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SYTYCD: 4 of 20 voted off

23 Jun

Tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance was so disheartening it’s forced me out of my hiatus from this blog. So, last week, the judges couldn’t decide what boy to kick off the show, and so they decided to keep everyone. Yay! But that meant this week, four people had to go home. Boo! For some reason, instead of making it a bottom four couples, they kept it at bottom three, meaning that of six dancers in the bottom, only two could stay. Very bad idea: At least with eight dancers in there, and half going and half staying, there are more options. As it was, as soon as I saw what girls were in the bottom (Ryan, Iveta, Missy), I knew that Ryan would be staying. And that sucks. Now, don’t get me wrong, Ryan’s a good dancer. They’re all good dancers. But Iveta is the ONLY ballroom dancer this season. THE ONLY ONE. And, in my opinion anyway, she’s a better ballroom dancer than Ryan is a contemporary dancer. Then, there were the boys: Nick, Wadi, and Ricky. My heart was torn on this one, because Nick is a tap dancer, which means he gets my automatic allegiance, but I also love Wadi. So of course, they kept the one I didn’t care much about, Ricky. Yes, his solo was great. But Nick was a tap dancer, and Wadi was hip hop (or free runner). Which means a) my hopes for a tap routine are dashed unless Jess sticks around until they break up the couples and then gets a tap routine, which would be a mixed blessing since I do not like him, and b) they got rid of three non-contemporary dancers, making this crop of dancers even less diverse than it already was. They have this problem pretty much every season, but this season feels REALLY loaded with contemporary dancers and contemporized versions of other dances. Not cool. And speaking of those dances, what’s with having each choreographer do two dances per show? Where did all the choreographers go? I don’t understand. Widen your pool, show! This situation is not good at all! Another issue: the judging. Now, I don’t like watching the judges lay into any of the dancers. It’s very sad. But I also don’t want them to say basically the same thing about every single dance and dancer, going on about how wonderful they are the choreographer is and this season is etc. etc. (with the exception of maybe one dancer a night, like what happened with poor Wadi last night). It’s only the second week. There should be some actual critique going on. Now, I am not a professional dancer, nor am I particularly qualified in any other way to be judging dancing, but they can’t ALL be flawless. Which leads into the other problem: these random guest judges. I have nothing against Megan Mullally or Debbie Allen. But they might as well have been a recording of “that was great!” played over and over again. If they can’t add anything of substance, especially when Nigel and Mary aren’t really critiquing, then bring back the choreographers-as-judges. Sigh. I had such high hopes for this season. They obviously aren’t fully gone yet, since it’s only the second week. There’s still definitely time for improvement. But things are just off, and it’s making me sad. Fix it Nigel! You fixed the stage and the top 20 issue and turned down the volume of the audience finally, now fix this too!

PS are the video editors over there INCREDIBLY fast, or did they already know who was going home? The fact that they didn’t have, for example, a Missy block of footage and then an Iveta block of footage, but instead mixed Missy footage with Iveta footage, makes me suspicious. Hmmm…


So You Think You Can Dance

3 Jun

So, after two weeks, the audition episodes for So You Think You Can Dance are over! Way to be efficient, SYTYCD. Since there’s not really any point in talking about specific people until the end of Vegas, I’m not going to. But I will say this: I am very, very optimistic about this season. Almost all the auditions they showed were good! And most of the time when they showed people who were bad they stuck them in a general bad dancer montage so we didn’t have to suffer through whole auditions! Such a welcome change. There were, of course, still a few full auditions for bad people, and the usual “let’s laugh at crazy people” tasteless moment with the girl whose dad thinks he’s the real Ringo Starr, but all in all, this was the most enjoyable audition round I can remember. And despite the fact that Nigel made those horrible jokes about the girl with amnesia (really Nigel? telling her you hope she remembers to come back for choreography and making her think that she hadn’t really just danced for you? not cool), he ALSO seems to finally be self aware about how pervy he sounds a lot of the time, so: progress! It was also fun seeing the little Contestants’ Corner in the audience last night…I guess they all live in LA? I spotted Twitch, Allison (took me a minute because of her super dark hair), Brandon, Lauren, Kathryn, Comfort, Ade, Josh, Jakob, Katee, and Jeanine (obviously). There were also a couple of people who looked REALLY familiar but I couldn’t figure out who they were. Failure.

But even though I’m very happy with the show so far, I do, of course, have one major complaint: Tyce. I really, really don’t like Tyce. He’s just so obnoxious! I do not need to hear a soundtrack of you yelling when people dance, Tyce. Ugh. Oh, and I lied, I have a second major complaint: I really wish they would stop showing the judges’ faces during auditions. Or if they have to, just put them in a little box in the corner of the screen or something. Just don’t cut away from actual good dancing to show the judges smiling at the dancing. Let me see what they’re smiling at!

Aside from those quibbles: good start to the season. And take note, Nigel: if you finally fulfill my dream of seeing the final dance from Center Stage (AKA the Best Dance Ever) re-created by SYTYCD dancers, impossible costume and set changes and all, this will automatically become the best season ever. Of any show. Make it happen!