Fringe: Enemy of My Enemy

20 Jan

So I just watched tonight’s Fringe. And I have SO MUCH TENSION and SO MANY FEELINGS. I just need every day to be Fringe day so I can find out what the heck is going on. As it is, it’s like starting an amazing book but only being allowed to read one chapter a week. AKA, sanity-threatening. So before I discuss this specific episode, here is a list of things I need to know immediately:

  • What is David Robert Jones’ plan? Did we ever even find out his plan before, other than just being really creepy and activating Olivia’s cortexiphan powers?
  • Are Nina and Alt-Broyles shapeshifters or just inexplicably evil?
  • What are they doing to Olivia??
  • Are we really in a new timeline with the original one floating around somewhere or are all of our original characters gone for good? Dooming both Peter and me to a sad, sad life?
  • When the Observer said that Olivia is fated to die in every permutation of the future, does he mean imminently or of old age or something? In other words, is this actually something to be concerned about?
  • Is the Observer (September) actually dead?
  • Will this lead the mysterious Mr. X, who, as Olivia casually informed Peter, is the man who’s going to kill her, to be brought up again?
  • Seriously, WHAT are they doing to Olivia??!?

And now random thoughts about this episode specifically:

  • Lincoln: “I lost a partner!” Peter: “I lost a universe!” Yeah, Peter won that round. Poor darling.
  • The hand on the window moment during the whole ER mass murder has jumped to the top of the “most disgusting things seen on Fringe” list. That was seriously traumatizing. My hands hurt just thinking about it.
  • Jared Harris is so much creepier as David Robert Jones than as his Mad Men character. Good job on the acting, Jared Harris.
  • I loved that Alt-Lincoln called Altlivia “Red.” Oh, Lincoln Lee. Adorable in any universe.
  • Elizabeth Bishop: awesomely awesome in any universe. And the scene with her and Walter got me all teary. Sigh.
  • Alt-Broyles and Nina suck. Until and unless it’s revealed that one or both are actually somehow saving Olivia/the universe(s).
  • Walter and Peter’s scene at the end was the sweetest. Oh, you boys! Back to melting my heart! Peter’s smile just about killed me. Just let him be happy, writers!

So yeah, I guess that’s it. Quality episode! I can’t believe Fox is thinking about canceling this show. Don’t do it! It’s so cramazing! I wish I could just hop in a time machine and go to May so I could watch all the episodes at once and find out what the heck is going to happen. But alas, tis not to be. I guess I’ll just have to attempt to become a patient person…can’t see that going well! (You Drive Me Crazy just came on in my shuffle. I think it’s a sign.)


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