thing. Anyway:

I made this!

And also this!

You’re bowing before my genius, aren’t you? I thought so. It’s ok. Bow away.

Until next time!

Fringe Live Chat

2 Nov

Hellooo! I am back on my poor neglected blog. But for now it’s just for a quick message: I am live chatting Fringe tonight for work! 9pm Pacific time! And you should come talk to me! All you have to do is download the app here:, set your zip code to something in PT (such as 90024) so you can still tune to the show if you aren’t watching live on your TV, and then chat away with me in the show tab! It’ll be SO MUCH FUN you guys. Do it.

You guys, I fixed Downton Abbey

15 Oct

I will have more thoughts on last night’s episode of Downton Abbey later, when I can be more coherent. However, in the meantime, look! I fixed it! It’s all ok!

Putting under a read more because spoilers:

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Homeland 2×01 photo recap: The Smile

1 Oct

So guess what! I made a photo recap for Homeland. And I got paid for it. And I will be writing them every week. And continuing to get paid for them. Yay! You should definitely go check it out here and shower me with praise:×01-photo-recap-the-smile/

So You Think You Can Dance taping report

19 Sep

So guess what I did yesterday! Went to the taping of the So You Think You Can Dance finale! And it was awesome! And now I shall tell you all about it.

So, the saga really begins a couple of weeks ago, when I found out that I was the winner of that week’s facebook lottery for priority tickets to the show. Unfortunately, I had just gone home for a couple of weeks. Figures. So anyway I wrote to find out if there was any way I could get tickets for after I got back instead, and luckily for me, they said yes! And the taping the week I was getting back (got back here Thursday) happened to be the finale. I’ve never had such good luck! Anyway, since it was a priority ticket, I could get to the front of the line as long as I got there before 3, so I did not have a line waiting experience. However, I did have a mini heart attack when I thought I wasn’t going to make it because 1) I left later than I meant to, 2) there was tons of traffic and 3) I came out of the parking garage at the wrong exit so I had to use my navigation to bring me to the intersection that was supposed to be super close and instead was half a mile away (now that all sounds more like my luck). But I made it, looking sweatily and breathlessly lovely I’m sure. I didn’t get to go to the front front of the line, but I cut in front of all the people waiting at the moment I got there (sorry people). Then I headed to where two people who worked for the show were standing giving out tickets. Now, I have absolutely no idea how they decided who would be standing and who would get seats, and even what section to put people in: they were both holding big stacks of tickets and when I walked up they kind of shuffled them around, to what purpose I could not tell, and then handed me one. Thank goodness it was for a seat, and it was for the second row! After I got my ticket I made my way to security. I knew that at some point my phone was going to get taken away, but they took it as soon as I got to security, which I was not expecting, and they also took my iPod. This was a little after 3, and doors didn’t open until 4:30, so my lack of entertainment meant I spent an hour and a half sitting around singing all of Wicked in my head to pass the time. Super fun. The most exciting thing that happened out there was when Twitch and Allison walked by (holding hands, it was super cute).
So finally, after a couple of times of a guy coming out saying there were “just a few minutes” until we would be let in (about an hour and 30 minutes before we were actually let in), we were brought inside the studio. I was in section A, which meant I was in front of the judges – section B was behind, and a lucky few got to sit next to/behind/near the choreographers and dancers in the audience. But I was quite happy with my seat, which was, like I said, in the second row, and right in the middle. The studio wasn’t really what I was expecting: it was kind of small, and the chairs were comfortable but only about a step or a step and a half up from folding chairs. There’s a section in front of the judges, a bigger section behind, and then two smaller groups that stand on either side of the stage. Before the show started a warm up guy came out, had us introduce ourselves to the people next to us, do some stretches, give the people next to us backrubs (tip: go with people you know), etc. etc. He also gave us instructions for the show. We had to stand up during every dance, applaud going into and out of every commercial break, and applaud going into and out of every video package. There was also lots of talk about how we needed to be the rowdiest audience they’ve had. We were reminded of how important our rowdiness was at every commercial break. The warm up guy also did a couple competitions during the commercials, one of which was for someone to spell tyrannosaurus rex. It took five people to spell it, and I discovered that I did not know how to either. But I just spelled it right on my first try, so thanks warm up guy, for making me learn!

