Parks and Recreation: Citizen Knope

8 Dec

I just watched Parks and Recreation the same night it aired! It’s a miracle! Anyway, that episode was intensely adorable. I just love this show so much. They really fooled me–when Leslie’s campaign advisers left, I was like, well, it’s sad, but they have to keep her in the Parks Department. But then, no! The whole office is coming together to help run her campaign! Is it legal? Ethical? I don’t know. I don’t care. My heart is very warmed. The whole rest of the episode was perfect too, what with all of Leslie’s Christmas gifts (the best, in my opinion, was definitely the automatic door closer for Ron, though Jerry’s socks are a very close second), the return of Jean Ralphio, Leslie’s word cloud (featuring both Downton Abbey and Hogwarts. A woman after my own heart.), Ron’s frustration with gingerbread (really, I think the wood replica was a better idea…it wouldn’t have been as cute or as delicious as a gingerbread house, but at least it would have lasted!), the PCP, the Friday Night Lights shout out, and general Ben adorableness. But of course NBC had to go ruin it by showing an ad for Fear Factor immediately after it. So quickly after it that even though I was already starting to fast forward, I still caught a horrible glimpse of a woman covered in bees. Why do you do this to me, NBC? I thought I was free of these terrible ads five years ago! Sob.

And another anger note: This was the last episode until January 12. I hate this stupid fall finale thing. Just let me watch my shows, TV schedulers! I already have to deal with Fringeless Fridays, Mondays without Gossip Girl, and Wednesdays without Modern Family; in a week I’ll start having Tuesdays with no New Girl or Glee and Sundays with no Once Upon A Time; must you take my Thursdays from me also? Even worse is that the hiatuses are always over winter break, so when I finally have time to watch everything, nothing is on, and then it all comes back just in time for me to go back to school, when I have to actually do things other than sit around and watch television. Blargh.

So uh, yeah. Parks and Recreation = good, Fear Factor and fall finales = bad.


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