Chuck Series Finale: Chuck vs. Sarah / Chuck vs. the Goodbye

28 Jan

Well, that’s it. All the way back when I was just a 17 year old high school senior, I decided to check out a show called Chuck because I read that Rachel Bilson was going to be in it at some point (I was kind of obsessed with The OC back then), and a love was born. Now, five years and 91 episodes later, it’s all over. And I’m not gonna lie, I definitely cried.

This wasn’t a perfect season by any means. For example, Chuck and Sarah’s apparent inability to be consistent from one week to the next as to whether they wanted to be super spies or normal people (a problem that really plagued the whole series) was getting old fast. And this wasn’t a perfect series finale either. I could sit here and nitpick about different plot holes (for example, couldn’t Chuck have used the intersect that’s now in his brain again, plus his sister’s knowledge, plus whoever else in the CIA’s knowledge, to build another pair of glasses to help Sarah?), but I’m not going to – this wasn’t a Lost or Battlestar Galactica finale situation where things were so overpoweringly angering that I am still forced to rant about them to this day. Emotionally, as a series finale, it worked. I loved all the little nostalgic call backs: the Mexican restaurant, the Weinerlicious, Sarah at the Nerd Herd desk, the beach, etc. And everyone got their happy endings. Casey’s gone off to find Gertrude; Morgan and Alex are moving in together, Ellie, Awesome, and baby Clara are moving on to Chicago; Jeff and Lester are on their way to fame in Germany; and Big Mike no longer has to leave the Buy More to get his Subway sandwiches (I laughed out loud when they said Subway bought the Buy More and put that huge sign up). The Sarah and Chuck ending is obviously more complicated because of the whole memory loss thing, and I know some people didn’t like the ambiguity of it, but I think it worked. Sarah was already remembering the Weinerlicious, Irene Demova, and the beach, so the memories were obviously all still there, and, whether or not the “magical kiss” really was magical, she’ll get them back. During the whole scene on the beach, she was clearly already moving away from old Sarah and back to normal Sarah, what with the crying and the laughing and the asking Chuck to kiss her. Sarah isn’t gone, she’ll remember everything, and they’ll stay together. So, much more sweet than bitter to that bittersweet ending, in my opinion.

Now for just some of my favorite moments from the episodes, other than those already mentioned:

  • Casey in his World’s Greatest Dad apron, asking Morgan if he really thinks he’s changed.
  • Morgan and the invisibility cloak and the “You’re a wizard, Harry!”
  • Sarah basically recreating the Bryce fight scene from the pilot
  • The Nerd Herder getting one last hurrah
  • The Buy More extras getting dialogue as they helped Jeff and Lester track down Sarah
  • Morgan and Sarah getting a little scene together. Especially the exchange after Morgan surprises Sarah and she attacks him: “Morgan, hi, I’m sorry about that.” “No, no it’s actually my fault, we’ve actually danced that dance before and I should know, I should know better than to sneak up on you.”
  • Awesome shielding Clara’s eyes from the sight of Mama Bartowski with a gun. “Grandma what did we say about Baby Clara seeing firearms?” “It’s a no-no. I’m sorry.”
  • Casey actually hugging Chuck goodbye

So I guess that’s about it. It’s been a good five years. And now, in honor of the end, let’s look back at the beginning:


Goodbye, Chuck!


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