Gossip Girl: Crazy Cupid Love

13 Feb

At the risk of sounding like a crazy person, I am going to let you in on a little secret about me: sometimes, I make up little songs and sing them, usually about whatever is happening or what I am feeling at that moment. Tonight’s song, post-Gossip Girl, went something like this: “I don’t understand, but I am so happy!” (it was beautiful, trust me). (Also, that could definitely be my Fringe mantra as well after Friday’s episode…) The happy:  Dan and Blair kissed! The finally kissed and it wasn’t a dream or a freeze frame! The I don’t understand: The previews for next week, where suddenly Dan and Blair are apparently kissing all over the place even though they both know about the pre-nup situation. Confusing. But who cares! Dan and Blair kissed! They kissed for real! And are apparently going to keep doing so! A year ago I would have been so angry about this but now I am the opposite of that (see what good storytelling can do?)! AND it looks like the never-ending Charlie Rhodes plot is finally reaching an actual conclusion, now that the actual Charlotte Rhodes knows all about it! Hallelujah!

Other random thoughts:

  • So, Chuck is definitely still a skeeze. Good to know.
  • Nate has apparently become a creepy stalker. In normal world, bribing someone’s boss to get their number and then, when the phone call doesn’t go well, throwing a party specifically to see the person and then changing the venue when you find out that the person  requested not to work at your place of employ, aka doesn’t want to see you at all, would all be grounds for a restraining order. In Gossip Girl world, it is charming and will clearly lead to a relationship.
  • Are we seriously supposed to believe that Dan sent in that video to Gossip Girl? Seriously? I was convinced at the end of the last episode that it would be some big plot point where he was being set up and we’d have to wait to find out who really sent it and blah blah, but no. Apparently, it was just Dan. The end. But I don’t buy it. Dan sending that video completely goes against Dan as he has been portrayed for the whole show, and especially this season. Why would he want to ruin Blair’s wedding like that after he’s been doing nothing but trying to ensure Blair’s happiness for this entire season? It makes no sense. Not that an entire room full of people at a wedding (royal or otherwise) leaving their phones on and then actually ANSWERING their phones at said wedding makes any sense either. Basically, this whole video plot is stupid. As is the fact that Blair actually went through with the wedding at all.

Well great, now I’ve gotten myself all angry at this show’s stupidity again. But whatever! Dan and Blair kissed! I am going to now ignore all of my doubts that the writers will follow through well on this instead of sticking Blair back with Chuck and bask in my happiness at this development, and the fact that it will be continuing for at least one more episode!

P.S. Thank the Lord Georgina isn’t actually the original Gossip Girl, because that would have made absolutely zero sense. And now I can still hold out hope that if we ever see Gossip Girl for real, she’ll be played by Kristen Bell.


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