So the show! It was pretty amazing. I’ve been fairly underwhelmed with this season, to the point that I don’t even remember the names of some of the top 10, and barely any of the bottom 10, which is pretty much unheard of for me. Usually I am like an encyclopedia of contestants. But seeing them all live was so great – they are all seriously fantastic dancers. My favorites were the opening routine, the new hip hop routine (though a camera was blocking my view the whole time they were at the table – luckily there were screens), Eliana and Alex’s dance, Audrey and Matthew’s dance (despite the fact that they were two of the ones whose names I couldn’t remember), and the last group routine. That one they recorded in the morning because of something about the set pieces, so they aired that one, but still performed it live for us. If you watch the aired show you can see that the people in the audience magically change! Our version was great regardless. And I was so happy to see Allison dance! My favorite part of the night was probably getting to see all of the interactions going on off camera during the show and during breaks. During Twitch and Witney’s routine, at the part where they do the waiting for the bus thing that Cat was talking about, I happened to look at her (she was standing in between my section and the standing people) and she was pointing at them and then started dancing along. It was so cute! She also was really jokey with the dancers, the judges, and the crew, which made me happy, and she and Will especially were adorable. She was also especially cute with her hair and makeup people – they were very dancey. She also had a twizzler and a diet coke very quickly during commercial breaks, in case anyone was wondering. I was also amused to see that when Lil C was introducing his dance pick, the other judges were looking at each other and laughing, and Debbie said, “I love him!” They also are obviously all very seasoned at live shows, because during some commercial breaks one of the judges or Cat or both would wander off and be talking to people and joking around and stuff, and they would get back into position with about 3 seconds to go. Sometimes I thought they weren’t going to make it! The cutest thing was after the last group routine, Allison waited for Twitch to come over before she went off stage and they went off together all coupley. Awwww.

Now, the winners! I was so so so happy that Eliana and Chehon won, since they were who I wanted. Eliana I was pretty sure would win, especially after being in the audience. Like I said, we have to stand during every dance, so generally when Cat says immediately after a dance “they’re standing!” or whatever, it’s pretty meaningless since we are told to stand, but after Eliana danced and then came over to talk to Cat, no one sat back down like we did after every single other dance. We stood until she went off the stage, which is why when you watch the show you can hear Cat saying to her, “They’re still standing,” because in that case it was unusual! For every other member of the top 4, we sat down once they went to Cat. But even though I was fairly certain, I was still very happy when she did, though I felt bad for Tiffany. During the video package before they gave the results they were both basically having nervous breakdowns on stage. Poor things. Also, in the interest of all the details, when Eliana hugged Tiffany she said “I love you so much,” which was sweet. I like seeing that they really all like each other! Also after everyone came out to celebrate I saw Allison say to her, “Everyone knew it,” so that was nice. But on to Chehon: I wanted him to win, but I was sure he would not win, especially based on audience reaction to him vs. Cyrus. But he pulled it off! He did it! People were seriously shocked. I looked back at the judges and Debbie was saying, “The best dancer won again!” all surprised and happy. Again, felt bad for Cyrus, but he got a very nice round of applause as he left. I would like to know who was the overall winner, but oh well. I also don’t remember if you could tell on TV but there was SO MUCH confetti – it got all over my hair and dress and there were just piles on the ground. I feel bad for whoever has to clean that up! Though the clean up crew during the stage was remarkably fast getting the glass from Twitch and Cyrus’ routine off the stage. In any case, I helped out by taking all the confetti I got out of my hair and off my dress as a souvenir 🙂

I suppose that’s about everything! I hope you enjoyed that novel. And now, proof that I was there (click to enlarge)!

Look! It’s me! On the right! I’m on TV!


Look! It’s my back!