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New Trailers: Homeland and The Hour; Also some Glee

24 Jul

The last couple of days have been good ones in trailer-land! Yesterday Showtime posted this Homeland trailer:

So intense. I am so excited. And nervous about the mental state that Carrie is going to be in…

And today, there is finally, FINALLY, a glimpse of the second season of The Hour (The Hour stuff really starts around the 40 second mark):

From what I’ve read, The Hour (or The Hour 2, as the BBC is calling the new season for some odd reason) was originally supposed to come back this month but it was pushed back because of the Olympics, so now it’ll be back sometime around November. Darn you, Olympics! Though why it had to be November rather than say, October, or, even better, August after the Olympics are over I could not tell you. But at least there’s footage! Proof that it exists and will be airing on television at some point before the year is over! Thank goodness.

In other news, while I have soured on Glee of late (meaning basically since the first half of the first season…), I am very happy to report that Vanessa Lengies is going to still be on the show next year! As a recurring character still, not a regular, but the TV world needs more Vanessa in any dosage. Now they just have to bring Brittany Snow on, and then slowly add all the other actors from American Dreams, and then they can all stage a coup and turn Glee into American Dreams Take Two. And what a better show it will be! (PS, how scary is it that that show ended SEVEN YEARS AGO? I feel old. Also: just post that freaking alternate ending on youtube or something already, NBC. Come on. I have waited long enough!)


Awesome casting news

30 Jan

So Glee is continuing its crusade to get me to keep watching. In addition to Brian Stokes Mitchell guesting as one of Rachel’s dads, now Matt Bomer is apparently going to appear as Blaine’s brother! And he’s going to sing! For all those who don’t know who Matt Bomer is, he was Bryce Larkin on Chuck and now he’s on White Collar. If you still don’t know who he is, this is him:

Oh hey

Sigh. Yeah. I encourage you to do an image search for more pictures, because it was very hard to pick one. If he and Darren sing together I may have a bit of a swooning problem. Although really, who am I kidding, there will be swooning no matter what he does.

In other awesome casting news, Shirley MacLaine is going to be on Downton Abbey next season as Cora’s mom! A Shirley/Maggie showdown? Yes please! PS, did you know that she’s Warren Beatty’s older sister? Cause I sure didn’t. The more you know!

The Greatest News Ever

22 Jan

So, apparently the CW has ordered a musical chairs reality show called Oh Sit! I repeat: a MUSICAL CHAIRS reality show. Called Oh sit! (The exclamation is theirs, possibly because they want to make everyone writing about it look like they’re super excited.) It’s basically going to be musical chairs with an obstacle course, plus a live band. It used to be called Extreme Musical Chairs, but I think we can all agree Oh Sit! gives it that little something extra that the previous title never could. I will of course be watching it the moment it airs.

Also, something I’ve been meaning to post about, which now qualifies as the second-greatest news ever, for very different reasons: Brian Stokes Mitchell is going to be one of Rachel’s dads on Glee!  And he’s going to sing! And my life will be complete! The episode airs February 14. Guess I’ll have to actually catch up now…

Hey! It’s a Very Delayed Glee Post!

28 Nov

So, I know this is very very late, but I finally got around to watching the last episode of Glee (from the 15th) and I can’t not talk about the terrible, terrible clothing and hair.

First up, Kurt’s outfit during his confrontation with Sue. When I saw this, I literally burst out laughing and paused it to make sure I wasn’t having terrible clothing hallucinations. But no. It was real. Behold:

Kurt's face pretty much sums up my reaction to this one.

Then, he turned up in the choir room wearing a riding suit. An actual riding suit. As in to ride horses. But he was not about to ride horses. He was in school.


I don’t know if you can tell or not, but he is even wearing boots. KURT WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP IT. Also, what in the world is on his tie? It looks like some sort of demon bunny/pumpkin hybrid thing. I don’t like it at all. I think it’s time for the wardrobe people to step away from the drugs.

But no horrible clothing can compare to the monstrosity that is Puck’s hair. Look at this. Just look at it.


Who thought this was a good look. WHO. I think we’ve found the drug suppliers on the Glee set: the hair department. STOP IT YOU GUYS. I can’t even look at it.

However. There was one cracked out wardrobe moment in this episode that was a delight to behold:

This was for the Hall & Oates mash up, and it is perfect. I mean, look at this, you guys:

That is too much adorable to handle. Let’s have more of this, the delightfully awful, and less of the just plain old awful. Which really is good advice for the show’s writers, too. Considering the fact that my inner monologue during each episode has really become “This is stupid this is stupid this is stupid oh thank goodness a song this is stupid this is stupid this is stupid.” Oh, Glee. My precious, idiotic Glee. Why can’t I quit you?

TV round up

3 Nov

So here’s the deal. School has gotten in the way of my television habit of late (stupid school!), leaving me little time to watch and little energy to form coherent thoughts afterward. So, instead of trying to play catch up and pull multiple posts from my exhausted brain, I am going to write one word reviews of each show I’ve managed to watch since my last post, summing up my core reaction to each. This is from the soul, you guys.

Downton Abbey–*Flail*
How I Met Your Mother–Sigh.
Parks and Recreation–Aww.

That was fun! Now I just have to catch up on the last three Modern Families and the last three Parenthoods basically the last month of Daily Shows and a whole season of The Office…

Also, I’m going out of town this weekend and will be without access to my computer or a television so I’m going to have to wait until Sunday to see Fringe. This is so not cool.

