Gossip Girl season 6 preview (with a side of Martha Jones)

17 Aug

So I was watching this promo for Gossip Girl:

And my main take away was, hold the phone, why is Martha Jones introducing this clip? So I did some googling, and you guys, how did I not know that Freema Agyeman is going to be in The Carrie Diaries? Kind of a downgrade from traveling around with the Doctor, but hey, good for her. Maybe I’ll actually check the show out now…maybe.

Anyway, as for Gossip Girl…well, I really don’t have much to say. If my love for it revived to a burning flame last season it is now a pile of ash. Of course there’s always the potential they could do something awesome to reignite it but I somehow doubt that very much. Sigh. At least Dan appears to have cut his hair! That deserves a hallelujah chorus at least.


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