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Paleyfest 2013 Report #1: Once Upon A Time

6 Mar

On Sunday I finally, finally, finally went to my first Paleyfest panel. Only took about seven years, no big deal. And I have three more to go! And I am going to tell you about all of them! So here goes, the story of the Once Upon A Time Paleyfest panel:

I’ll skip all the boring waiting in line parts and get right to the main event. For Paleyfest, you buy tickets for a section and then have general admission within that section, so the beginning was just sort of a mad rush of everyone finding seats. I got in the eighth row of the orchestra, but then I was surrounded by very tall people, so, you win some, you lose some.

The first in my new series, entitled: Perfectly Good Pictures Ruined By Tall People

The first in my new series, entitled: Perfectly Good Pictures Ruined By Tall People

Anyhoo, the panel kicked off with a cartoon from the 1960s which involved an off-magic Evil Queen and a con-artist Prince Charming and Snow White. It was silly but cute. Then, they screened that night’s episode, plus the first act of the next episode (this week’s). (A description of that, plus all the hints they gave out, at the bottom under “continue reading”). Then the cast and creators were brought out, everyone got settled in, and the evening really began.

What a nice looking cast. Even though Colin got blocked by a tall person. Sorry, Colin.

What a nice looking cast. Even though Colin got blocked by a tall person. Sorry, Colin.


There he is!

The panel started off with the moderator asking questions. The one that I found the most interesting, and challenging to the creators, was one about the complaint that the show does not have a very good view of adoptive parents. I’ve heard that complaint quite a bit, so I was glad it was brought up. Their answer – basically that they think very highly of adoptive parents and the characters don’t hate Regina because they think she’s a bad mom, they hate her because she keeps trying to kill them – didn’t really hold up with me. That all may be true, but at the same time, there have been several occasions when the characters have implied or said that Regina isn’t really Henry’s mom, and that Emma somehow has a better claim to him. But I suppose that’s an issue for another day. As for the other questions, they mostly touched on future episodes and so, like the summary of the first act of this week’s episode, they’ll be under the cut.

The Charmings!

The Charmings!

After the moderator Q&A, the floor was opened to the audience for questions. Toward the very end, two Evil Regals, after a very sweet message to the cast & crew, asked about the one thing that has always bugged me about this show to no end: what in the world Snow thought she did when she told Charming that she did, in fact, ruin the Queen’s life, even though according the show’s chronology, she didn’t know about Daniel dying at that point. The creators’ answer was basically “maybe it’s something you haven’t seen yet,” but Ginny’s follow up to that made me think that really, it was just a mistake. But maybe now that they’ve had their attention called to it they’ll make something up to fix it. I hope.

Lana is not pleased with how blurry the lack of flash is making her.

Lana is not pleased with how blurry the lack of flash is making her.

After the audience Q&A came the craziest part of the evening: the mad rush for autographs. The way they do autographs is that the fans rush the stage while the cast stands at the edge, signing the items that are thrust up at them. I kid you not, the SPLIT SECOND the final question was done, a large amount of people shot out of their seats and ran to the stage. At first I was like, wow, people sure are in a rush to get out of here, what if it isn’t really over? Once I realized what was happening, I sat in my chair for a minute or two, undecided about if I really wanted to join the mass trying to get to the stage. Finally I decided to go for it – all I wanted was for Lana or Ginny to sign my ticket and I’d leave happy. But getting up to the stage was no easy task. Once I was in the main throng, it was basically like being in a mosh pit – I was pressed in on all sides, being shoved into chairs and other people. I very quickly wanted to get out of there, but at a certain point I literally was no longer in control of my movements – I was being pushed forward by the momentum of the people behind me. I was pretty sure I was going to die, and I wasn’t even going to get an autograph. I got SO CLOSE, and Lana was RIGHT THERE, but it wasn’t quite close enough, and she moved on to another section before I could get any further in. Ginny was gone, and I was despairing of getting any autographs, so when I saw a sliver of an opening to the side, I shoved through it and got out. I stood and took pictures of the autograph signing for awhile, and then I booked it out of there. Remind me to never be in a crowded place when there’s a fire or something. If only people would realize that things would go much quicker and smoother if we all just stood in nice single file lines instead of shoving people around. Oh well.

What I was attempting to get through/got caught in

What I was attempting to get through/got caught in. I don’t know if a picture can fully capture how insane it was.

I would have been crying at how overwhelming this was. Luckily, Ginny was not.

