Misfits + Homeland = dkfj;lsajdfioajrel

18 Dec

Oh my goodness gracious. I just had the most intense 2 and a half hours of my television watching life. I decided to watch the season finale of Misfits before Homeland. Big mistake. Of course this was the episode when what was a slightly gross, weird, inappropriate little show that I can’t help liking turned into the most depressing thing in the history of ever. LADY SYBIL KILLED ALICIA, YOU GUYS. I was so excited that the actress was going to be back, and then my inner monologue during the episode went something like this: “Ha, Sybil’s drinking! Ha, Sybil’s swearing! Ha, Sybil’s making out with someone! Uh oh. Sybil’s angry. Sybil’s got a knife. NO SYBIL NO.” (My feelings about actual Sybil have now become much more complicated. This is why actors need to stick to one role.) I can’t believe they killed Alicia. I knew as soon as Rudy put the idea of some spirits coming back for revenge into her mind that she was going to figure out that that’s what she was back for, but I thought they’d stop her before she killed anyone. But I was so, so wrong. And now Simon’s dead too! Even though he technically already died…oh, time travel. And now they’re stuck in this endless, awful loop of Alisha dying, Simon traveling back in time, back-in-time Simon getting together with Alisha, back-in-time Simon dying, Alisha getting together with present Simon, Alisha dying, Simon traveling back in time…That’s not romantic, that’s terrible. And now they’re both off the show, which is also terrible. I don’t know if I’m even going to keep watching next season. Sigh.

So anyway, after that fun fest, it was time for the season finale of Homeland. Which was pretty much 90 minutes of me tensely clutching a pillow. And I spent most of it wanting to shake almost every character and yell at them to just believe Carrie already. It was so incredibly frustrating. And then I wanted to shake Carrie for deciding she was wrong when she was so very right! Brody is a terrorist! Get with the program, people! I almost wish that Brody had gone through with the original suicide bombing plan just so Carrie would be vindicated (even though I’m glad he didn’t so we can have another season). And now she’s getting the shock therapy just when she finally remembered about Brody saying Issa in his sleep, which I have been waiting for and waiting for, and if she forgets that someone is getting punched in the face. But I bet she will, just so the next season can keep drawing out the whole “Carrie knows but no one believes her, Carrie is convinced she was wrong, Carrie is convinced she was wrong about being wrong but no one believes her, Carrie is convinced she was wrong” cycle. Unless she remembers and tells Saul and they start a secret war against Brody cause no one believes them, which might be fun to watch. Also, we still need to find out who the mole is…that plot line was dropped tonight, but hopefully it’ll be picked up again very quickly next season! All I know is, no matter what else happens, in the end the show had better get everyone falling at Carrie’s feet begging for forgiveness for doubting her. And now I need to go look at some pictures of kittens or something.


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