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Gossip Girl: It Girl, Interrupted

9 Apr

There are many things I could discuss about tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl: Serena’s apparent descent into complete crazypants territory, Blair and Dan’s adorableness, Blair actually standing up to Chuck for once and bringing up the whole selling her for a hotel business, the continuing boring saga of Rufus And Lily’s Exile to Brooklyn, etc. etc. But I am not going to. Instead, I am going to just point out the one part of this episode that really makes it a classic. You might want to sit down for this. Ready?


Why yes, that IS a tracksuit onesie that Chuck is wearing! Let’s see it again:



I just…I can’t even put my joy into words right now. Oh, Chuck. I hate you so much but you also provide me with such an endless source of amusement. I don’t know what Ed Westwick did to the wardrobe department to make them so angry, but I would like to give them my sincere thanks for taking it out on him in such a fantastic way.

Also: where in the world does one find a tracksuit onesie? And do people actually buy them? And then wear them in real life? Outside of the privacy of their homes? And not as part of some sort of social experiment to see how people will react to a grown man (or woman) wearing a tracksuit onesie? Questions that need answers.


Gossip Girl: Crazy Cupid Love

13 Feb

At the risk of sounding like a crazy person, I am going to let you in on a little secret about me: sometimes, I make up little songs and sing them, usually about whatever is happening or what I am feeling at that moment. Tonight’s song, post-Gossip Girl, went something like this: “I don’t understand, but I am so happy!” (it was beautiful, trust me). (Also, that could definitely be my Fringe mantra as well after Friday’s episode…) The happy:  Dan and Blair kissed! The finally kissed and it wasn’t a dream or a freeze frame! The I don’t understand: The previews for next week, where suddenly Dan and Blair are apparently kissing all over the place even though they both know about the pre-nup situation. Confusing. But who cares! Dan and Blair kissed! They kissed for real! And are apparently going to keep doing so! A year ago I would have been so angry about this but now I am the opposite of that (see what good storytelling can do?)! AND it looks like the never-ending Charlie Rhodes plot is finally reaching an actual conclusion, now that the actual Charlotte Rhodes knows all about it! Hallelujah!

Other random thoughts:

  • So, Chuck is definitely still a skeeze. Good to know.
  • Nate has apparently become a creepy stalker. In normal world, bribing someone’s boss to get their number and then, when the phone call doesn’t go well, throwing a party specifically to see the person and then changing the venue when you find out that the person  requested not to work at your place of employ, aka doesn’t want to see you at all, would all be grounds for a restraining order. In Gossip Girl world, it is charming and will clearly lead to a relationship.
  • Are we seriously supposed to believe that Dan sent in that video to Gossip Girl? Seriously? I was convinced at the end of the last episode that it would be some big plot point where he was being set up and we’d have to wait to find out who really sent it and blah blah, but no. Apparently, it was just Dan. The end. But I don’t buy it. Dan sending that video completely goes against Dan as he has been portrayed for the whole show, and especially this season. Why would he want to ruin Blair’s wedding like that after he’s been doing nothing but trying to ensure Blair’s happiness for this entire season? It makes no sense. Not that an entire room full of people at a wedding (royal or otherwise) leaving their phones on and then actually ANSWERING their phones at said wedding makes any sense either. Basically, this whole video plot is stupid. As is the fact that Blair actually went through with the wedding at all.

Well great, now I’ve gotten myself all angry at this show’s stupidity again. But whatever! Dan and Blair kissed! I am going to now ignore all of my doubts that the writers will follow through well on this instead of sticking Blair back with Chuck and bask in my happiness at this development, and the fact that it will be continuing for at least one more episode!

P.S. Thank the Lord Georgina isn’t actually the original Gossip Girl, because that would have made absolutely zero sense. And now I can still hold out hope that if we ever see Gossip Girl for real, she’ll be played by Kristen Bell.

