Fall 2012 TV calendar & premiere dates

10 Sep

Now that premiere season is starting in earnest, here is a handy dandy chart for your television viewing needs. It provides both a daily calendar AND premiere dates! Wonder of wonders! New shows are in bold:

I left cable/non-US shows off, obviously, but in case you’re wondering, for the big ones (to me, anyway): Homeland comes back September 30 on Showtime, Game of Thrones comes back March 31, 2013 (UGH) on HBO, Mad Men is still TBA, and Downton Abbey is back on PBS on January 6, 2013 (it premieres this Sunday for UK/crafty people!).

Of the network shows, I’ll be watching/trying out: Castle, HIMYM, Ben and Kate, New Girl, the Mindy Project (though I wasn’t blown away by the pilot), Parenthood, Modern Family, Nashville, Last Resort, Parks & Rec, Fringe, and Once Upon A  Time. I’ll also be giving Gossip Girl and Glee an episode to redeem themselves. In other words, I am about to get very busy! September really is the best month.


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