Fringe: The End of All Things

24 Feb

Well, I’m officially done trying to figure out what is happening on this show. I am just going to go with my confusion. Here are the top things I am confused about right at this moment:

  • So, September messed things up by making it so Peter wasn’t cured in the Redverse, which led to his growing up on the wrong side, etc. But he was still always supposed to end up with Blue!Olivia? How does that work?
  • Is the Nina that’s being held by the Fringe team the actual Nina then? And the one who was with Olivia who we thought was the real Nina but who it turns out was the Red!Nina was the one dosing Olivia all along? Or are all the Ninas just in an evil league of evil with each other?
  • Seriously, why is Olivia remembering things, and is she our Olivia or not? Even if the Nina telling Olivia the story wasn’t really her Nina, it kind of underscores the issue I’ve been having with this whole thing: if Olivia is somehow morphing into our Olivia, then she’s losing her whole life, and the people who love her are losing her. But if she’s just having fake memories, then I assume we will eventually see Peter reunited with our actual Olivia…but what then? Do we just abandon this whole timeline and everyone in it?
  • Why is Fox making us wait a month to see the next episode???? Seriously, stop torturing me, Fox schedulers.

I guess that’s about it. I’m glad we finally (vaguely) found out who the Observers are, even if it led to Peter being even more depressed because he found out about Henry and found out that Henry doesn’t exist anymore all at once. And Olivia controlling the electricity and rescuing herself and Peter was a pretty awesome BAMF moment. That last scene though–what a depressing way to go into a hiatus. Ugh. Here’s hoping the next four weeks go by fast…


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