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Doctor Who and the Olympics

4 Aug

Tumblr just reminded me that there was an episode of Doctor Who where the Doctor lit the torch for the 2012 Olympic games. Why didn’t the people in charge of the opening ceremony get David Tennant to come in and light the torch? That would have been awesome! And so British! Way to drop the ball, people. Way to drop the ball.


Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited

11 Sep

So, last night’s episode of Doctor Who was so depressing. I actually cried. I think the last time I cried at a Doctor Who episode was Doomsday, which was what, five years ago? Or maybe it was when Donna got her memory erased in Journey’s End. Either way, this episode broke a three-five year streak of not crying at Doctor Who.

So, here’s what went down, cliff’s notes version: Amy, Rory, and the Doctor go to visit a planet and it goes horribly wrong as usual, in this case because the planet was under quarantine as a result of a 24 hour plague. The powers that be on the planet have set up a facility where the infected people can live out their full lives through a sped-up time line while the non infected people can come watch them live out their lives in 24 hours (it’s a little confusing, but let’s accept it and move on). So through some “let’s make the characters dumb in service of the plot”, Rory and the Doctor end up in the non-infected area and Amy ends up in the infected area; Amy has to wait for them to come get her while avoiding being done a “kindness” by the facility robots who want to get rid of her unidentified bacteria and don’t realize that she’s an alien; the Doctor screws up and arrives 36 years into Amy’s waiting, by which time she’s become old and bitter and also a kind of awesome warrior lady who’s built a sonic “probe” and spends her days killing robots and hates the Doctor; the Doctor has a way to get young Amy back but it means old Amy will cease to exist, but then he magically finds a way that they can both exist so old Amy will agree to help them get young Amy back; Rory gets young Amy on the Tardis and the Doctor literally slams the door in old Amy’s face because he was lying and they can’t both be on the Tardis, and then forces Rory to choose which Amy to save, then old Amy tells him not to let her in and to choose young Amy; the Tardis leaves and old Amy dies/ceases to exist. Whew.

I managed to hold out until old Amy talked to Rory through the Tardis door, telling him to leave her behind, and then I was a mess. Poor old, bitter Amy! And poor Rory! You know who I don’t feel bad for? The Doctor. He kind of sucked as a person this week. And I assume next week everything will be all hunky dory between the trio, but if I were Rory and Amy, I would have left. First they lose their daughter, now Rory has to basically allow a version of his wife to die after the Doctor just out and out lied about what would happen…I mean, I figured she’d die or something because we couldn’t have two Amys running around, but I didn’t think it would end with the Doctor being how he was. I know he’s all about the hard decisions and whatever, and he has certainly done morally questionable things before, but this was just harsh. I still liked the episode though, except for one huge thing: they didn’t mention Melody at all. I don’t understand why they had this whole episode where it turns out their daughter got raised to be a psychotic, Doctor-killing machine, not to mention the fact that she actually grew up along side her parents rather than be raised by them, and then because at the end she’s on her way to being River Song as they know her, they’re like, eh, whatevs, got to let it go! Wouldn’t any normal parent be upset about that? And if they had the ability to travel through time, wouldn’t they still want to rescue the baby version of their daughter from that life? And wouldn’t they, I don’t know, at least mention her from time to time? Good lord. I was giving it a few episodes to see if it would be brought up, but no. It just doesn’t make any sense to me, and it feels like a jarring ending to the storyline. I really, really hope they bring it back up soon, with a good explanation for why no one seems to care anymore.

Doctor Who!

23 Apr

Doctor Who comes back tonight! I’m so excited. I was really worried when David Tennant left but I really enjoyed last season, and I like Matt Smith as the Doctor. And BBC America is actually airing it on the same day as the BBC so that’s even more exciting. We’ll see if they pull their usual tricks of cutting up the episode though. Hmph. Anyway, in anticipation, here is a cool video that recaps all 47 years: