Awesome casting news

30 Jan

So Glee is continuing its crusade to get me to keep watching. In addition to Brian Stokes Mitchell guesting as one of Rachel’s dads, now Matt Bomer is apparently going to appear as Blaine’s brother! And he’s going to sing! For all those who don’t know who Matt Bomer is, he was Bryce Larkin on Chuck and now he’s on White Collar. If you still don’t know who he is, this is him:

Oh hey

Sigh. Yeah. I encourage you to do an image search for more pictures, because it was very hard to pick one. If he and Darren sing together I may have a bit of a swooning problem. Although really, who am I kidding, there will be swooning no matter what he does.

In other awesome casting news, Shirley MacLaine is going to be on Downton Abbey next season as Cora’s mom! A Shirley/Maggie showdown? Yes please! PS, did you know that she’s Warren Beatty’s older sister? Cause I sure didn’t. The more you know!


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