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Fringe: The Last Sam Weiss

30 Apr

My main thought after watching last night’s episode of Fringe: What in the what?!

So, Peter finally gets into the machine…and then gets thrown at least 15 years into the future while some sort of intense battle is going on? I was not expecting that. I’m assuming that he was still Over Here, since he landed in front of a Twin Towers memorial building (and 9/11 never happened Over There), and in the preview Walternate is all like, you destroyed my world! But then why is there a guy with the Fringe Divison logo from Over There, and why is Walternate still alive to say that? Also, Peter was definitely wearing a wedding ring. Just putting that out there.

Going into the finale (next week!) my main questions are obviously why the heck Peter got thrown into the future and why New York seems to be a massive war zone. But I’m also still waiting for them to address something from a couple of weeks ago: after Peter and Walter’s little trip into Olivia’s brain, Peter asked Olivia who the random guy that tried to kill them was, and she said, very calmly, “I think that’s the man who’s going to kill me.” And….it hasn’t been brought up since. Really, show? If they leave that thread hanging I am going to be very upset.

Another dangling plot point I want addressed: there was that whole anagram in the finale that spelled out “Don’t trust Sam Weiss.” But now he seems to just be some dude whose family of guys named Sam Weiss studied the First People? Or something? Also his whole thing to Nina that Peter’s choice between the Olivias would determine which universe would survive seems to have come true—when Peter went into the machine, he was having memory flashes of our Walter and Olivia, and apparently our universe did survive. But I still am not convinced that that’s the end of the story with Sam. At least, I hope it isn’t, or I’m going to be pretty annoyed.

Other thoughts:
• That was some amusing product placement in the beginning when the freak lightening storms were starting and the camera lingered lovingly on the Ford logo on the guy’s car as he was doing some heroic reversing. Ford: we can protect you from terrifying lightening bursts that come out of nowhere!

• Peter, you’re about to maybe die and/or destroy your entire universe, and you can’t say “I love you” back to Olivia? I know you’re all about the looks, or whatever, but still. Cold.

• The cribbing from Alias continues: a mysterious paper from a very long time ago that involves future, world ending events pops up with the main character’s face drawn on it? Yes, they concerned very different events and had very different outcomes (I am very happy they aren’t mangling this plot as much as Alias mangled the whole Rambaldi thing) but it still amused me.

• I liked the resolution of Olivia getting her telekinetic abilities to work: in the episode where she defused the bomb by shutting the lights off with her mind, it only started working after Peter was there. So it was nice continuity instead of cheesiness that she could shut off the machine when he was standing there. But I do hope that at some point she starts to learn how to do all this stuff (crossing over, controlling things with her mind) without needing other people around and/or needing to be terrified.

• Seriously Fox, quit it with the #Fringe on the bottom of the screen.

All in all this was a really good episode and I am counting down the days until next week. And I’m very glad I swore off spoilers awhile ago so whatever happens will actually be a surprise!


Doctor Who!

23 Apr

Doctor Who comes back tonight! I’m so excited. I was really worried when David Tennant left but I really enjoyed last season, and I like Matt Smith as the Doctor. And BBC America is actually airing it on the same day as the BBC so that’s even more exciting. We’ll see if they pull their usual tricks of cutting up the episode though. Hmph. Anyway, in anticipation, here is a cool video that recaps all 47 years:

Gossip Girl: The Kids Stay in the Picture

23 Apr

Ok, so I’ve been so busy lately that I just got the chance to watch this episode yesterday. And even though it aired almost a week ago, I am still writing about it because I Have Thoughts.

Ok, I need to get this out of the way before anything else: How is a kiss that makes Blair realize she wants to be with Chuck “life changing”? That’s kind of the course Blair’s life was already on. It would REALLY be life changing if it made her realize she wanted to be with DAN. Which I am holding out hope will still happen (she was a lot nicer to him than usual tonight and he is clearly smitten…)! Not just because they’re unexpectedly adorable and awesome but also because if she gets back with Chuck I will not be a happy camper. I used to love them! I used to even like Chuck (when I ignored his early in the series behavior)! But the writers went and ruined it and him and now he’s just some creepy emotionally abusive 19 year old who acts like he’s 50. Speaking of, really Chuck? Asking Serena what mistake you could have made to make Blair cut you off? How about, I don’t know, trading her to your uncle for a hotel? And then giving her an ultimatum and, when she didn’t show up because she was running late, instead of just calling her or something like a normal person, sleeping with Jenny Humphrey? And then disappearing and coming back with a new girlfriend? And then getting another new girlfriend? And generally not thinking about Blair at all recently until right now? Ah, true love. Anyway now that Louis showed up again hopefully first she’ll ditch Chuck for him and then she’ll ditch him for Dan! Yay Dan!

Some other stuff also happened in this episode, like Lily waiting to find out her sentence for sending Ben to jail, Serena’s aunt and cousin making an appearance, the cousin deciding to stay for awhile (which, ps Lily, if your sister tells you that her kid had to leave college a few months ago and needs to be watched very closely, it MIGHT be a good idea to ask for more information), Raina deciding to look for her dead mom that her dad told her abandoned her because he’s a messed up human being, Nate just kind of being there, and Vanessa coming back into town to use her powers of eavesdropping to find out about Dan and Blair’s kiss and tell Serena about it. Which is kind of now all Vanessa ever does, though why she keeps involving herself in these people’s lives I will never understand. Doesn’t she kind of hate all of them? Also: Gossip Girl’s voiceovers have seriously gotten out of control. “It looks like instead of being on the pages, you’re about to have the book thrown at you?” “They say that fortune favors the bold. But watch out for the bold-faced lies that come with fortune’s favors?” Oh, Gossip Girl. I think it’s time for you to take a break.