I would have been crying at how overwhelming this was. Luckily, Ginny was not.

So close, and yet, so far

So close, and yet, so far

Fun facts: Lana and Robert were out there the longest, and Lana was definitely in highest demand. At one point, after I had gotten out, she moved to one part of the stage, and the people she had just left started screaming, “Lana! LANAAAAAA!!!!1!111!1” I heard after that some people had some success going to the back of the theater and waiting for people to come out, so that’s what I’ll try for Parenthood. I’m sitting in the mezzanine for that one, so there is absolutely no way I could shove into the autograph crowd even if I wanted to go through that again. And for now, I’ll just carry around my ticket until I inevitably run into one of the cast members and can get them to sign it. It’ll happen, right? Right?

If you want to read about the future tidbits and the next episode, check under the cut here. Otherwise, until the Parenthood report!

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Once Upon A Time: Captain Hook, Mulan, and Prince Phillip

4 Aug

Just a quick note to say that this is the man, Colin O’Donoghue, who will be playing Captain Hook on the next season of Once Upon A Time:

AND he’s Irish. I approve. Wholeheartedly.

And while I’m on the subject, though it’s old news, here’s the girl playing Mulan:


And the guy playing Prince Phillip:

And, of course, Sarah Bolger, who will be playing Aurora (Sleeping Beauty):

Yay! (From tvline.com)

I am particularly excited about Sarah because I’ve loved her since I saw her in In America ten years ago. If I remember a performance that I saw once when I was 12 you know it’s good! So I’m glad she’s getting work after The Tudors. But I’m super excited for all of these new characters…now if we can just bring in my personal favorite Disney movie, Hercules, it would be wonderful. Meg could totally be awesome along with all the other fairy tale ladies! In fact, she’d be more awesome than most of them. Make it happen, people!
Also, sidenote, when I was looking for pictures I saw a photo for an article about new cast members on Glee and thought that one of the girls was Aimee Teegarden. Sadly, a longer glance made it clear that it was, in fact, not her. BUT I guess I was being a little psychic because right next to that link was one about Matt Lauria joining Parenthood! The FNL alums keep on coming!  (He was Luke Kafferty, in case your memory is acting up). Apparently he is going to have a “major recurring role.” I know that has nothing to do with the point of this post, but whatever, exciting!

Once Upon A Time: The Stable Boy

13 Apr

So generally at this point, almost two weeks after an episode aired, I would forget my dreams of writing all my thoughts and feelings about it because it would be such old news. But there wasn’t an episode of Once Upon A Time last week, and there won’t be one this week, so Stable Boy is still the most recent episode, plus the fact that I don’t want all the time I spent getting the perfect screen caps of Regina’s face to go to waste. Also, it’s my blog, so I can do what I want. Mwahaha.

Anyway, the episode! It made me so sad, you guys. I know that Regina’s evil and her reaction to Snow White’s betrayal has been completely irrational and over the top and blah blah blah but I can’t help it, tragic love stories own my heart. I still don’t think what Regina is doing is right by any means, but I can certainly understand her motives, even if they are totally wackadoo. I mean, little Snow was only like what, 10? 12? And she was completely manipulated by Regina’s way evil and abusive and murderous mom. I think we’ve got a serious case of misdirected anger going on here. Also, everyone really brought their A game in terms of acting–little Snow was creepy she was so much like Ginnifer Goodwin. And not just in how much she looked like her, which she can’t exactly control, but in how she got her mannerisms completely down pat. And Lana Parilla was awesome too–you could see the moment when she snapped and went into crazy pants land. For example (here come the screen caps I referenced earlier! Payoff!):

At the beginning of the episode, pre-crazy:

So sane! So happy!

And at the end of the episode, in the middle of her psychotic break:

So crazy! So scary!

See? Awesome. That second picture is seriously freaky. Now I really want to know what happened between then and the episode where Regina sent the Huntsman to cut out Snow White’s heart, since at her dad’s funeral she still seemed to think she and Regina were fine, but she wrote that whole letter apologizing before the Huntsman was going to kill her, so clearly she knew what was up by then. I mean I guess the whole trying to have her killed thing would have clued her in pretty quick, but I still think something else must have happened. In any case, I am excited to have more Regina/Snow backstory episodes.

