New Downton trailer!

12 Aug

ITV just put out another Downton series/season 3 trailer! And oh my goodness you guys it contains some gems. It’s another one of those “check out all our shows” mammoth trailers, but the Downton goodies come at seconds 9, 35, 43, and 47 (screen caps below if you don’t feel like clicking through) :

I revel in your misfortune, Robert

Mary’s hair is down! INTRIGUE!

Am I…am I hallucinating right now?

Oh hey Shirley


Seriously, that’s Sybil and Branson in that third one, right? I am 99.99999% sure it is. It’s hard to tell because of her hair, but it’s been shorter in spoiler photos and in the official poster, and if that isn’t Allen Leech I will no longer trust my eyes. So it must be them! I suppose this is a start on making up for not getting to see their wedding, but I’m not getting my hopes up too high after I got so excited for all their scenes in the promos for season two and they got barely any screen time when it came down to it. Please don’t destroy them Julian! Please!

Anyway, anything that has Robert crying is good with me. Ugh, Robert.


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