Glee premiere: The Purple Piano Project

21 Sep

So, I made time last night to watch Glee. I almost prioritized catching up on other shows instead because I wasn’t in the mood to get all righteously angry at my TV, but I didn’t, and guess what…it actually didn’t make me mad! In fact, it was a rather pleasant viewing experience! Oh Glee. Are you finally going to come back to me? Maybe?

I did, of course, have complaints: for example, IN WHAT UNIVERSE would Rachel Berry not know that Julliard is not the school to go to for musical theater (and Kurt should have known that too, for that matter)?? I guess in the same universe as the one where Rachel Berry didn’t know that Cats is no longer on Broadway. Sigh. Stupid. Also annoying: Rachel being all “Oh Quinn we used to be friends!” Uh, no you weren’t. You were never friends. You hated each other. There was violence involved. Stop having friendship amnesia. My other main complaint isn’t a complaint exactly, it’s more of an…amused puzzlement. And it is, what is with the band? Why do they always magically appear whenever the Glee kids need to sing? Why are they not friends with any of the Glee kids even though they always perform together? Why don’t they just join Glee since Glee always needs people and they are clearly musical? What is their social status at school? I apparently want an episode devoted to the back story of the band.

Anyway, other comments:

  • Darren Criss is uber adorable. Seriously, I was in the middle of considering how Blaine is kind of a dull character and then It’s Not Unusual started and the only thought in my head was “I HEART DARREN.” So, I’m cool with Blaine. I still wouldn’t mind if he left to make A Very Potter Threequel though…
  • There were so many exciting guest stars in this episode! Like Tinker, from Friday Night Lights! I’m glad he’s found a new home, even if it’s vastly inferior to his old one. Vanessa Lengies (Roxanne from American Dreams) was also in this episode, as Sugar. I think I read awhile ago that she was going to be on but I totally forgot so seeing her name in the opening credits was a very exciting moment. I’m so glad she’s on a big show! Kind of funny/sad though that six years after the end of American Dreams she’s still playing a high schooler.  Oh, and Courtney from So You Think You Can Dance popped up as one of Quinn’s new friends! (She was also one of the pregnant backup dancers/singers when Quinn sang It’s A Man’s World, and she was on the tour, so I guess they like her!)
  • Kurt and Rachel were actually being nice to and supportive of each other! Excuse me while I faint.
  • I actually kind of like Quinn’s new pink hair…
  • Tina actually got to sing lead for a second at the end! And she had multiple lines in this episode! I just fainted again.
  • Next week, Quinn is going to remember she had a baby! Third and biggest faint of the night.

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