I guess I should mention some other stuff that happened as well. Emma continued proving that her “superpower” is actually not a thing at all–seriously, as soon as Sidney brought in that vase, I was like, “There’s a bug inside Emma!” Sigh. Also, Mr. Gold is the one who came up with this whole framing Mary Margaret plot, though to what end we do not know yet. And oh yeah, Katherine turned up again, no big deal. This explanation should be interesting..

In other Once news, there’s a new promo out covering the whole rest of the season. It isn’t very good quality but I’m going to post it anyway…if a new version pops up I’ll update it here!

Looks pretty epic! Though I’m pretty sure that end part with Regina tied up and everyone seemingly in the know about the curse is not going to be real. But if it is I’ll be really really happy since it’ll mean that David and Mary Margaret will be turned back into Charming and Snow! That seriously needs to happen immediately. I’m not sure how much longer I can take David.


Review Roundup: Fringe, Once Upon A Time, Mad Men

28 Mar

Before I was distracted and not posting because of midterms, and now I have been distracted and not posting because of spring break and family togetherness and all that. Forgive me. Also, I have to work on my 25 page thesis paper during break so I can start on my two other papers I have to write. Second semester senior year: not as easy as advertised. Ah, well.

Anyway, since I am crunched for time and have other shows to catch up on, I am just going to post some mini reviews for each of the shows I have managed to watch. Excited? Me too! Let’s do it!

Fringe, A Short Story About Love:
I’m glad Peter and Olivia are back together, but I have serious reservations about this. I’ve said all along that I’d feel really weird about this Olivia getting turned into our original Olivia, and now that’s apparently what’s happening. Even if amber Olivia is “our” Olivia, just without Peter, she’s still a different Olivia with different life experiences and memories living in a different world—but now she just decided to overwrite all of those experiences and memories to have what are basically false memories and be with a guy. That just doesn’t strike me as particularly romantic. It’s just sad. And is anyone else going to remember? Walter seems to be changing in terms of his personality, but he still isn’t getting memories. Astrid is still a different Astrid. Lincoln is still a different Lincoln. Amber Olivia still has no memory of ever having an affair with Peter and having a baby. Etc. etc. So now, Olivia and Peter have memories of events that actually never happened for anyone else. And along those same lines, if Olivia is forgetting her relationship with Nina, is she going to forget her relationships with everyone else? For example, she and Astrid seem closer in this timeline; is that going to go away? I don’t know, I just feel weird about this solution.

Once Upon A Time, Hat Trick:
I loved this episode. It was a good/depressing take on the Mad Hatter story. It was also interesting to see the Queen actually looking upset about something morally unsavory that she was doing. So maybe this was fairly early in her career of evil? Especially since it didn’t seem like that Regina would have killed her father for a curse. Poor Daddy Henry. Also, I really, really hope that Emma is actually starting to believe and then that can be the catalyst for Mary Margaret and David to turn back into Snow and Charming and then I won’t care what happens because I’ll be so happy I won’t have to deal with Mary Margaret and David anymore. Especially David. Ugh, David. You annoying, annoying man. Also: I have very high expectations for the next episode. I hope it does not let me down.

Mad Men, A Little Kiss:
Watching this, I was honestly just so happy that it was back that it made everything seem wonderful when it may or may not have been. But let’s just say it was. I do have some comments though, of course. For example, apparently all men in the 1960s were awful. Geez. And speaking of awful men, when did Harry become such a creeper? Has it been so long since the show was on that I forgot that that happened or was that as random as it seemed? Also a creeper now: Lane. Keeping the picture? Not ok. But I did enjoy his scene with Joan. Who, by the way, needs to run everything immediately. She’s the greatest. I just wish she’d leave her stupid awful husband. As for Megan and Don, that was just strange. They have an…interesting relationship. Her uncomfortable singing scene did give me the chance to find out that I can still understand random words of French though, so, thanks Megan! Also, I have a feeling pretty soon their large age gap is going to come back to bite them. Finally, I hope Betty comes back soon. She is awful, I know, but I missed her.

And that’s about it for my super in depth analysis of the last five days in my television life!

PS this is unrelated but I just wanted to mention, my mom sent me an email that said “Downtown films at the Peace Center” and I originally thought it said “Downton films” and thought they were going to be showing movies thematically related to Downton Abbey or something. You know an obsession has gone too far when you can no longer read words properly because of it. I wish that it had really said that though, cause that sounds awesome.



