Downton Season 3 Poster!

24 Jul

There’s a new poster out for the next season of Downton! And Branson finally made it on! I’m so proud. Take a look at it in all its (very obviously photoshopped) glory:

It appears that everyone is firmly in the 20s with their fashion choices. And do I see Anna in a lady’s maid outfit? Gasp!

Also, seeing photos with the castle in it makes me even happier now that I’ve actually been there. When I got back from my trip I watched a couple episodes and kept being like “I walked down that hall!” “I was in that room!” “I stood in that spot!” It was very exciting. But ANYWAY. Back to my original reasons for posting this: new season three material! And yay Branson! Now don’t mess with him, Fellowes (or with Sybil, or with him and Sybil), or I will have to hunt you down.


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