Parenthood: My Brother’s Wedding

1 Mar

I loved this episode of Parenthood not because of anything that happened with the plot but because Billy Riggins was on playing a character named Billy. That was amazing. The only thing that would have made it better is if Michael B. Jordan’s character was still on the show and they could have interacted. Oh Jason Katims. Your Friday Night Lights loyalty makes me so happy.

Anyhoo, on to the episode itself. It was a solid season finale that could serve as a series finale on the off chance that it doesn’t get brought back, but I still had some issues. Mainly the fact that Crosby and Jasmine got back together and got married in the same week–that’s a pretty big leap when they were both dating other people when they got back together. It’s an especially big change for Jasmine, who ended up marrying Crosby a week or less after having been planning to move in with another man. Also I really liked Crosby’s now ex-girlfriend, so that was sad. Another issue: Drew’s whole plot line felt kind of like the writers thought, “hmm, we have some space to fill…let’s just let Drew lose his virginity.” Just kind of pointless. And the last issue: Even though I didn’t like the whole baby plotline with Sarah and Mark in the first place, Sarah’s turnaround seemed to happen really fast. We did not really see her thought process at all in her journey from being totally sure that she wanted to have another baby to not wanting another baby. But, I’m really happy they’re maybe engaged now! Especially since one of my main problems was that they were talking about having a baby as the next logical step in their relationship when they don’t even live in the same house. And also because I love Jason Ritter and I want him to stay forever. I also am happy that Joel and Julia are, I assume, going to keep being in the spot light next season, given their new child. I love Joel and Julia. It was definitely obvious that Zoe was going to end up keeping the baby, but I didn’t expect that twist to the story. I have a feeling that’s going to be a tough situation though–first of all, the kid is old enough that there is going to need to be some serious adjusting on both of their parts, and it means Sydney now has an older brother, which will probably be weird for her. But I’m looking forward to seeing it play out! What I am not looking forward to is more Bob Little next season. I know Amber is 19 but their whole relationship is skeeving me out. I also wish they’d had him run for the state senate or something rather than City Council, because the scope of his campaign feels very unrealistic. But oh well!

In other news, I am annoyed at the state of my television right now, what with this very early season finale plus all my shows going on hiatus (well ok, like three of them, but still). Sigh. I guess it’s for the best, considering I’m going into midterm hell time for the next couple of weeks, but I am not ok with this. Although, maybe I can now use my nonexistent free time to rewatch the last season of Mad Men before it comes back on the 25th since it’s been more than a year since it’s been on and all I remember is that Don is randomly marrying his secretary…silver lining!


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