Once Upon A Time: Heart of Darkness

19 Mar

Last night’s episode of Once Upon A Time, while very enjoyable, continued a kind of troubling trend for me–I’m generally way more entertained by and interested in the stories from the fairytale world than the ones from our world. Most of the time I’m just sitting there like, come on people, just remember and be awesome again and start this battle for real already. Especially because I am getting more and more annoyed by their real life counter parts. For example, David. Oh, David. You stupid, irritating man. I’m very glad that the curse is going all wonky with him, but with his apparent deductive skills, it’s going to be quite awhile before he actually realizes what’s happening. I mean, with that memory he had under hypnosis of Snow that he thought was of Mary Margaret, even if I understand why he wouldn’t immediately jump to “Ah! This life is fake!” you’d think he’d at least wonder at the fact that her hair was so much longer than Mary Margaret’s. And the fact that she was wearing such strange clothing. Stupid. And speaking of stupidity, that shot of Mary Margaret bound and gagged in the preview for the next episode had better mean that she was kidnapped from her cell and did not use the key to get out, because if she did, she wins the award for stupidest person to ever stupid. And that’s an accomplishment, considering her competition. You do not break out of a jail cell when you are under investigation for murder, Mary Margaret. Geez.

In other news, I was happy to see Red out there being awesome (PS, is her name really just “Red”? I hope that’s just a nickname from her cloak. Though Snow’s name is actually Snow, so maybe the parents of fairytale land just suck). Even though her story in the episode before this one was basically the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen (she ATE her BOYFRIEND), and also included a prime example of another character with a raging case of stupid: why wouldn’t Granny just be like, “Listen, you need to wear this cloak or else you will start killing people”? Wouldn’t that be better than just telling her that red repels wolves and trusting her to wear it even though she clearly tends to not do that??? GAH. PEOPLE. GET IT TOGETHER.

But anyway, back to the things I enjoyed about this episode. Snarky Snow was basically the best ever. The opening bit where she was all decked out in her Disney Snow White gear and singing with the bird and then suddenly she goes after it with the broom? Amazing. And the intervention was even more amazing. “You’re allergic to EVERYTHING.” “You’re lucky it wasn’t that mug you call a face!” Oh Snow. I’m glad she’s back to normal but that was fun.

Other thoughts:

  • I knew that Rumple wanted Charming’s cloak so he could get one of his hairs, but now I want to know what he’s planning on doing with the bottled love
  • I want to know who August is immediately. You’d think Henry would have pressed a little more about who he is. But nooo, he has to suddenly get not at all curious.
  • I can’t help kind of loving Regina a little bit. Even though I know she’s totally awful and evil. But when she’s standing there telling David that sometimes evil can be looking you right in the face and you don’t know it? Come on. That was some nice irony she was employing there.
  • Of course the very last key that Henry tried, after being told that after that they were giving up, was the right key. Of course.
  • You don’t know where the vent is in your room, Mary Margaret? Really? What did you think that completely visible black grate in the middle of your floor was? Clearly one of the things she lost when the curse changed her from Snow White was her basic observational ability.
  • Speaking of basic observational abilities: why didn’t King George’s men arrest Snow when they took David? Her wanted poster looks exactly like her; you’d think they’d recognize her.
  • Seriously, please turn David back into Charming. Please. I can’t take David for much longer.
  • Next week looks really good. I hope it lives up to its preview.

Also, just a random stray thought that is not really related to this episode: I’m kind of getting the impression that fairytale land wasn’t actually such a great place. It seems for many people the curse wasn’t so much a case of getting happy endings taken away so much as just being transported to a new place and being just as unhappy. I mean, Hansel and Gretel were separated from their father, Rumple lost his son and his true love, Grumpy became Grumpy because he couldn’t run away with his true love because apparently the fairytale world contains a rigid caste system of sorts, Red ate her boyfriend by accident (seriously, this needs to be dealt with more. The poor girl probably needed some intensive therapy after that), etc. etc. If I were one of the non-royal residents of fairytale land, I’m not sure I’d want to go back even after I remembered who I was.

Once Upon A Time: 7:15 A.M.

