New Fringe promo

16 Sep

Finally, there is a fantastic new Fringe promo with ALL NEW FOOTAGE. Oh, it looks epic. I cannot wait for Friday. One more week!!! Fingers crossed I haven’t gotten unrealistically high expectations.

There’s also this general Fox promo with a little Fringe in it (I’ve started it at the point when Fringe pops up):

Did you catch that little bit of Peter? I’m (ashamedly) not sure if that’s an old clip or a new one, but if it’s new I am very interested to see the context. Either way, that clip of the two blonde Olivias is definitely new, and makes me slightly worried. I really really hope both of them having blonde hair is a one time thing, because while I can tell them apart just fine in the promo, a whole season of them both looking the same would probably be really confusing. Or maybe another reason to be impressed with Anna Torv’s acting for allowing me to keep them straight when they are both dressed and hairstyled the same. I am amused though that Olivia’s hair is stick straight and flat while Fauxlivia’s hair is a little wavy and full. Poor Olivia. Even in this third (?) universe, she still doesn’t get to be the fun one.


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