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PaleyFest Livestream: Parks and Recreation

7 Mar

I took a break from my midterm study hibernation to watch the Parks and Recreation PaleyFest livestream yesterday, and now I am taking another one to show you the best moment from that panel. I present to you, the Greatest Couple Ever:

I love everything about this.

Yes, that is a woman and her husband dressed up as a Pawnee Goddess and a Pawnee Ranger. Here is the husband in all his glory:

The epicness continues.

That. Is. Amazing. I love them. This has also reinforced my idea that I had after the episode aired to be a Pawnee Goddess for Halloween. And reminded me to check the NBC store for the Pawnee Goddesses: We’re Freaking Awesome t-shirt, which they are selling now, so thanks people!

PS that livestream is the only television related thing I have watched in almost a week. My DVR is almost at capacity. THIS IS NOT OK. Go away, midterms.


Parks and Recreation: Citizen Knope

8 Dec

I just watched Parks and Recreation the same night it aired! It’s a miracle! Anyway, that episode was intensely adorable. I just love this show so much. They really fooled me–when Leslie’s campaign advisers left, I was like, well, it’s sad, but they have to keep her in the Parks Department. But then, no! The whole office is coming together to help run her campaign! Is it legal? Ethical? I don’t know. I don’t care. My heart is very warmed. The whole rest of the episode was perfect too, what with all of Leslie’s Christmas gifts (the best, in my opinion, was definitely the automatic door closer for Ron, though Jerry’s socks are a very close second), the return of Jean Ralphio, Leslie’s word cloud (featuring both Downton Abbey and Hogwarts. A woman after my own heart.), Ron’s frustration with gingerbread (really, I think the wood replica was a better idea…it wouldn’t have been as cute or as delicious as a gingerbread house, but at least it would have lasted!), the PCP, the Friday Night Lights shout out, and general Ben adorableness. But of course NBC had to go ruin it by showing an ad for Fear Factor immediately after it. So quickly after it that even though I was already starting to fast forward, I still caught a horrible glimpse of a woman covered in bees. Why do you do this to me, NBC? I thought I was free of these terrible ads five years ago! Sob.

And another anger note: This was the last episode until January 12. I hate this stupid fall finale thing. Just let me watch my shows, TV schedulers! I already have to deal with Fringeless Fridays, Mondays without Gossip Girl, and Wednesdays without Modern Family; in a week I’ll start having Tuesdays with no New Girl or Glee and Sundays with no Once Upon A Time; must you take my Thursdays from me also? Even worse is that the hiatuses are always over winter break, so when I finally have time to watch everything, nothing is on, and then it all comes back just in time for me to go back to school, when I have to actually do things other than sit around and watch television. Blargh.

So uh, yeah. Parks and Recreation = good, Fear Factor and fall finales = bad.

TV round up

3 Nov

So here’s the deal. School has gotten in the way of my television habit of late (stupid school!), leaving me little time to watch and little energy to form coherent thoughts afterward. So, instead of trying to play catch up and pull multiple posts from my exhausted brain, I am going to write one word reviews of each show I’ve managed to watch since my last post, summing up my core reaction to each. This is from the soul, you guys.

Downton Abbey–*Flail*
How I Met Your Mother–Sigh.
Parks and Recreation–Aww.

That was fun! Now I just have to catch up on the last three Modern Families and the last three Parenthoods basically the last month of Daily Shows and a whole season of The Office…

Also, I’m going out of town this weekend and will be without access to my computer or a television so I’m going to have to wait until Sunday to see Fringe. This is so not cool.

Promos! Promos! Get your promos here!

1 Sep

So there have been a flurry of promos and featurettes and so on and so forth in the last week. Here are a few, for Fringe, Parenthood, Parks & Recreation, and Glee all in one convenient location!


I am not sure what I am more mystified by, the fact that Mary Murphy introduced it or the weird leather knight’s-chest-plate looking thing she is wearing as a jumper (?). Oh, Mary. But at least the show looks good! And here’s a bonus one, short, sweet, and creepy (make sure you turn the sound up on this one):

I’m really interested/excited/nervous to see how Peter’s disappearance is going to play out. We’ll clearly be seeing different versions of everyone yet again since now Peter never existed (or died when he was a kid?). But does that mean that our original characters are gone forever? Or once Peter comes back and they remember him (as they inevitably will), will everyone go back to normal? Because one of my problems with the whole Fauxlivia arc was that I missed normal Olivia and normal Walter and didn’t like only seeing them every other week. So if they’re gone forever…I don’t know how I feel about that. But I trust the writers, so we’ll see what happens!

Anyway, here’s a nice Parks & Rec featurette, with a first look at Patricia Clarkson as Tammy 1 and Paula Pell as Tammy 0! This is going to be so awesome.


I don’t have much of an opinion based on that except: Jason Ritter!!!! So glad he’s back!

And finally, Glee:

First, check out Blaine at the two second mark. I guess he’s joining New Directions? The promo looks good, but I refuse to get too excited. I still have serious reservations about this show. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong and get back to early season one levels of greatness (I’d really just take acceptable at this point, actually), but I’m not holding my breath.

Parks and Recreation

29 May

One good thing about almost all my shows being gone during the summer is it gives me lots of catch up and rewatch time. Last week I marathoned the first two seasons of Gossip Girl (and discovered that Rufus is DEFINITELY the most annoying character on that show BY FAR). Then, a couple days ago, I finally started watching Parks and Recreation, at my brother’s urging. And now, I can’t stop. We started in the middle of the second season and got to episode three of season three yesterday. Since he’s gone until Tuesday, I decided to go back to the beginning and catch up to where we started. I’ve now watched ten episodes in a row. I have seven more to go. I may very well watch them all tonight, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure Hulu is trying to brainwash me by showing the same ads over and over (I am now seriously feeling like I should eat oatmeal, play LA Noire, get some Dairy Queen, and then drive to Carowinds while listening to audiobooks). You should definitely check it out–it’s funny, has a good cast (including someone from my home state, which obviously means it’s amazing), and features fun appearances by people like Andy Samberg! Yay! Just make sure to start it when you’ve got a large block of time available, cause it’s highly addictive. Clearly. Also, a warning: The first season was not so beloved by critics, and pretty much everyone seems to agree that there was a huge quality jump in between seasons one and two, but my opinion of it was pretty skewed since I already was obsessed with the show when I watched season one. So if you start watching and aren’t a huge fan, hang in there. The first season’s only six episodes long.

Incidentally, my brother compared its quality over time to The Office: a short, ok first season followed by an excellent second season. Based on that, it should only have about one or two good seasons left in it. All the more reason to start watching now!