22 Jan

Ok, so here’s the deal. I love Once Upon A Time. I love Snow White and Prince Charming, and am sad when episodes aren’t about them. But this episode, which did center on them, was disappointing, because as it turns out, I really don’t like Prince Charming’s Storybrooke counterpart very much. David is actually kind of a jerk. So, he tells Mary Margaret he has these feelings for her and wants to leave his wife and please meet him at this bridge so he knows she wants to be with him too and they can be happy forever. Then she shows up, but he’s remembered his fake Katherine memories and says he has to give the marriage a try. Understandable, if depressing. But now, in this episode, he keeps making puppy dog eyes at Mary Margaret, tells her he still has feelings for her, tries to kiss her, and then, when she tells him Katherine might be pregnant, freaks out. He goes to talk to Katherine, who says she’s not pregnant and relieved she’s not because things aren’t right between them and will he go to marriage counseling, and instead of manning up and saying you know what Katherine, you’re right, things aren’t good between us and I’m in love with someone else, he agrees to go to marriage counseling. Still somewhat understandable, if unfair to her: he’s trying to do what he thinks is right. Plus he decides to stop staging accidental run-ins with Mary Margaret. But THEN he runs into Mary Margaret actually accidentally, and when he tells her that Katherine isn’t pregnant, they decide it’s a good time to make out? Even though he JUST told his wife he would go to marriage counseling with her? NOT ACCEPTABLE. And it’s not like Mary Margaret comes off great in this either – this guy basically dumped her then wouldn’t leave her alone, and now, because his wife isn’t pregnant, she decides she won’t fight her feelings anymore? When he still has, you know, a WIFE? Who he has not said he is leaving? Ugh. I know absent the curse they’re the ones who are married and all, but still. Also, way to make out in broad daylight in the middle of town, you guys. Real sneaky. The fact that Mary Margaret used both “morning” and “a.m.” to describe a time (“He comes here every morning at 7:15 a.m.”) also did not help her win any points with me in this episode. That is one of my biggest, most soul-hurting pet peeves. Blurgh.

As for Prince Charming and Snow White, their whole story was really sad, but ultimately kind of doesn’t matter. So Prince Charming’s fake dad tells Snow she has to make Charming believe she doesn’t love him or the king will have him killed. Now, I always have issues with plot points like this because I feel like it would make more sense for the person being forced to say something or else to just tell the truth – like, “Hey, I can’t be with you/see you ever again/whatever because your fake dad/a scary person/whatever told me they’d kill you/me/whatever otherwise.” That way at least everyone’s sad for the right reasons, I guess. But whatever, I’ll go with it – Snow has to make Charming believe she is not in love with him. So she does, and it’s all very sad, but he either doesn’t believe her or has determined he’s going to force her into falling in love with him (very charming) and goes after her. Now it would appear this is leading to the scene where he finds her post apple curse, and I still think that’s the next time he’s going to see her, based on how that scene went. So the fact that it turns out that Snow’s drunk Rumple’s forgetting potion and has no idea who Charming is anymore doesn’t really matter, because she clearly remembers him once he kisses her and wakes her up. So yes it was surprising that she drank the stuff, but the fact that we’ve already seen that they get married and so on makes it, for me at least, pretty devoid of any emotional impact. Also, speaking of that kiss, why didn’t Mary Margaret’s and David’s kiss make them remember who they are? I know we’re a little early in the game for that, but it really doesn’t make sense. I would say that the Queen was so annoyed that the apple curse had been broken by a kiss that she made sure this curse didn’t have that loophole, but Graham got his memories back when he kissed Emma. Maybe the whole town just has to kiss Emma specifically? That would make for some awkward moments.

Other random notes:

  • I like how in this fairy tale world, Red Riding Hood’s name is actually just Red. Are her middle and last names actually Riding and Hood? Cruel parents! Fingers crossed it’s really a nickname.
  • Poor Stealthy. The unheralded eighth dwarf! Sidenote, whenever the dwarves have come up on this show, and especially in this episode, all I’ve been able to think about is the Snow White edition of the “Advice for young girls” series on youtube from Second City. “It’s really fun to give your friends nicknames based on their most obvious features, much like a frat house would. Sneezy actually has a very severe medical problem. Dopey is a pothead. And a big dumbass.” (Watch the whole thing; you won’t be sorry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT2R3E7vDUc&feature=relmfu)
  • I’m glad we found out what’s in the new guy’s box already, and I’m wondering who he’s supposed to be, but I think it’s a little strange Emma was so concerned about the box but didn’t bother to even ask him his name. Priorities, Emma!
  • It amuses me to no end when Emma and Mary Margaret have scenes together where they talk about David. The fact that those are her parents just adds a funny factor for me that will never go away.
  • Rumple REALLY needs to stop with the creepy laugh every five seconds. You aren’t saying anything funny! You are just freaking me out/annoying me! Stop it!

I guess that’s about it. Here’s hoping David and Mary Margaret redeem themselves soon!