Fringe: Welcome to Westfield

10 Feb

My reaction to tonight’s Fringe episode can basically be summed up as: I don’t know what is happening, BUT I LOVE IT. So the actual plot: Peter, Olivia, and Walter get trapped in Westfield, a town where people are going crazy and growing extra body parts (double irises, two rows of teeth, that poor dude who grew another face…) because, as it turns out, both universes’ versions of Westfield, including the people, have been forcibly merged, and, in the end, everything is destroyed but the bike shop that served as the eye of the storm where our heroes and a tiny group of survivors (who didn’t have doppelgangers in the town) took refuge. And this merging/destruction was most likely orchestrated by David Robert Jones, as part of what I guess is his plan to destroy the world and populate it with his shapeshifters? For fun or something? Who knows. What is important right now is that OLIVIA IS REMEMBERING, YOU GUYS. Now the question is how and why she is remembering. Is it connected to her getting the shakes and babbling nonsense in Westfield, or was that actually just psychosomatic (especially since she was having that very interesting dream before they ever got to the town)? Is it the effect of whatever the heck Nina is doing to her? Is it something else entirely? I still don’t understand where we are even – I’m still pretty firm on new timeline, not new universe, but I don’t have a clue on the specifics. So understanding what is happening with Olivia is way beyond me. And I don’t really want these new versions wiped out, because that would be sad for them, and for me, since I’ve grown slightly attached to them. But I still want our old versions back because I miss them. So conflicted! Let’s just have all the versions running around in the same universe so everyone can be happy, ok? Ok.

So uh, yeah, I guess the point of this has been to say, I am still very confused, but I am also very happy that the pace finally seems to be picking up toward answers and resolution, and that our Olivia appears to be coming back. And she better not die! You hear me, Wyman and Pinkner? Olivia needs to survive the show!

Also, in other Fringe news, Henry Ian Cusick is going to be in an episode. Episode 19, so seven episodes from now, but it is never too early to celebrate the return of Desmond!


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