Gossip Girl!

13 Apr

This gossip girl promo is the most fantabulously dramatic thing EVER.

I CAN’T WAIT OMG. I seriously haven’t been this excited for Gossip Girl in a long, long time. Good job, promo people! Also, if you had told me a month ago that I would be this excited about the possibility of Dan/Blair (seriously writers, follow through!!!), I would not have believed you. But I am 100% on board. I bet it’s going to be Chuck/Blair, but I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised! Hurry up and get here, Monday!


9 Apr

How did I not know that Kurt’s dad (Glee) was the host of GUTS????? My life has come full circle. (He makes his first appearance about 48 seconds in)

Oh 90s Nick. I miss you!

Religious Bigotry on the Prairie

9 Apr

This week was a barren week for TV. Almost everything’s in repeats (seriously, when did every network start taking April off?), and I was so freakishly busy the whole week that I haven’t had time to watch any of the shows that were still on. But a couple of days ago, I wanted to see what was in my DVR that I could half pay attention to while I worked on my final project for infographics. And this was the first thing I heard when the TV turned on: “I can’t have a grandchild that’s a JEW!” As a Jew, I was obviously very curious as to what the heck this was. I saw it was on the hallmark channel and my confusion increased. Was it a hallmark movie about an anti-semite seeing the error of her ways? Well, almost: it was an episode of Little House on the Prairie. Turns out Nellie had married a Jewish guy and was pregnant, and his parents wanted the kid to be Jewish and her parents wanted him/her to be Christian. And there was lots of yelling and arguing and anti-semitic ranting and really terrible acting before finally all the parents sat down together and decided that if the kid was a boy, he’d be Jewish, and if she was a girl, she’d be Christian. And then they held hands and laughed. I am not making this up. I am also not making this up: after that conversation, there was a scene of Nellie and her husband in bed laughing and laughing over how ridiculous the plan was. Nellie said they could give their daughter a church wedding and her husband said they could have a Bar Mitzvah for their son. Then they had this exchange: Nellie: “I don’t even know what that is!” Husband: “You’ll learn!” Both: “HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Me: “WTF”

Anyway, I think we can all guess how the episode turned out: yes, she had twins. A Jew and a Christian! They’re going to be quite the interesting family…I guess Nellie will teach the girl all about Jesus and then her husband will pull the son aside and tell him none of it’s true but they can’t tell the Christian twin. Fun times.

This episode also did not feature Laura at all, which was weird. I may have to make a new version of my That 70s Show “If Donna’s hair is blonde, change the channel” rule: “If Laura isn’t there, change the channel.” Though she was in the next episode (yes, I got sucked into the marathon) and it still wasn’t that good. So maybe that rule should just be “Don’t watch Little House expecting anything good.” I can’t believe I’ve outgrown Little House. I feel so old.

Why Shonda, Why: Grey’s Anatomy: The Musical

1 Apr

After years of struggling, I finally broke up with Grey’s Anatomy a couple of seasons ago. But when I heard that there was going to be a musical episode, I knew that we would need to have a one night reunion. Here’s the thing: I love musicals. And I’m not just talking Glee, I mean like a musical theater geek love of musicals. This also means that, generally, I love musical episodes of shows. Buffy? Awesome. Scrubs? Awesome. I have next to no faith in the Grey’s Anatomy writers though, so I was pretty 50/50 (or maybe 70/30) about if this Grey’s Anatomy musical episode would be a train wreck or actually good. And oh my goodness, did it ever come down on the side of train wreck.

It was like a musical done by people who have never in their lives seen a musical. The basic justification for them all bursting into song was, as far as I could tell, supposed to be that after Callie’s car accident, her brain trauma was causing her to hear/see everyone (including herself) singing. But there were a lot of scenes where she was not around but people were still singing. And on top of that, they would sometimes randomly go between singing and talking in a very weird, non-musical-y way. To make matters worse, because they were singing non-original songs (and thank goodness for that), most of the time, it made no sense for them to be singing what they were. Example: Hunt singing How We Operate as if he’s arguing his point for uh, how they should operate on Callie. But no. He’s just singing a song that happens to have a relevant title. Same with Lexie going off to comfort Mark…just because the chorus of a song says ‘just breathe’ doesn’t mean that the song is at all relevant to what is happening or Lexie’s/Mark’s situation. And then there was Bailey singing ‘Wait’, a song about losing a guy, as if she is stressing over Callie. And don’t even get me started on the random couples montage that was completely tonally out of place.

The thing is, I feel like this could have actually been a pretty good episode without all the singing. Plot holes aside (seriously, was every single doctor in the hospital with Callie? Does the hospital suddenly have no other patients?), it certainly had the potential to be better than the state the show was in when I finally gave up on it. It even had Scott Foley! As completely amazing as Sara Ramirez’s voice is (and as surprisingly musical as the whole cast turned out to be—I didn’t know anyone other than Sara and Chandra could sing), it was really not necessary to make this what basically amounted to an hour-long, trippy, cheesily awful music video. It’s probably not a good sign that my main reaction to every scene with singing was to laugh, and then wish I were watching the Scrubs musical episode. Fail, Grey’s Anatomy. Total fail.