Gossip Girl: Beauty and the Feast

3 Oct

Ok, I’m sorry, I know this happened at the end of the episode but this needs to be said before anything else: Louis’ sister made out with a PRIEST. After scheming with him to transfer succession from Louis to her. WHILE HE WAS WEARING HIS PRIEST COLLAR OH IT WAS SO WRONG. And yet, somehow, also awesome. Oh, Gossip Girl. Never change. But anyway, the rest of the episode! Can someone please explain to me why Charlie/Ivy (…Chivy?) is an idiot? She had a perfectly good out when Serena was all, ‘is this your way of telling me that you don’t want to live together?’ when Chivy said that she didn’t have enough in her bank account for a deposit on an apartment. You know what you say to that, when you are an aspiring actress who was hired to pretend to be someone’s dead (?) cousin and the plot comes to a close and you move to LA with your boyfriend and suddenly your fake cousin shows up and wants to live together? You say, yes, yes that is my way of telling you I don’t want to live together. Oh, Chivy. Now, she’s broken up with her boyfriend (who I guess she didn’t care all that much about) and is moving to New York with Serena to pretend to be Charlie again. I..I don’t…oh whatever. Fine. Be like that, Chivy. In other news, Nate is back to sleeping with people who are way too old for him (sorry, Elizabeth Hurley, but it’s really, really true), and Chuck is numb to all feeling after the traumatic experience of letting Blair go and so is paying people to beat him up, despite a broken rib (that he can’t feel) that could become life threatening, and ignores all attempts to make him stop, until on Dan’s second attempt to stop him, he’s basically like oh, whatever, fine. Well that was…the opposite of dramatic. My favorite line of the night came out of the Dan/Chuck interaction though—after Chuck tells him how he can’t feel anything, Dan goes, “I could tickle you…” Oh Dan. You adorable ball of wit. And speaking of Dan and adorable, I just about died from that last scene with Dan and Blair. Sure, she was freaking out about the fact that her plans to marry Louis might be ruined by the fact that her baby (oh yeah, she’s definitely preggers) may be Chuck’s, but one cannot watch that scene without feeling like there is hope for Dan and Blair left. She came to him voluntarily to talk! And she got all teary! And he told her if she lost it all she’d still have him! And they snuggled and he kissed her head! I don’t care what anyone says (including my past self, since I used to be dead set against the idea of the two of them together), I love them and they are better than Chuck and Blair. Dan would never trade her for a hotel, for one thing (which brings me back to my original sentiment: oh Gossip Girl. Never change). So I’m keeping hope alive! And I really want to know what is in the last chapter of his book that so surprised Rufus last week. But for now, I will just have to suffer through the only thing I don’t like about television: the week-long wait between each episode.

Gossip Girl: The Kids Stay in the Picture

23 Apr

Ok, so I’ve been so busy lately that I just got the chance to watch this episode yesterday. And even though it aired almost a week ago, I am still writing about it because I Have Thoughts.

Ok, I need to get this out of the way before anything else: How is a kiss that makes Blair realize she wants to be with Chuck “life changing”? That’s kind of the course Blair’s life was already on. It would REALLY be life changing if it made her realize she wanted to be with DAN. Which I am holding out hope will still happen (she was a lot nicer to him than usual tonight and he is clearly smitten…)! Not just because they’re unexpectedly adorable and awesome but also because if she gets back with Chuck I will not be a happy camper. I used to love them! I used to even like Chuck (when I ignored his early in the series behavior)! But the writers went and ruined it and him and now he’s just some creepy emotionally abusive 19 year old who acts like he’s 50. Speaking of, really Chuck? Asking Serena what mistake you could have made to make Blair cut you off? How about, I don’t know, trading her to your uncle for a hotel? And then giving her an ultimatum and, when she didn’t show up because she was running late, instead of just calling her or something like a normal person, sleeping with Jenny Humphrey? And then disappearing and coming back with a new girlfriend? And then getting another new girlfriend? And generally not thinking about Blair at all recently until right now? Ah, true love. Anyway now that Louis showed up again hopefully first she’ll ditch Chuck for him and then she’ll ditch him for Dan! Yay Dan!

