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18 Dec

Well hello there! Perhaps you remember me? I used to actually fairly consistently update this blog?

I know I’ve been awful about posting lately. I have gotten distracted by life and work and, let’s be honest, tumblr (it’s SERIOUSLY addicting, you guys). BUT! I am determined that that all will change! At some point over the next couple of weeks, i WILL be posting new things. There will be feelings about Downton Abbey! There will be feelings about Homeland! There will be feelings about The Hour! There will be feelings about Gossip Girl (spoiler alert: they involve hysterical, disbelieving laughter)! I hope you guys are as excited about this imminent feelings fest as I am.

So anyhoodle, just wanted to announce that this blog will become a blog again very soon. YAY!!!

And just to make this post pretty, I will show you a couple of things that I made in a recent “I WILL MASTER PHOTOSHOP” craze. Which basically translates to practicing cutting things out in photoshop, but hey, same thing. Anyway:

I made this!

And also this!

You’re bowing before my genius, aren’t you? I thought so. It’s ok. Bow away.

Until next time!


I’m back! And there are Emmy nominations!

19 Jul

Helloooo! Well, after my longer-than-anticipated break, I am back. I don’t know exactly how back I am, but hey, at least I’m posting something. And I have so much news to share! I’ve done so much in the last two months! For instance: I did a post-grad trip to the UK and Ireland (and toured the castle where they film Downton Abbey!!), I went to Charleston for a wedding and family bonding time, I got an awesome internship, I came out to LA for said internship, and, oh yeah, today, I got to go here:

Why yes, those ARE photos from the Emmy nomination announcements! And yes, they ARE from my phone! I got to go with my supervisor from my internship to watch them and it was so fun. I had to get up at like 3:30 in the morning (!!) to do it but it was worth it. Mostly. Everyone knew I was a newbie because I was so excited. I got a little lanyard badge thing and a big info packet and everything. And there was a catered breakfast, so I got to eat some pancakes! The actual announcements took all of about five minutes, so afterwards I amused myself by taking pictures and listening in to interview after interview with Jimmy and Kerry (no, we didn’t meet, but we’re still on a first name basis now – Kerry totally saw me taking a creeper picture of one of her interviews and smiled at me, so we’re obviously besties).

Anyhoo, as for the nominations themselves, it was the usual mixed bag. I’m glad Amy Poheler got nominated, but I’m very upset that Parks & Rec was passed over for best comedy. I haven’t watched Girls, so I can’t comment on that one, and my family might kill me if I insult Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I can definitely say that Parks & Rec is better than the Big Bang Theory, at the very least. Hmph. And no New Girl either, though at least my darling Schmidt got nominated! Schmidt 4eva! Also: why does Two and a Half Men continue to be nominated for things? I don’t understand it.

In the non-comedy categories: 17 nominations for American Horror Story? That seems a bit excessive. But if it leads to Connie Britton finally getting an Emmy, ok. As for dramas, I think anyone who reads this blog even a little knows how much I love Downton Abbey. I adore Downton Abbey. But I’m sorry, as much as it hurts me to say it, last season was not good enough to have been nominated for so many Emmys. But I still hope Maggie Smith wins, as always. And I am super happy that Homeland, Claire Danes, and Damian Lewis were all nominated. Though poor Mandy Patinkin. He deserves some Emmys love too! And I am a little sad that Once Upon A Time got zero big nominations. It’s such a good show! But it is its first year, so maybe next season.
Anyway, I have been awake for 19 hours so I am going to go to bed before I collapse. I will post more life and television updates as I can!

Break time

14 May

I’m graduated y’all! Here’s the photographic evidence:

I did it!

So anyway, now I’m home for a week, then I’m off on my fantabulous Europe adventure for two weeks, then I’m home for two days and then I’m heading to the beach for a week. In other words, I will be crazy busy for the next month and also crazy sleep deprived, so I’ll be spending most of my down time sleeping, and this blog is going to get neglected. I may post occasionally if I feel moved to do so, but for the most part I’m giving my brain a well deserved rest. I’ll give you some time to recover from your sadness.

Better?  Don’t fret, I will be back eventually. Just not for now. So, check ya later! Enjoy summer! Do fun things! Watch lots of TV! Yay!

I’m freeeeeee! And casting news!

16 Mar

My midterms are over! Finally! Now I can start catching up on my incredible backlog of television. I already watched the two episodes of New Girl and Parks and Recreation  I missed, so now I’ve just got two episodes of Smash, one of Once Upon A Time, 15 Daily Shows, and basically the whole season of Modern Family. And all the Paley panels on Hulu. I’m actually kind of relieved Fringe and Gossip Girl have been on hiatus and Parenthood is done for the season. Even I can only fit in so much!

In other news, the Felicity alums are doing quite well for themselves all of the sudden! The two Scotts, Greg Grunberg, and Keri Russell have all been cast in pilots. Scott Speedman’s in ABC’s Last Resort, Scott Foley is going to be in Fox’s The Goodwin Games, Greg is going to be in an untitled CBS comedy, and now Keri is going to be in FX’s The Americans. And she’s going to be a KGB spy! Finally, JJ Abram’s dream for Felicity has come true (well, the spy part anyway).  Now all these pilots just have to work out and then they can guest star en masse on each other’s shows, and bring Amanda Foreman and Tangi Miller and Ian Gomez, and it’ll be like Felicity has come back to me.

More good PaleyFest news!

25 Feb

Guess what! Now not only is Hulu going to air nine of the PaleyFest panels after the fact, but ALL of them are going to stream here! Oh, technology. I love you so.

PaleyFest + Hulu = Yay!

23 Feb

Big news: Hulu is streaming some of the panels from PaleyFest this year! Happy day! I have been dreaming of being able to go to PaleyFest for many, many years, but sadly, the organizers don’t take my school schedule into account when they pick the dates, so I’ve never been able to go. So you can imagine my happiness at this development. The nine panels they’ll be streaming are Bones, Castle, Community, Modern Family, New Girl, The Office, Once Upon A Time, Revenge, and The Vampire Dairies. PaleyFest is March 2-14 and the streaming starts on the 15th.

And another thing

28 Oct

I was thinking more about how much baseball is screwing everything up and realized that it’s also going to cause poor Chuck to get absolutely terrible ratings tonight. (Yes, it premieres tonight! Watch it! Not baseball!) At least NBC has already said it’s the last season (sob) so I don’t think they’ll be paying too much attention to how it does. Sigh.

Also, just saw this Fringe promo, and it made me giggle.

“I know this must be confusing for you, but something’s happened.” “Baseball happened.” Very nice.