How I Met Your Mother/Glee

28 Sep

So, after a cable kerfluffle (my third in less than two months! Not cool Mediacom. Not cool at all) and a very busy few days I finally had time to do some TV binging. I watched Doctor Who and New Girl and the Daily Show (I’m still about two weeks behind though…) and Parenthood and Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl, and I still have tons more to watch (it’s probably not a good sign that I’m so behind when most shows have only been back for two weeks, but oh well), but what I want to talk about now are How I Met Your Mother and Glee. Mostly HIMYM. Because really show, what has happened to you? I know it’s been on a downward spiral for quite awhile, but this episode was just everything that annoys me about what it’s become. Everyone’s reactions to Ted’s story were stupid with the “bang bang bangity bang thing” (stop trying to make it happen HIMYM. It’s not going to happen.) and the B plot with Lily and Barney was just ridiculous. Barney is always skeezy but making a bet in which if he wins he gets to touch his married, pregnant friend’s chest? Um, ok. And why is Robin so awkward? With her interaction with Victoria and Ted and all? She’s been like that for awhile, but go back and watch the early seasons and she is much, much different. Also, does she even have a job anymore? I assume she must but for the life of me I can’t think what it is. The Victoria stuff also made me a little sad–I like her, and if we’re clearly just treading water until Ted meets the mother, I’d rather Ted date her than another random character like Zoe. But were they hinting that Ted is going to have feelings for Robin again? That would be…interesting. As long as Robin isn’t the one marrying Barney in the flashforward, whatever. I know a lot of people like them together, but I am not a fan. As I said before, he is a skeeze. Pretty much every girl ever deserves better. I’m not going to stop watching or anything, but I may need to stay away from the first couple seasons for awhile, the difference in quality is too sad.

But enough about the depressing state of HIMYM. Let’s talk Glee. I have just a few observations:

  • Rachel needed to be in that dance camp like woah. And speaking of the dance camp, thanks for the Mike Chang slow-mo dancing, show. I appreciate it, truly.
  • I love Idina Menzel, but she needs to practice her lip synching skills. Also, her character needs to just go away and stop torturing Rachel. And Rachel, you “almost” had to go to therapy? Wasn’t there a line last season about her dads moving her therapist into their spare room after Shelby came back?
  • Also speaking of Idina’s storyline, Quinn, you can’t just take the baby back. That’s not how these things work. Sigh. Plus, though I am pleasantly surprised that she’s finally remembered that she actually had a kid, this whole thing seems kind of emotionally cheap when she hasn’t mentioned the baby since she gave her up. Also, she is seriously freaky now with her fake back-to-normal-ness. Someone’s getting ready for a psychotic break!
  • Kurt’s mini sword twirling thing was awesome. I want to be able to do that. Though I would think that the process of actually learning how would be super dangerous…
  • Darren Criss still owns my heart.

In other news, I just found out that the first episode of the new season of Being Erica is up. Now, do I watch or do I write a paper? Decisions, decisions…

Glee premiere: The Purple Piano Project

21 Sep

So, I made time last night to watch Glee. I almost prioritized catching up on other shows instead because I wasn’t in the mood to get all righteously angry at my TV, but I didn’t, and guess what…it actually didn’t make me mad! In fact, it was a rather pleasant viewing experience! Oh Glee. Are you finally going to come back to me? Maybe?

I did, of course, have complaints: for example, IN WHAT UNIVERSE would Rachel Berry not know that Julliard is not the school to go to for musical theater (and Kurt should have known that too, for that matter)?? I guess in the same universe as the one where Rachel Berry didn’t know that Cats is no longer on Broadway. Sigh. Stupid. Also annoying: Rachel being all “Oh Quinn we used to be friends!” Uh, no you weren’t. You were never friends. You hated each other. There was violence involved. Stop having friendship amnesia. My other main complaint isn’t a complaint exactly, it’s more of an…amused puzzlement. And it is, what is with the band? Why do they always magically appear whenever the Glee kids need to sing? Why are they not friends with any of the Glee kids even though they always perform together? Why don’t they just join Glee since Glee always needs people and they are clearly musical? What is their social status at school? I apparently want an episode devoted to the back story of the band.

Anyway, other comments:

  • Darren Criss is uber adorable. Seriously, I was in the middle of considering how Blaine is kind of a dull character and then It’s Not Unusual started and the only thought in my head was “I HEART DARREN.” So, I’m cool with Blaine. I still wouldn’t mind if he left to make A Very Potter Threequel though…
  • There were so many exciting guest stars in this episode! Like Tinker, from Friday Night Lights! I’m glad he’s found a new home, even if it’s vastly inferior to his old one. Vanessa Lengies (Roxanne from American Dreams) was also in this episode, as Sugar. I think I read awhile ago that she was going to be on but I totally forgot so seeing her name in the opening credits was a very exciting moment. I’m so glad she’s on a big show! Kind of funny/sad though that six years after the end of American Dreams she’s still playing a high schooler.  Oh, and Courtney from So You Think You Can Dance popped up as one of Quinn’s new friends! (She was also one of the pregnant backup dancers/singers when Quinn sang It’s A Man’s World, and she was on the tour, so I guess they like her!)
  • Kurt and Rachel were actually being nice to and supportive of each other! Excuse me while I faint.
  • I actually kind of like Quinn’s new pink hair…
  • Tina actually got to sing lead for a second at the end! And she had multiple lines in this episode! I just fainted again.
  • Next week, Quinn is going to remember she had a baby! Third and biggest faint of the night.