The Emmys

20 Sep

So, confession: I’ve only watched about half of the Emmy’s. And I’m probably not going to be able to watch the rest until the weekend (I also haven’t had time to watch last night’s How I Met Your Mother and probably will not have time to watch Parenthood, Glee, and New Girl all tonight. Ah, college). But since I don’t want to have my Emmy’s reaction posted a week after the Emmy’s, I am doing it now. Yay! So here are, in no particular order, my top ten takeaways from the hour or so that I watched:

1) WHAT was that Emmy Tones business. I am always happy to see Zachary Levi of course, but seriously Fox, just because you have Glee on your network doesn’t mean you need to add a musical component to everything. And that’s coming from someone who likes musicals. And most of the people in the Emmy Tones (I was incredibly confused to see Wilmer Valderamma in it though…).

2) Wow, Julie Bowen is really skinny. She could use about ten burgers for real. But I’m pleased for her that she won.

3) I’m glad for Melissa McCarthy that she won an award, because I loved her as Sookie and she was great in Bridesmaids, but Gilmore Girls is over and Bridesmaids is not a TV show. I think Amy Poehler should have gotten it.

4) That Lonely Island medley was just weird. Also, Ed Helms does not equal Justin Timberlake. Sorry, Ed. Also, Akon needs to stick to auto tune. I was actually surprised Fox allowed them to sing his part and the three way song. I’m sure parents got some fun questions that night!

5) KYLE CHANDLER WON OMG AAAHHHHH!!!! Ahem. Sorry. If only Connie Britton could have won too, this would automatically have been the greatest Emmy’s ever. Also, when he walked back to the microphone after realizing he forgot people, the stupid producers should have let him talk–he clearly was going to thank Connie and his real wife. At least he got to backstage but still. Oh, and Lyla bowing down to hand Coach an award? Awesome.

5A) Jason Katims won too! I’m so glad Friday Night Lights finally got Emmy love. Since it’ll never be nominated again. Since it’s over. Sniffle. And he said clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose! Excuse me while I go have some emotions.

6) I’m so glad Downton Abbey and Maggie Smith both won awards! Very well deserved. And a nice vindication of my efforts to get everyone I know (and don’t know, I suppose) to watch the show. It was kind of strange seeing the actresses that were there in normal clothing, but luckily in my Downton-deprived state (which has now ended! huzzah!) I read and watched a ton of interviews with the whole cast where they were dressed normally so it wasn’t quite as much of a shock. But still, weird.

7) The scripts for presenters still suck. The audience seemed to agree.

8 ) Go away, Charlie Sheen.

9) A million thank-you’s to the producers for not making Jane Lynch be Sue Sylvester all night. That would have been horrific, to say the least.

10) Well, that’s it actually. I guess I don’t have ten. But I have 9 plus a 5A so I’m going to say that counts. Now the question is if it’s worth trying to find time to watch the rest when I have so many other things to watch…


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