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Paleyfest 2013 Report #4: New Girl

28 Mar

Here it is folks, the fourth and final of my Paleyfest reports. My very last panel was New Girl, and oh, what an awkward panel it was.

I was hoping that because the show is 30 minutes, and they’ve been showing hour long episodes, we’d get to see two episodes, but alas, that did not happen. But they did show an episode that hadn’t aired yet (the one featuring the second Jess/Nick kiss), so that was fun! Except for how it pulverized my poor Schmidt/Cece loving heart. I seem to be doomed to like the lesser, neglected ships in shows (hellooo, Sybil and Branson). My life is hard, you guys.

The panel was made up of Elizabeth Meriwether (creator), Brett Baer (exec producer), Dave Finkel (exec producer), Jake Kasdan (exec propducer), Zooey Deschanel (Jess) , Max Greenfield (Schmidt), Jake Johnson (Nick), Lamorne Morris (Winston), Hannah Simone (Cece), and Katherine Pope, an executive producer who spoke not one word during the panel. So, you know, fun night for her.

I got to use flash again!

I got to use flash again!

I don’t know what it was, you guys, but the whole vibe of the night was just strange. I mean I still enjoyed the panel and everything, but, as I said…awkward. Liz Meriweather, for instance, seems like a cool lady who’d be fun to hang out with, but also the kind of person who is not at all at ease in front of crowds (that’s not a criticism  I hate crowds too). And even the actors’ interactions with each other and the rest of the panel and the moderator were just odd. Everyone kept laughing at Max Greenfield’s very thoughtful answers, which was funny and all, but the way it was done was just strange. And Hannah berated the moderator and oh just awkward awkward awkward. And then the audience questions were also awkward and my secondhand embarrassment was going crazy. So basically it was awkward, in case you didn’t get what I’m saying.

This photo sums up the evening nicely.

This photo sums up the evening nicely.

Anyway, it was still a fun time, and I still learned fun things. For instance!

  • The Jess/Nick kiss almost didn’t happen, and nothing is set in stone for their long term relationship trajectory. Both actors think their characters need to grow up a bit before they can be together.
  • At some point, possibly next season, Schmidt’s first name will be revealed. I realized as they were discussing it that it’s probably strange that I didn’t ever think it was strange that we don’t know it.
  • Apparently Zooey Deschanel’s real sister, Emily Deschanel, almost appeared as Katie, the girl that Sam was actually supposed to meet on the blind date, but there were scheduling conflicts.
  • Jake Johnson really makes the duck face in real life.

The best shot I could get of the duck face

  • Hannah Simone is NOT a fan of Schmidt and Cece. Like at all. Like not even a little bit. This makes me sad.
Hannah's face expresses her Schmidt/Cece feelings. Max's face expresses my feelings at her feelings.

Hannah’s face expresses her Schmidt/Cece feelings. Max’s face expresses my feelings at her feelings.

  • There’s going to be a flashback episode that shows how everyone lost their virginity. Fat Schmidt will return!
  • Zooey Deschanel does not sing on demand. A fan during the Q&A asked her to sing the theme song, and she refused. Jake Johnson did it instead, with some interesting lyric changes (“Hey girl, who ya doin”). Spoiler alert: Jake Johnson will not be leaving acting for a singing career any time soon. But it was still super cute and funny.
  • Jake Johnson also moonwalked away for us. But my stupid camera decided it wanted to take an incredibly blurry shot where it is totally unclear what is happening. Thanks, camera.
  • The water massage story was based on an actual event in the life of one of the exec producers. I definitely didn’t realize that was a real thing. Remind me never to do it.

After the panel, we headed out – I didn’t even try for autographs. So I ended my Paley experience 0/4. Oh well. I guess there’s always next year!