I’m freeeeeee! And casting news!

16 Mar

My midterms are over! Finally! Now I can start catching up on my incredible backlog of television. I already watched the two episodes of New Girl and Parks and Recreation  I missed, so now I’ve just got two episodes of Smash, one of Once Upon A Time, 15 Daily Shows, and basically the whole season of Modern Family. And all the Paley panels on Hulu. I’m actually kind of relieved Fringe and Gossip Girl have been on hiatus and Parenthood is done for the season. Even I can only fit in so much!

In other news, the Felicity alums are doing quite well for themselves all of the sudden! The two Scotts, Greg Grunberg, and Keri Russell have all been cast in pilots. Scott Speedman’s in ABC’s Last Resort, Scott Foley is going to be in Fox’s The Goodwin Games, Greg is going to be in an untitled CBS comedy, and now Keri is going to be in FX’s The Americans. And she’s going to be a KGB spy! Finally, JJ Abram’s dream for Felicity has come true (well, the spy part anyway).  Now all these pilots just have to work out and then they can guest star en masse on each other’s shows, and bring Amanda Foreman and Tangi Miller and Ian Gomez, and it’ll be like Felicity has come back to me.


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