Golden Globes Nominations 2011

18 Dec

I’ve finally emerged from finals hibernation and am on break! Woohoo! Now I can catch up on the gazillion hours of television I have to watch. But first, I have got to write about these Golden Globes nominations. So first, the good:

  • So much Homeland! Best Drama, Claire Danes for Best Actress, Damian Lewis for Best Actor.
    If Claire Danes doesn’t win, something is seriously wrong with the world. Anyone who disagrees needs to watch last week’s episode.
  • New Girl was nominated for Best Comedy. I know this show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it wholeheartedly.
  • Amy Poehler was nominated for Best Actress for Parks and Recreation. And just like Claire Danes, if she doesn’t win, something is wrong.
  • Downton Abbey got a Best Mini-Series or TV Movie nod (even though in Britain it’s considered a normal series, not a miniseries, but whatevs), and the wonderful, amazing, delightful Maggie Smith got nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

But now on to the list of the bad:

  • There was a lot of love for Homeland, but one very important person was left out: Mandy Patinkin. He’s one of the best, if not the best, actors on the show. Plus, he’s Inigo Montoya, so he automatically deserves every award.
  • Parks and Recreation was not nominated for Best Comedy. Glee was nominated, and Parks and Recreation wasn’t. GLEE. Of course, I do watch Glee, but pretty much at this point just out of the hopes that it will suddenly snap back to how it used to be, because it generally sucks. WTF, Golden Globes nominators. They must have stopped watching after the first half of the first season. And apparently never started watching Parks and Recreation, because it deserves to not just be nominated, but to win. Hmph.
  • No Friday Night Lights love. Not a single series or actor nomination. What about Kyle Chandler? What about Connie Britton? What about all of the supporting actors and actresses who are also awesome? Why are you ignoring my darling show when it can’t win any awards ever again because it went and ended? Break my heart, why don’t you. I’ll just go rewatch Kyle Chandler’s Emmy win and feel better about the world…
  • Not a single nomination for Fringe either. Not even for John Noble, who deserves basically every award in the world. And Anna Torv has now played at least six different versions of Olivia, and played them all well. That deserves at the very least a nomination. And Fringe in general is wonderful and better than most of what’s out there and needs to stop being ignored by awards shows, pronto.
  • Elizabeth McGovern got the Best Actress nod for Downton Abbey. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she’s bad, but she’s certainly not who I would point out as the best actress on the show. I think Michelle Dockery (Mary) deserves to be on that list instead, for sure. Mary may not be my favorite character, but she’s certainly a well-acted one.

I think that’s about it. I’ll just have to hope the nominations I am happy about turn into wins, and if/when they don’t, feel even more strongly that awards shows are stupid. Except for when they give awards to the people I like.


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