I’m posting about sports! Olympics! Yay!

9 Aug

So two things about our soccer gold medal:

  1. It is kind of funny that the US, a country that really doesn’t care all that much about soccer, won the gold medal in it. Too bad, rest of the world….
  2. People have to stop making fun of us for calling it soccer now, right? I mean, that is how this works, right?

Anyway, this was the first time I was ever excited about watching a soccer game. Well, a real soccer game – I’m always excited to watch Bend it Like Beckham. So of course, the internet at work decided not to work properly (we were allowed/supposed to watch it, I wasn’t slacking off, promise), and then we decided to get lunch since it wasn’t working properly, and then by the time we got back it was over. And then I knew what happened so there wasn’t really any drama left for watching it in primetime. Sigh. But I watched the highlights, and it looked like a good game from that! It really amuses me though how in soccer, people celebrate like they won every time they score a goal. I guess it’s just because they can’t really leave the field once they’ve scored to celebrate elsewhere like in baseball after someone gets a home run, and I know there’s at least solo celebrating in football after a touch down, but it’s still just funny to see people pile up into a huge group hug right on the field after a goal. And then there’s the cartwheels and all that. Just seems a tad excessive. But hey, whatever works. Celebrate away! Good job!



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