Fringe: And Those We’ve Left Behind

12 Nov

So, I’m really confused after this episode as to what exactly is the timeline/universe situation this season. Because now with Peter clearly regarding Olivia as not “his” Olivia, and Olivia clearly agreeing with that assessment, and both of them saying that they hope he gets back to original recipe Olivia, it seems like this is another universe altogether, and our original characters are floating around out there in the original universe, probably wondering where the heck Peter has wandered off to. And that’s also supported by the fact that the credits are a different color this season (blue = original, red = alternate, black = future, amber = whatever this is). But at the same time, Peter is definitely acting like Walter is the same Walter and just needs to remember who he (Peter) is, plus we had the whole thing with the observers at the end of last season where they were all, “they don’t remember him/ how could they, he never existed” (which turned into he died when he was a kid, but whatever). So is this actually the same universe, just with an altered timeline that Peter has to fix? Or is it a totally separate universe and Peter has to find a way to get back to the real one? I’m leaning toward the altered timeline that Peter has to fix option, because while I do want the original, blueverse characters back, I don’t want this whole season to end with Peter being like “OK guys, check ya later, I’m going home!” after which we’ll never see any of these character iterations again, because that would make the whole season feel like a waste. If it ends up that they just have to regain their memories of him, that makes it more interesting because it reverts the characters back to who we really know them as, but also adds a twist because I would assume they’d still have some memory of their Peter-less lives, so that could change the show’s dynamic in an interesting way. I don’t know, I’m just going with it now, but I hope it becomes clear soon.

Except it obviously won’t be VERY soon because next week is the fall finale! I literally groaned when I heard that in the preview for the episode. It just came back and it’s going away already? This is so not cool, Fox! Not cool at all.


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