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19 Jan

So after much urging, I finally started watching Castle. And it’s so good you guys! I don’t know why I haven’t been watching it since the beginning. You’d think I would have, what with Nathan being in it, but alas, I’m four years late to the party. I broke my rules about watching all shows in order and just watched some random episodes from season 3, and now I’m about to start season 4 so I’ll hopefully get caught up in time to watch at least some of the season as it airs (even if it means neglecting some of my other shows even more than I already have been…oops)! I love many things about it, but one of the best parts is all the randomly amazing guest stars. Just in the episodes I’ve watched, there’s been David from Judging Amy (/Nathan from Heroes); Beth from American Dreams; Henry from American Dreams (as a very un-Henry character; it was strange); Billy Riggins from Friday Night Lights; and Jodie Sawyer from Center Stage, aka the greatest movie ever made. And that’s just from the six or so episodes I watched, so who knows who I’ve missed! Now if we could just get a Firefly reunion going everything would be perfect…

Anyway, I guess the point of this post is: watch Castle. You won’t regret it!