Fringe is coming back! Fringe is coming back!

26 Apr

I knew my faith was justified! Fringe is indeed returning for a 13 episode season! True,  it’ll be the last one, but at least I’ll have a lot of time to prepare myself for the end. And honestly I didn’t expect to get more than a fifth season. Plus five seasons is impressive, especially for a show with Fringe’s ratings…I have so many shows that didn’t even get one full season (I miss you, Wonderfalls, Freaks and Geeks, and Firefly). But anyway let’s not dwell on that part of the news and instead focus on the fact that it’s not ending in three episodes!

Now let’s watch this wonderful season five promotional video (yes, already!) and weep with joy that this beautiful, beautiful show isn’t leaving us just yet (and also wonder what in the world is going on, as usual):


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