Random Downton Abbey Musings

11 Oct

So, if the very first episode of Downton Abbey was set in 1912, and now we’re all the way up to 1918, why is everyone still repeating clothes from the first season? These people are supposed to be rich! They could at least get poor Daisy a new dress. Even servants shouldn’t have to wear the same exact thing for six years. Also, at this point, Sybil is 21 or 22, which means Edith has to be at least 23 or 24, putting Mary at 25 or 26 at the youngest. And yet Lord and Lady Grantham aren’t concerned that two of their daughters are old maids and one is approaching old maid territory. You’d think at this point they’d be throwing them at anyone and everyone, even with a war on. And apparently the third season is going to be set in the 1920s? Julian Fellowes needs to chill out with these time jumps or the actors aren’t going to be able to play their characters anymore. Plus the time jumps make it so we miss some pretty important character interactions and also aren’t really reflected in how characters are acting all the time–for example, (spoiler!) Branson first told Sybil how he felt TWO YEARS AGO, even though it’s only been four episodes for us, and she’s still waffling. And that was after he’d already been pining for three years. Poor boy.

Anyway. Just commenting. These are the things I think about while I should be studying for midterms…


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