So about Suits…

8 Aug

Last night, I finished catching up on Suits. As in, I watched the pilot on Saturday and then watched all 19 episodes between then and Tuesday night. If only I didn’t have a full time job and, you know, a life to attend to, I definitely could have gotten it all done by Monday…or possibly even Sunday night, let’s be honest. But anyway, in case you couldn’t tell, I am obsessed. It’s just so good! Although this whole no more Donna business is making me very upset. Donna needs to be reinstated immediately. And then Mike and Rachel need to just get together and everything will be perfect. Seriously though, the one thing that has been really bothering me is this: so the whole problem with Mike is that he doesn’t actually have a law license, and the whole reason he and Rachel aren’t together is because he doesn’t want to tell her because if anyone ever found out he would get fired and, I assume, the firm would be in some serious hot water since a managing partner and a senior partner both knew. So why doesn’t he just take the bar exam?? He already said he can pass it, and he obviously can! They could have just put him off to the sidelines at first until he took it, then he would have passed, become a legitimate lawyer, and poof, problem solved, he can now practice law without risking anyone’s career or reputation! Yay! And yet, no one thinks of this. Maybe there’s some glaring reason that this is impossible that I just don’t know about because I don’t know anything about becoming a lawyer, but I am leaning towards the idea that it’s just the curse of convenient character stupidity which afflicts so many fictional people. Poor things. I know I need to learn to turn my brain off about these things, but I just don’t like it when the tension in a show exists out of people having out of character stupidity. Organic or bust!

Anyway, don’t take any of that to mean that my complaints overshadow my enjoyment of the show. Because they don’t. It is a lovely, fluffy show that is perfect for summer. And really the most depressing thing about it is that now that I’m all caught up I have to start waiting a week between episodes like a normal person. So go watch it and enjoy! And join me in envying Donna’s hair, because that just isn’t fair!


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