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TV round up

3 Nov

So here’s the deal. School has gotten in the way of my television habit of late (stupid school!), leaving me little time to watch and little energy to form coherent thoughts afterward. So, instead of trying to play catch up and pull multiple posts from my exhausted brain, I am going to write one word reviews of each show I’ve managed to watch since my last post, summing up my core reaction to each. This is from the soul, you guys.

Downton Abbey–*Flail*
How I Met Your Mother–Sigh.
Parks and Recreation–Aww.

That was fun! Now I just have to catch up on the last three Modern Families and the last three Parenthoods basically the last month of Daily Shows and a whole season of The Office…

Also, I’m going out of town this weekend and will be without access to my computer or a television so I’m going to have to wait until Sunday to see Fringe. This is so not cool.


How I Met Your Mother/Glee

28 Sep

So, after a cable kerfluffle (my third in less than two months! Not cool Mediacom. Not cool at all) and a very busy few days I finally had time to do some TV binging. I watched Doctor Who and New Girl and the Daily Show (I’m still about two weeks behind though…) and Parenthood and Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl, and I still have tons more to watch (it’s probably not a good sign that I’m so behind when most shows have only been back for two weeks, but oh well), but what I want to talk about now are How I Met Your Mother and Glee. Mostly HIMYM. Because really show, what has happened to you? I know it’s been on a downward spiral for quite awhile, but this episode was just everything that annoys me about what it’s become. Everyone’s reactions to Ted’s story were stupid with the “bang bang bangity bang thing” (stop trying to make it happen HIMYM. It’s not going to happen.) and the B plot with Lily and Barney was just ridiculous. Barney is always skeezy but making a bet in which if he wins he gets to touch his married, pregnant friend’s chest? Um, ok. And why is Robin so awkward? With her interaction with Victoria and Ted and all? She’s been like that for awhile, but go back and watch the early seasons and she is much, much different. Also, does she even have a job anymore? I assume she must but for the life of me I can’t think what it is. The Victoria stuff also made me a little sad–I like her, and if we’re clearly just treading water until Ted meets the mother, I’d rather Ted date her than another random character like Zoe. But were they hinting that Ted is going to have feelings for Robin again? That would be…interesting. As long as Robin isn’t the one marrying Barney in the flashforward, whatever. I know a lot of people like them together, but I am not a fan. As I said before, he is a skeeze. Pretty much every girl ever deserves better. I’m not going to stop watching or anything, but I may need to stay away from the first couple seasons for awhile, the difference in quality is too sad.

But enough about the depressing state of HIMYM. Let’s talk Glee. I have just a few observations:

  • Rachel needed to be in that dance camp like woah. And speaking of the dance camp, thanks for the Mike Chang slow-mo dancing, show. I appreciate it, truly.
  • I love Idina Menzel, but she needs to practice her lip synching skills. Also, her character needs to just go away and stop torturing Rachel. And Rachel, you “almost” had to go to therapy? Wasn’t there a line last season about her dads moving her therapist into their spare room after Shelby came back?
  • Also speaking of Idina’s storyline, Quinn, you can’t just take the baby back. That’s not how these things work. Sigh. Plus, though I am pleasantly surprised that she’s finally remembered that she actually had a kid, this whole thing seems kind of emotionally cheap when she hasn’t mentioned the baby since she gave her up. Also, she is seriously freaky now with her fake back-to-normal-ness. Someone’s getting ready for a psychotic break!
  • Kurt’s mini sword twirling thing was awesome. I want to be able to do that. Though I would think that the process of actually learning how would be super dangerous…
  • Darren Criss still owns my heart.

In other news, I just found out that the first episode of the new season of Being Erica is up. Now, do I watch or do I write a paper? Decisions, decisions…