Review Roundup: Fringe, Once Upon A Time, Mad Men

28 Mar

Before I was distracted and not posting because of midterms, and now I have been distracted and not posting because of spring break and family togetherness and all that. Forgive me. Also, I have to work on my 25 page thesis paper during break so I can start on my two other papers I have to write. Second semester senior year: not as easy as advertised. Ah, well.

Anyway, since I am crunched for time and have other shows to catch up on, I am just going to post some mini reviews for each of the shows I have managed to watch. Excited? Me too! Let’s do it!

Fringe, A Short Story About Love:
I’m glad Peter and Olivia are back together, but I have serious reservations about this. I’ve said all along that I’d feel really weird about this Olivia getting turned into our original Olivia, and now that’s apparently what’s happening. Even if amber Olivia is “our” Olivia, just without Peter, she’s still a different Olivia with different life experiences and memories living in a different world—but now she just decided to overwrite all of those experiences and memories to have what are basically false memories and be with a guy. That just doesn’t strike me as particularly romantic. It’s just sad. And is anyone else going to remember? Walter seems to be changing in terms of his personality, but he still isn’t getting memories. Astrid is still a different Astrid. Lincoln is still a different Lincoln. Amber Olivia still has no memory of ever having an affair with Peter and having a baby. Etc. etc. So now, Olivia and Peter have memories of events that actually never happened for anyone else. And along those same lines, if Olivia is forgetting her relationship with Nina, is she going to forget her relationships with everyone else? For example, she and Astrid seem closer in this timeline; is that going to go away? I don’t know, I just feel weird about this solution.

Once Upon A Time, Hat Trick:
I loved this episode. It was a good/depressing take on the Mad Hatter story. It was also interesting to see the Queen actually looking upset about something morally unsavory that she was doing. So maybe this was fairly early in her career of evil? Especially since it didn’t seem like that Regina would have killed her father for a curse. Poor Daddy Henry. Also, I really, really hope that Emma is actually starting to believe and then that can be the catalyst for Mary Margaret and David to turn back into Snow and Charming and then I won’t care what happens because I’ll be so happy I won’t have to deal with Mary Margaret and David anymore. Especially David. Ugh, David. You annoying, annoying man. Also: I have very high expectations for the next episode. I hope it does not let me down.

Mad Men, A Little Kiss:
Watching this, I was honestly just so happy that it was back that it made everything seem wonderful when it may or may not have been. But let’s just say it was. I do have some comments though, of course. For example, apparently all men in the 1960s were awful. Geez. And speaking of awful men, when did Harry become such a creeper? Has it been so long since the show was on that I forgot that that happened or was that as random as it seemed? Also a creeper now: Lane. Keeping the picture? Not ok. But I did enjoy his scene with Joan. Who, by the way, needs to run everything immediately. She’s the greatest. I just wish she’d leave her stupid awful husband. As for Megan and Don, that was just strange. They have an…interesting relationship. Her uncomfortable singing scene did give me the chance to find out that I can still understand random words of French though, so, thanks Megan! Also, I have a feeling pretty soon their large age gap is going to come back to bite them. Finally, I hope Betty comes back soon. She is awful, I know, but I missed her.

And that’s about it for my super in depth analysis of the last five days in my television life!

PS this is unrelated but I just wanted to mention, my mom sent me an email that said “Downtown films at the Peace Center” and I originally thought it said “Downton films” and thought they were going to be showing movies thematically related to Downton Abbey or something. You know an obsession has gone too far when you can no longer read words properly because of it. I wish that it had really said that though, cause that sounds awesome.




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