Some other stuff also happened in this episode, like Lily waiting to find out her sentence for sending Ben to jail, Serena’s aunt and cousin making an appearance, the cousin deciding to stay for awhile (which, ps Lily, if your sister tells you that her kid had to leave college a few months ago and needs to be watched very closely, it MIGHT be a good idea to ask for more information), Raina deciding to look for her dead mom that her dad told her abandoned her because he’s a messed up human being, Nate just kind of being there, and Vanessa coming back into town to use her powers of eavesdropping to find out about Dan and Blair’s kiss and tell Serena about it. Which is kind of now all Vanessa ever does, though why she keeps involving herself in these people’s lives I will never understand. Doesn’t she kind of hate all of them? Also: Gossip Girl’s voiceovers have seriously gotten out of control. “It looks like instead of being on the pages, you’re about to have the book thrown at you?” “They say that fortune favors the bold. But watch out for the bold-faced lies that come with fortune’s favors?” Oh, Gossip Girl. I think it’s time for you to take a break.

Gossip Girl!

13 Apr

This gossip girl promo is the most fantabulously dramatic thing EVER.

I CAN’T WAIT OMG. I seriously haven’t been this excited for Gossip Girl in a long, long time. Good job, promo people! Also, if you had told me a month ago that I would be this excited about the possibility of Dan/Blair (seriously writers, follow through!!!), I would not have believed you. But I am 100% on board. I bet it’s going to be Chuck/Blair, but I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised! Hurry up and get here, Monday!

XOXO, Gossip Girl

25 Jan

Gossip Girl is an incredibly ridiculous show. Every season, heck, every week, it gets more and more crazy. I spend most of each episode rolling my eyes. But I can’t stop watching. It’s too addictive. It’s bad in the most delightful way. So of course, when it came back last night, I watched. I even had a watch party! And it was just as ridiculous as ever. Basic plot run down: Serena and Dan decided not to date. Again. Chuck and Serena schemed to bring down Lily but their plan was foiled when Serena accidentally gave Dan’s resume to a reporter at a party instead of the document that Lily signed as Serena to put Ben in jail. But it turns out that Lily was actually trying to fix things and got Ben released from jail, so yay! She isn’t completely evil after all. But before Serena knew that Ben got released, she went to visit him and then ran into him on her way out, because all former convicts LOVE to hang around the place where they’ve been incarcerated for years. Then they decided to have a little dinner date, because another thing former convicts love is hanging out with the girl whose mother got them put in jail because of false claims that they slept with that girl. The other Van Der Woodsen drama was not resolved so “happily”: the Chuck/Serena/Lily argument at the party made the buyer of Bass Industries back out of the deal. Instead it sold to Chuck’s father’s former friend who now has a very large grudge (against a dead man..harsh), so, yeah..I’m sure that will end well. Nate, poor, dumb Nate, just sort of sat around being mad at his Dad for not being more proactive about finding a post-prison job. But it’s ok, because turns out the aforementioned Bass enemy is totally cool with hiring a guy convicted of embezzlement who also happens to be a (former) cocaine addict to run his finances. Because that’s always super smart.  Oh, and Blair decided that she’s going to be the next Anna Wintour. That I actually find believable.

Also in this episode, it became very clear that by the end of the season, Blair and Dan are going to be together. I should have seen it coming earlier: after all, Blair/Dan is one of the only relationship combinations that the main characters have not been in.

To illustrate the incestuous nature of the show (sometimes semi-literally! Ahem, DAN/SERENA), I made this little chart of all of the relationship circles in Gossip Girl. As an added bonus, they form one huge relationship circle as well! Click to see in all its glory.

These people really need to get out more.

This sort of thing is how we end up with lines like the horrible one in last night’s episode: “We’ll find out how we feel at family brunch.” I know Serena and Dan aren’t actually related, but EW. New York is a big city, guys. Explore!