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New Trailers: Homeland and The Hour; Also some Glee

24 Jul

The last couple of days have been good ones in trailer-land! Yesterday Showtime posted this Homeland trailer:

So intense. I am so excited. And nervous about the mental state that Carrie is going to be in…

And today, there is finally, FINALLY, a glimpse of the second season of The Hour (The Hour stuff really starts around the 40 second mark):

From what I’ve read, The Hour (or The Hour 2, as the BBC is calling the new season for some odd reason) was originally supposed to come back this month but it was pushed back because of the Olympics, so now it’ll be back sometime around November. Darn you, Olympics! Though why it had to be November rather than say, October, or, even better, August after the Olympics are over I could not tell you. But at least there’s footage! Proof that it exists and will be airing on television at some point before the year is over! Thank goodness.

In other news, while I have soured on Glee of late (meaning basically since the first half of the first season…), I am very happy to report that Vanessa Lengies is going to still be on the show next year! As a recurring character still, not a regular, but the TV world needs more Vanessa in any dosage. Now they just have to bring Brittany Snow on, and then slowly add all the other actors from American Dreams, and then they can all stage a coup and turn Glee into American Dreams Take Two. And what a better show it will be! (PS, how scary is it that that show ended SEVEN YEARS AGO? I feel old. Also: just post that freaking alternate ending on youtube or something already, NBC. Come on. I have waited long enough!)