Fringe: A Better Human Being

17 Feb

When this episode ended, I was pretty sure my brain had exploded. That is how confused I was. And I am still very confused, as I usually am with this show. But I will give explaining it my best shot. At first I thought that the Olivia we’ve been following was really a shape shifter and used the bathroom thing as excuse to skip town or something, and we were seeing real Olivia and real Nina for the first time. That would explain the awkwardness of the “I just have to go pee” thing (Really, Olivia? You choose the moment when Peter has finally accepted you and is ready to make out to do that? Really?), but now that I’ve had some time to calm down and use my brain I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. So here is what I THINK happened: Olivia was taken when she was en route to or from the gas station bathroom. She is now being held with the real Nina, and the Nina that has been dosing Olivia is a shape shifter. So presumably (and especially based on the previews) David Robert Jones has orchestrated this entire thing.

Now, I’m still not sure why DRJ has been getting his shape shifter minions to knock out Olivia and inject her with cortexiphan, but given the appearance of the light box thing in the previews (and also his previous actions this season), I guess that he has similar plans to the original DRJ, and wants to activate her or whatever. I am also still not sure why Olivia is remembering. I’m assuming that it does actually have something to do with the cortexiphan dosing, but Walter’s empath theory clearly wasn’t right, at least in its “empathizing with Peter” variant. I’m also assuming that she’s now our Olivia for good, because I doubt they’d have Peter get together with the wrong Olivia twice (which is another reason I moved past my initial OMG SHE’S A SHAPE SHIFTER reaction). But where are the memories coming from? And will everyone else remember? And will the person she originally was in this timeline just be wiped out? Because that would be sad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that we apparently have our Olivia back, and that Olivia and Peter got to be happy for a second, but that’s just kind of a bum deal for Amber!Olivia. And if Olivia is the only one that remembers, then that’s also sad for Peter, because he still won’t have his Walter back. So he’ll have his girlfriend (/sort of wife) but not his dad. And at this point I really can’t see how everyone else would start remembering. In any case, I’m glad the story is finally accelerating forward.

So there. That is my explanation and my confusion. Honestly, I have no idea what’s going to happen with anything. But I kind of like that! Of course, I’d like it better if I could watch all the episodes right now. Next Friday is so far away…

P.S. The glyph for this episode was Henry. I have no idea why. But if Henry comes back, I will be pumped (the cab driver, not the baby).

P.P.S. Definitely saw something that said Mr. X in the previews for next week. Glad we’re maybe finally going to stop brushing past the whole “I think he’s the man who’s going to kill me” thing!

P.P.P.S. The acting in this episode was amazing. Good job, team!


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